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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 3

Posted by Ceejay9 Tuesday October 23 2007 at 9:15AM
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Welcome to the next part of my Journey back into World of Warcraft. I left off yesterday at level 16 and standing at the gates of Silvermoon.

I log in and while my wife is, once again, finishing up her daily quests on the other server, I head back out to Ghostlands to see what we have in store for us today. Whaddya know, Quests! woot. I bet you didn't see that one coming!

She gets done rather quickly today and we group up and head on out to start our day of playing and slaying. I quickly find out that she had done a couple of quests ahead of me the night before after her raid in an attempt to catch up. So first we need to get the ones she completed done do that we are caught up together. First target, Those nasty night-elves again! It seems they are planning attacks and we must steal their plans! A short run across the zone, a little swim to wake up, and we find the small island where those dastardly Nelves (Sorry it's much shorter then typing night elves everytime.) are planning their attacks.

Don't ask me why, but currently I'm putting my points into holy for leveling. It's really a rather stupid idea, since the older zones are short on players for instances, but as earlier blogs have pointed out, I tend to stick around healing stuff. It's what I love. Just can't put myself through the torture of leveling yet another priest.

So we easily wipe the little island clear with the help of her blueberry. Quickly we take over the ship moored to the island and the last plan is mine! Muahaha. Er. Anyway. This is the only quest she got done that I hadn't finished earlier, so we run back to Tranquillien (Yay remembered to look at the name of the town this time) and turn it in. Then it's off to the outpost to turn in her lynx quest. Now we are on par with our quests, and we go to collect some Troll juju from the nearby cave.

The trolls in the cave are a real pain in the butt. When they die they emit a green cloud that poisons you and does damage. Being a 16th level Paladin I have the ability to remove poison, but not THIS poison. Oohhh nooo, it doesn't put a debuff on you, so there is nothing to dispell.

We reach the escort quest (A little blood elven lady in a cage) and we each only have 2 juju's up to this point. We decide to set her free and do the quest now since most of the area behind us is clear at the moment. I proceed to make many lewd comments and use every bad pick-up line I can on the NPC, but she refuses to acknowledge me. My wife on the other hand threatens to smack me. Ah, true love, it's so hard to find. We easily get the lady out of the troll caves and each get 4 juju's in the process, not too bad. We are about to turn around and go back inside when we notice the NPC getting attacked by a bat near the refuge. ACK! She's one of those "I want to run all the way there" types of npc's. So we quickly run over there and relieve her of her pest. Then it's back to the troll cave. Doesn't take long to get all but one last juju when my wife needs to AFK again for dinner stuff. (We talked about this before, dinner == GOOD, so I can't complain or I have to rummage around in the cupboard and hope there are some leftover raman noodles or something.)

While she's AFK I start getting a neat little party going. As I'm about to kill a troll, another one aggro's. This goes on for a couple of minutes before I start to notice that I'm running out of mana. Not so good.

"Uhm Honey, now would be a good time for you to be playing again."
"I'm killing you, again."

And she comes back and saves me. Yay. Of course she also aggro'd two more, but hey we lived.

Done! Turn that in, then off to hunt trolls and gather their weapons. When we get to the troll camp we realize that there are a few people here. So much for there being no players in the lower levels. And it seems a couple of people have some higher level guild-mates with them. So, we run around trying to find stuff to kill as the 42 rogue and 54 hunter are helping their little guild-mates finish the quest. It's no use getting annoyed over it, afterall we may not find anything to kill, but it also means the other people get done that much quicker and respawns are all ours. But the drop rate is really in our favor, and it takes us almost no time to finish the kills and weapon gathering part one. We run back to turn in the kill quest, (There is a second part of the weapon quest yet that involves gathering weapons from the next kill quest, so it's efficient to do it that way) and then back to the other troll camp. Seems the others were there also (So much for finishing and moving on.) So we kill a few, and then go hide in a corner to AFK for dinner.


