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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 10

Posted by Ceejay9 Thursday October 25 2007 at 8:50AM
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Hello to my readers and I’m glad you’re still with me! And if you are new to reading this journal I welcome you. On to the journal part of it all!

Ok, we are both level 30, and in taruen mill with the intention of heading to Arathi Highlands. I log in while my wife goes to get dinner started. Yay again for food.

I decide that since I’m on and It will be a bit before she can log on, I run to Hammerfall and start grabbing quests and the flight path. I’m still slacking on first aid, so can’t do the first aid quest yet, so I hop a bird back to tarren mill as my wife logs in. We both grab the “On the way to hammerfall” quest since it’ guessed it, on the way to hammerfall.

A short jaunt through the area and we come across the ogre camp. It’s a quick blast through the ogre’s outside and we make our way inside. Those enforcer’s are levels 34-35 and it is not a nice thing. Most of her spells are getting resisted, and my melee damage is less then optimal on a creature with much higher defense. But we are able to find our way through with minimal problems, and continue on our journey to hammerfall.

On the way there a spider aggro’s her but we keep running. It isn’t another minute when her imp icon disappears. Oops. We get to hammerfall, she grabs the quests, and might I say this is another one of those area’s with what I call the “highschool crush effect” quest lines. Go talk to the guy over there, then back, then back to the first guy, now back again to the other guy. I mean COME ON you’re only 60 freakin feet apart! Probably within the damned /say range! Sigh. She runs up and grabs the flight path and it’s off to questing.

We head out to gather raptor eyes first, but quickly notice there are NO raptors! No raptors anywhere! It’s like the twilight zone or something! No corpses and no raptors makes for a silly mystery which is solved when we run into a troll hunter skinning a raptor. Aha! Well, we can do this quest later then I imagine.

Off to take out the bad traitorous trolls! Should have stayed with the horde! 10 axe throwers, Check. 10 witch doctor’s, check. 10 headhunters..uh no. They were all level 35, and it took both of us full mana bars and near death’s to get through the fights. We can come back and do this another time. We did down 2 of them at least, but not worth the time it would take at this level to get all 10. So we head back to raptor’s and she decides there is a better area then we are heading for, so we decide to split up and make a race out of it seeing who got the 10 eyes first.

I’m pretty sure I killed more raptors then her, but she got 10 eyes while I was still on 4. Sigh. Remember the cargo quest back in ghostlands? Yeah same thing. She finishes first (Boo!) And comes to help me finish up mine. (Yay!) Takes a few more kills only (The woman has some sort of eldritch loot drop luck.) and we are done. We go turn it in in hammerfall, and realize there really isn’t any more quests here we can do at this level. Sigh, so much for this area. We decide to head to that dreaded of all leveling areas, Stranglethron Vale! Lots of quests there our level!

So we fly back to Undercity and catch a zepplin to Grom’gol. I was messing around on my keyboard and actually ran off the zepplin just before e reached town. It took me a second to realize that it was a really long fall, and reached for my divine protection button. The result?

You take 1180 damage from falling.

THROOM(Shield goes up).



Luckily I’m at over 1200 hp’s now. But that was rather embarrassing. No reflexes there, I mean the shield hit exactly after I hit the ground. My wife laughed. I was not amused. But I didn’t die so onward we go. It was about this time that dinner was ready, so we ran into the inn and stood there while we finished eating. We watched How’s it’s made during dinner, and got to see how lightbulbs are made. Was kind of interesting really.

Anyway, back to WoW, and off to Nesingway’s! Ok, my wife decides that we should go around on the right instead of the left, because she doesn’t want to fight her way there.

Whatever, let’s just go.

Up the road a bit and a lvl 36 raptor aggro’s. Eeek run. I cast my “steal aggro” spell on her to get it on me, and try to stun it but no dice, resisted. We run for a bit and just lose aggro as a level 36 murloc aggro’s. Damnit woman. We run some more, And make it over a bridge and the murloc finally gives up. We stop to heal and a lvl 36 tiger aggro’s.

“Nice choice of path there hon, at least going the other way we can KILL the things that aggro.”

“Shut up.” She says while laughing. She agrees with me, hehe.

So we go over the next brige, the tiger hot on our heals, she caremes off to the left towards nesingway’s. The tiger follows her. She takes falling damage. The tiger kills her. I laugh a lot. She does too, lol.

“Well, at least I died next to the graveyard.” Ah, the optimism.

So we grab all three quests, and head out to kill the tiger’s. We make our way along the shore towards the ramp that goes up to the next area thinking we can go right into the panther’s. At this time my Mom calls wanting to ask some questions about the weekend and her plans for the kids. My wife is talking on the phone while I lead her around killing things. After about 6 panther kills I notice I’m not getting quest updates. DOH! Wrong panthers. Not wanting to interrupt her on the phone I type in party.

/p Oops, wrong panther’s duh.

“Lol dork.”


Back to nesingway’s to turn in the tiger quest and a warloc asks if I could help him with something. Being a little cautious I ask what it is. His response:

“Can you help me get a soul shard. I’ve been trying for ten minutes and I’m getting my butt kicked!” This is when I notice he’s only level 26. LoL, I invite him and proceed to grab two tigers and kill them off while he stands there the entire time.

“Sorry I lagged, lol.”

Grr. Ok try again! And he’s able to get his shard. Yay! /uninvite.

Ok back to the CORRECT panthers. We mow through the poor little fella’s, and since we are over there go ahead and finish off the next part of the tiger quest as well.

A quick, one-two and it’s turned in, we head back to those other panther’s again, since now it IS time to kill them, and grab a quick 10 kills there as well. Being nearby we then do the first part of the raptor quest. There was a human paladin(scum) and a troll hunter there also so it took us a bit to get 10 kills.

After that we realized that the rest of the quests were a tad over our level, so we both agreed to go ahead and head to Shimmering flats. Most of the quests there are our level, and there are quite a few you can do all in the same areas so it’s good and fast XP.

So it’s a hearth and fly to freewind post. (Oh by the way, we both hit level 31 off the quests in STV, yay!) Then run from freewind to shimmering flats, grab the quests and then off to hunt!

Unfortuantely at this point, I was getting tired so I decided to call it a night. It’s just not fun to play when you are tired, and I play the game to enjoy it, so I don’t see a reason to push myself. Maybe if I was a few bubbles to level, but not having just hit a new level.

So after a few scorpion/turtle/basliks deaths, and a couple of car parts gathered, we both logged for the evening.

I can say right now, it’s so much easier to write this stuff when it is fresh in my mind. It just flows off the finger’s so much faster when I actually remember what we did. So hopefully I can either take notes, or write it at home during the weekend.

But for now, thanks again for reading!