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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 4 (and a couple others)

Posted by Ceejay9 Thursday October 25 2007 at 8:01AM
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Ok, I have to admit to slacking on writing this up over the weekend. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I write most of it off and on at work between getting other projects done. When I’m at home on the weekends I don’t do the writing. I had taken off Friday because I had to get the car registered and inspected, so that gave me two full days to put into playing WoW. (Saturday is my table-top RPG day and don’t really get a lot of time to play anything else.) So if the level ranges seem off to the relative level of the quests I apologize in advance. It’s probably not the same order we did them in, but still covers what we did.


So after getting home from all the car stuff on Friday, I log into the game. Our next quest area is going to be in the southern barrens, but I don’t really want to get ahead of her on quests now as that would start to really throw us off, so I grind. Grind, grind, grind. Yay fun? I also decide to take up engineering and mining. But I don’t have to suffer grinding longer then a couple hours before she logs on and we get to work on quests.


Time to gather the scorpion eggs! This quest is actually rather fun with a paladin, since my damage shield aura kills off all the beastly little swarmers that pop up and make it annoying normally. So we are able to blow through it rather quickly. Then it’s off to kill the evil dwarves mining in our lands! (EQ REFERENCE WARNING: They ruined their own lands, they won’t ruin mine!) Lots of dwarven corpses later we head across the road to gather weapons and take out the bristleburr bosses. Then it’s off to the dwarven hold across the way to gather nitroglycerine! Whee! Nitro! And other stuff that isn’t nearly as exciting as Nitro! BOOM! Ahem, sorry.


My wife then points out that there is a quest nearby that I had never done before. If you run past the entrance to the dwarven hold there is a tent on a lower plateau with a dwarf in it that wants something from inside the hold. Neat. So we take it and head inside. More dwarven corpses later and we get to the main room. The boss guy is level 30 and we are both around 24. That’s not such a good thing. So we decide to do it the haxxor way. I grab all the agro and she runs down and loots it. We run off the agro and it’s her turn. She grabs all the aggro and I run and loot the chest. This time we both attempt to lose the aggro but neither of us succeeds. I greet the angel lady at the graveyard and run off to get my corpse. After a quick rez and rebuff we head out, only to get ambushed by 4 or 5 dwarves who are really unhappy with blood elven invaders. So after another corpse run we finally make our way out of the dwarven hold. Turn in the quest to the lone dwarven guy, that turns into a trogg and then dies, lol. Then it’s back to Gann and then back to blow up the dwarven helicopter! Boom! Still not sure why the range on that bomb is so large. You can be no where near aggroing anything and still get it done.


Well, that done it’s back to Camp T. to turn in other quests, back to Xroads to turn in there as well, then time to hit stonetalon mountains.


Kill tauren mercenaries? Gladly! Round up 5 or 6, hit consecrate, she hits rain of fire, boom lots of dead tauren mercenaries. Kill their leader? You got it! Bam! Dead leader. The tauren really don’t seem to like other tauren who decide to do their own thing. While there we escort the lovely tauren lady out and protect her from the inevitable ambush. Then it’s off to the little horde outpost to grab a couple of quests, then off to kill the big bad spider lady! I almost died on that one, which was kind of sad really. I wasn’t on my game at all. But my wife was able to pull us through while I chain healed myself.


After spider-lady it was off to visit the gobo and he asked us to retrieve the plans for the new goblin super-weapon! 20 or so operator’s later he asked us to take those plans to some fella in ratchet. Which we figured we could get done at a later time, so for now we headed up to Sun rock retreat and grabbed a few quests there.


This is where the slacking comes into play, as I don’t remember quite the sequence of events that happened during this time. So I’ll just try and cover some high points to get caught up.


Killed lots of evil Centaurs.

Killed thousands(Ok not really but felt like it) of Goo’s for the 5 saps(Each of course)

Lots of dead deer for eyes.

We were lucky enough to find the new graveyard in the top area of STM without dying!

Collected some acorns.

Lots of other stuff.


It seems that as This drags on with me being behind and I’m losing a lot of the focus I get when I do it the next day, so I will now attempt to sum up until yesterday where I can pick it up again from stuff fresh in my memory.


Finished all Stonetalon Mtn. Quests, Finished Ashenvale quests, Finished the Thousand Needles Quests, and did some of the Hillsbrad quests before heading over to Arathi highlands and we are now getting ready to start the Hammerfall quests.


The Spying on the Grimtotem quest is currently not working. The chests that are supposed to have the reports in them are not lootable.


My wife has now found and read these blogs, I got in trouble, lol. Oh well, won’t stop me from continuing. As a matter of fact she said another wonderful quote the other day and her first response was, “Oh great another quote for that damned blog.” LoL. Too bad I forgot what it is now. This is why I’m trying to catch up again.


Ok, that brings us to last night, sorry for those who read for the more detailed stuff, I just had to compress three or four days into a couple lines in order to catch up.


So, I logged on last night after getting home from work, one bubble into 29. My wife is busy helping our oldest daughter finish up her project that is due the next day. We had come to an agreement that since we play at different times on some days, we would not do any quests if we decided to play. It’s either grind or Instance run, which would keep all quests open  for us to do together.


So, I grab some extra sweet nectar and head off to the yeti caves in Hillsbrad to start grinding on Yeti’s. She has her Winamp up with an internet radio station going, and I just start killing yeti’s left and right. I actually died once, which kind of sucked. Everything I had was on cooldown, and the add caught me with little mana and low life. It was all over.


But I have to say that the server I’m on is rather friendly. Alliance people helped me when I got too many and I did the same. Also had a couple horde help with an add a couple of times. Friendly people on average, and it’s nice to see. I was on a PVP server before this, and one thing I can say is it’s really nice to be able to quest without the worry of being ganked by other players. On the downside I don’t get to do any myself either. :/


She logged on late, the project taking most of the night to finish up, and so we were only bale to finish up a couple of quests before the end of the evening. We ran out to the yeti cave and started whacking Yeti’s until Hecular’s rod dropped. Then ran back and got the next part to get it lit. The fires in the yeti cave were easy to get done. (It was a whole different world with those yeti’s while my wife’s warlock was there. Back to dying in seconds again) Then it was off to frostmaw’s cave for the last fire. While we were there we decided to try frostmaw since we both had the quest and we were there.


That beast is a level 37! Haha, suffice it to say that it took us so long to kill him that the cave spawned in the middle of the fight and we died. Popped soulstone when he was off chasing my wife (Who had conveniently starting running before I did) and just as I stood up I noticed he had given up on my wife and ran back towards me. And of course stopped right behind me. I ran my little paladin butt off trying to get away. I had two yeti’s and Frostmaw hot on my tail. Bobbing and weaving between other spawns in an effort to make it away safely, and WOOT I made it! So I swerve to the right a little bit to avoid a lvl 34 hulking lion, and BAM, it was all over.


Damn those Alterac Valley Guards! So it was a run back from the graveyard for both of us. A quick rez and recoup, and then we both had to call it quits for the night. Not too shabby though, we were both level 30 now, and it was time to maybe head out to Arathi highlands.


Ok, thanks for reading this much. And I will say that I’m almost falling behind yet again, haha, So I will be trying to get another post up before the end of the day!