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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 1

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 22 2007 at 8:01AM
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Well, I got off of work early yesterday, (It seems I forgot to put gas in my wife's car, and she didn't have enough to get the kids from school, Doh!). So I went and got the kids, dropped them off at home and drove to the EB store a few miles from home to get my WoW Battlechest. Happily took it home in anticipation for creating my new account and getting started. (I had used my wife's disks to install and patch it already, I just needed the keys to create my own account.)

I open the box and OH NO! The lady at the store had been new and let me take the copy that was on display, and it had no disks in it! (EB always takes the disks out of the display boxes) Sooo, a short drive back to the store, a short explanation, a new, unopened copy from behind the counter handed to me, and a short drive back home, and NOW I was ready to create my new account.

It took only a minute to set everything up, although I have to say that the account page for upgrading to The Burning Crusade is a bit unwieldy. There is no button that just says "Upgrade your account to The Burning Crusade Here!" Instead there is just the button that says you can purchase a digital copy, download it and upgrade your account. I searched the entire page and didn't find anything that just let me upgrade from my account page. (You can do it easily after installing it, since when it's finished you get that huge "Upgrade your account to TBC" button, but I was too lazy to go get the first TBC disk and put it into my Drive. So, knowing that I would have to confirm any purchase first anyway, I clicked the digital upgrade to see if there was more information there, and sure enough, there is a disclaimer above the purchase information that says if you bought it at a retail store to click "here." So I did, and got upgraded, and life was good.

My wife, in anticipation of playing and leveling together, had created a Blood elf warlock on our chosen server of Sen'Jin. Some friends we knew from other guilds and servers had come to this one, which was part of our decision in choosing this server. She also talked me into playing a Male blood elf paladin, instead of a female. "The one with the long, black hair is so hot!" Was the actual phrase she used, and then proceeded to give me the puppy-dog eyes. Sigh.

So, Daeven, the level 1 Male Blood Elf Paladin logged into the server for the first time. (And yes she stood over my shoulder the whole time while I created him, telling me what face, hair, hair color, and facial hair to use. I am a slave to the master it seems. If you are married, you understand. Besides who is going to argue when you are lucky enough to have your wife play games with you in any case?)

We grouped up and started the Sunstrider Island quests. I know that grouping will lower the overall experience you gain, especially at such low levels, but it worked out rather well. With both of us doing our thing, we were completing all of the quests in literally no-time flat. Kill some of these, collect some of those, kill some of these AND these. Etc. etc.

Then she got her imp quest! What a cheater! She immediately jumped two bubbles of experience ahead of me because she cheated and had an extra quest! Well, in any case that was what I was calling her all night. ;-)

It was probably no more then about 30 to 35 minutes when we finished the newbie starting area, and headed off to the Falconwing square? I forget the exact name of the next place, but I know it has falcon in it. We gathered all of the quests there, and again went on to finish them off in record time. You may get less experience per kill when grouped at low levels, but you really do fly through the quests, and I have to admit that I think it was much more worth it having that partner then soloing for a bit more XP per kill. It was at this point that I looked in my inventory and saw the Arcane shard that gave a quest. Oops. I told her about it, we both accepted it and were about to run all the way back to the island when I remembered we hadn't rebound yet so we hearthed back. Small victory, but saved us a couple minutes of running around.

Made our way outside the wall and went to kill that horrible night elven spy! And of course some other mana aberrations. Back to the falcon place, yeah that dwarf is a bad guy, back to the tower whack the evil traitorous dwarf, back to the falcon place. It's so nice that the Blood elf quests have you killing the goody-goody alliance right off the bat! Wrar!

Suddenly, from my wife's chair I hear, "I look so horrible in this frayed robe! Don't you think?" And I start to think to myself, ok, first, we are level 6, we aren't supposed to look good in the junk we find at this level. And second, the name of the robe is FRAYED, meaning not nice, coming apart, etc. But I am too smart a man to fall into the trap of actually responding out loud. So I go the safe route, like any good married man would and give a non-committal grunt. This seems to be satisfactory enough and we can move on despite her wardrobe woes.

We stop by the main Blood Elf city only long enough to beat up the skeletons out front, then move on to Farstrider Post. From there it's pick up a ton more quests, and decide which ones to do first. We decide to kill a few of the snappaws on the way to the party area to grab the quest there. This is when she decided it was time to choose professions.

"What professions do you think I should choose?" How the hell do I know? I don't care! Ahh!
Out loud I said, "Not sure hon, whatever you want to do."
"What are you going to choose?" I have been in game for maybe an hour and a half. I'm not even level 10, I have not even THOUGHT about professions. I don't WANT to think about professions. I want to level. I want to walk over to that Snapjaw and swing my sword until it falls down, loot it and do it again until I hear the WHOOSH sound of a level gained! Out loud i said, "Haven't decided yet. I'll think about it later."
"Ooh Bloodthistle." And she proceeds to get herbalism. Thankfully she didn't worry about her second profession at this point. Since the little pirate area was nearby we went down there and grabbed the quests. In the middle of them, we went off across the lake and grabbed the quests to gather merloc heads. It's amazing how many merlocs we had to kill for only 12 heads (6 each).