Dinner was good! Spaghetti and meatballs! The bestest! Anyway, we got booted to the character select screen, but it wasn't long enough to make our healthstones disappear which is a bonus. So it's right back into the fray! We are alone in the camp now and finish it up pretty quickly. We also kill the named troll which was really no challenge at all. Back to the outpost and turn them all in.

Now it's off to windrunner spire for another kill quest. It's a long run, but we get there, get it done quickly, and hearth back to windrunner village. At this point the movie "twitches too" comes on TV so she wants to stop to watch it. Ugh. So I'm solo again, and the only quests I have are the greater spiders and the deathholme quests. Ten minutes later all dead spidies, then it's off to Deathholme.

Soloing deathholme as a pre-lvl 20 holy paladin really sucked. It took a really long time to get the quests done, and beyond that I had only ever done this area once before so had to find all the 4 bosses and 4 NPC’s to be rescued. I finally had to look up the location of the last rescuee after a couple of deaths. That done, I go and start the collect quest for just outside Deathholme in the scar.

It was at this point my wife came back on and was, of course, unhappy to be behind. Sigh. Then keep playing next time! Out loud I said, "I'll help you catch up hon." Well, I let her do the spider quest on her own, then helped her with Deathholme. It went fairly quick with both of us, and she suggested we try the named, Dar'Khan. At this point I'm level 19, and she's 18. The guy is a level 21 elite with a suggested group of 5. The quest is still orange to both of us. My response?

"Sure hon." What the hell, It's not that far of a run back. Easy clear in, and then we are standing there staring at him down in his little crypt area.

"I wonder if I can pull him solo" She says out loud.
"I don't think -" And he runs at us with a warlock debuff on him. Sigh. Although victory to her side for actually pulling him solo.


First course of action is to drag him around the corner to break his line of sight and pull him a bit further back. We decide quickly that it’s best to let the voidwalker tank him while I stand back and throw heals. I decide not to stand so far back, but in close because of the large level difference and only the two of us, in between heals I wanted to get some DPS swings in.


All goes well for the first minute until he AoE fears. Oops, didn’t know he did that. So now we are all running into a wall. Luckily it doesn’t last long, but it forces me to step up healing quite a bit. I’ve already downed a minnow mana potion in hopes that the cooldown might recycle before the fight ends if I need it again. More healing stuff, but blueberry dies after one of the fears I can’t get a heal in on time. At this point he’s at 5% health. We are close. It immediately heads for the warlock lady who had been debuffing and casting at him the entire time. Also the person not in mail armor. I switch heals to her and keep her up until I run out of mana. She dies and boss is now at 1% life. SWISH! The sword and board come out and I start whacking on him. OW! He’s hitting back. But I’m able to finish him off with a judged seal of righteousness. Yay! We won! We won! Oh..Sorry honey. “Daeven begins casting Redemption.” Nice fight there, and Most likely a couple of less experienced players wouldn’t have been able to do that.


That done, we go ahead and run around and finish up her bosses and rescuees quest, and that does it, we are now both officially finished with all quests in the Ghostlands except the two roaming stitches looking named. She tells me to shout out for anyone who wants to group to get it done. My response? Why make her leader and tell her she can do it of course! (Yeah, I’m a lazy one when it comes to putting groups together.) One shout out later and we have a lvl 17 mage and a 15 rogue in party with us. I’m not real impressed with the group make up at this point, but ah well after Dhar’kon. We were all split apart which made it easy to find the two named’s, and we were able to track them down and kill them off rather quickly. Yay! And with that we now have an empty ghostlands quest log. Time to head to undercity! Final count: Ghostlands 0, Us; level 20 and done!


Thanks again for reading!


TiiKii writes:


Am reading your stories, more than I am playing my character.. HaHaHa.. Just kidding

Keep up the great stories :)

Tue Oct 23 2007 10:11AM Report
Ceejay9 writes:

Hehe, well glad you are enjoying them. Always appreciate positive feedback. :-)

Tue Oct 23 2007 10:57AM Report writes:
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