You'd think they would all have heads. Ah well collect quest logic. Turn in, now go kill mmmrrrgggll and get his ring. Amazingly enough we spent three or four minutes trying to figure out exactly how we would pronounce his name. The kids wandered in at what must have been an astounding display of parental stupidity, and were quickly caught up in trying to help us pronounce the name correctly.

As we were making our way down the beach towards him, We saw another warlock there with her Imp pet, just kiting the murlocs around while the pet fireballed them. A rather bad idea with murlocs since, if you didn't know, they all carry cellphones and the first second they spot trouble they hit speed-dial and call all of their friends. Sorry Mrs. Warlock, I didn't have rez yet. :/

So we kill Mmmrrrrggglll, grab his ring, and a bunch of murlocs spawn right on top of us. One dead wife later, (Sorry honey I didn't have rez yet for you either) I wait for her to run back and Mmmrrrggllll comes back. I solo him, and continue to wait. A few seconds later Mmmmrrgggll comes back AGAIN! Wow, I want that guys rez timer! Wife rezzes while I'm fighting him this time and then we run off to turn it in. I'd like to note that while we were here we were also grabbing the cargo for the captain's quest. The loot was on default, so we each had a mob to loot, but mine never once dropped a cargo. I only got mine off of the ones that spawn in the murloc huts, or off of hers after she had gotten them all. Figures. Never did see that other warlock lady again either.

We head back to the pirate area to kill the named and finish up my armament quest. (She had decided it was time to move on to the murloc's when she finished but I, as it happens, had not finished). There is a little Blood elf there trying to also kill the named. She says she is going to invite this paladin for the named. We go up the ramp, kill everything easily, and I see him shoot a bow. Not a paladin, a hunter! Should have known, he didn't look Holy enough!

HINT: When a small group of people invite you to do a difficult part of a quest that you are having problems doing solo, it does NOT mean they want to be your new best friend and you should try and stick around to see what to do next. You should be appreciative and leave the group on your own. If you make a nice impression, and they WANT to group with you they will invite you back.

After the named went down, My wife receives a tell that one of our guildmates has brought her a present. Runecloth Bags! Woot! (BTW did I fail to mention we joined a guild?)

Ok, if you don't remember your newbie days on a server, or you have never re-rolled on a different server let me try and give you an idea of what is on your mind most. I have 18 silver(woot!) and my spells/skills are costing me 3-6 silver per spell/skill. How do I get money? That's right loot everything and sell it to the vendor. You start with ONE, count it ONE 16 slot backpack. When you are strapped for cash, even "Broken Wings of a Fly" are like diamonds coated in gold! But you quickly get the message of Doom. The message, created by blizzard that plagues all low level characters, and must have been thought up in some underground torture dungeon as the best way to torment the new players to WoW, "Inventory is Full." Nooo! I'm talking you literally get excited when you find a 4 slot bag here. It seems really sad really, but I think this is the strongest form of torture that new players must endure. Sort of like Hazing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a little CCTV monitor in the dev's office that scrolls each player's name that gets that message, just so they can feel like they are doing their jobs.

But our Blessed Guildmate saved us from that torture, by handing my wife five runecloth bags. (I'm sure you can guess who got three and who got two right?) So with my two new runecloth bags, my backpack, my 4 slot pack and my 6 slot bag, I was in Looting Heaven!

Of course that brings me to my next thought also. She was also nice enough to send us 20 gold. Which was very generous of her, and I think I said "thank you" and "I appreciate it" At least four times. Then my wife said "Let's hit the Auction house!" My response? "Not a chance! I will never spend my gold!" LoL, in actuality I simply felt that we would get upgrades soon enough at our low levels that it was best to save it for when we really need something.

It was about this time that my wife needed to log to her other server for her guild's raid. The nice thing is she didn't really want too, because she was having so much fun playing with me, and it was rather nice to have a constant companion on my journey in Azeroth. But I also know that she stays up a lot later then I do with me getting up at 6am for work. So I continued to play while she went raiding, and I was able to finish up all the rest of the quests in the area. Time to move on to the Ghostlands. I also ran through my resurrection quest(I had finally hit level 12) so if I happened to let her die again, I could at least save her a walk. ;-)

Looking back at it, I had a really good time playing last night, and I can't wait to get home and log on again to continue playing. It seems the burn-out I experienced is over with, and I am back to being addicted to the game again. After her raid my wife made it to level 12 also, and is at the same point in quests that I am. This is another long read, and again, I appreciate the time you spend reading it, if anyone actually does, lol.

For Now,