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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

The Wandering Gamer

Posted by Ceejay9 Wednesday May 21 2008 at 12:04PM
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Wow, I had almost totally forgotten about this place. Rand across it while I was doing some research on AoC.

Well To finish off what I had been writing before, I actually did make it to Level 70. Was a pretty interesting run, but after that post me and my fiance didn't do a lot more grouping together. She got busy with her guild stuff and I was determined to hit 70 as fast as possible. So her little warlock got left behind around level 40 while I hit 70.

Got into her guild, and ended up raiding full-time even though my schedule didn't exactly match theirs. Holy Paladins really seem to be a rare breed. Even on the recruitment forums people tend to always be looking for them.

Got to see a lot of new content, up to T6, and finally just burned out on the raiding schedule. If it had actually matched my own schedule of work and sleep I probably would still be playing today. but honestly, I just like to do more then work, sleep and raid sometimes, and it was time for me to quit.

I eventually cancelled my account altogether and am now, currently not playing any MMO's. Hoping to fix that, as I really prefer a nice MMO to other types of games. Well, not true, I guess MMOFPS's are another love of mine. It's simply unfortunate that I am not very good at them. Hrm, Although those are MMO's also aren't they?

Picked up a few games for my Playstation, as well as a couple single players for my PC, but just can't seem to get into them. I've been playing MMO's now for so long it feels odd not to be able to make new friends in an open gaming world.

I still find it amusing that people argue over the WoW Raiding versus the EQ raiding. I ended up making a post about it on the boards, and as I don't make posts on the boards very often it's probably in a little column on the right in my profile. They are such different gaming styles, that It's so hard to really compare them.

I just wish people would try to understand how much more time consuming raiding was in EQ1 then it is in WoW. But hey, I guess I don't really want to get into that either.

I'm looking at a couple of new MMO's that are coming out, and realize that I can't run them. I hate my old PoS computer, and it's not even that old. But with a family of 4 and a single income that isn't going to change anytime soon. I love how people can say, "hey it's only $500" Bah! Try doing that while also feeding your family and paying the bills.

Requiem looks interesting, mostly because it's free. I dunno, I guess I'm waiting for the next best thing, just like everyone else, but I don't see anything I'm willing to get into.

Ah well, that's enough for today. I'll try and update this more often.

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Weekend #2

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 29 2007 at 12:54PM
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And so it comes to pass, another weekend has come and gone, and life continues to move forward! Wow, I really can’t believe that Halloween is in only a couple of days, it seems this year has really flown by. And sadly the one other blog that I always looked forward to reading will be ending, so neschira I wish you well. I will miss reading about your return to EQ1.

Now on to what happened over the weekend. Ugh, let me tell you, I certainly did not get as much done as I hoped. It seems my wife’s computer decided that it was a good time to basically quit it’s job and try freeloading. Long story short, I had to piece a new one together for her, and didn’t finish this until sometime around midnight Saturday.

So, as you can imagine, I didn’t get a lot of time to play over the weekend, although we both certainly took advantage of Sunday!

After training level 32, I headed out to Desolace. This was actually on Friday, her PC decided to die as she was trying to run out there to meet up with me. I went ahead and started grinding on the orc’s at the fortress while waiting for her, but once her computer kicked it, I logged in an effort to perform CPR.

So, Sunday we both log on, and we get her out to Desolace and then it’s off to the races! I had found a quest giving item on the orcs on Friday and so we killed more until one dropped for her. Once done, we headed south and did our Kodo roundups. Yee-Ha! Get along little doggie! This item would be SO worth keeping if we could use it on Tauren mounts and make it run around, lol.

Quickly done, we head into the little horde outpost. (I want to say Ghostrider post but I think I’m getting the marvel comic mixed in here. It has ghost in it, but don’t remember the rest of it. Probably more like Ghostwalker Post.)

We decide to both go for Gelkis alignment, and we turn in our item quest here as well.

Then it’s off to Manaroc coven in an effort to get a blood for her warlock class quest. We = 32, Infernal = 37. Glad I went protection! Actually, as a side note, being protection really did us both a lot of good I think throughout our hunt here. So I have no bad feelings about that change after last night.

Anyway, we down the infernal, she gets her blood, and we are off to killing centaurs! It goes pretty fast really, since together we can round up three or four, and I can hold aggro and live through them beating on me as we kill them all. But near the end, these centaur start to go aggro on you (Whereas they start neutral) and we had some close calls with the wandering patrols. By close calls I mean she died but I didn’t. She might use different terminology, but hey, I’m the one with the rez spell! And yes I had soul stone up, but run away to fight another day and all that. ;-)

So we finish that one up and head up north to knock out some satyr. We had a whole argument over the pronunciation of the word satyr. She says it’s pronounced Sey-ter, I pronounce it Sat-tyr. We just argued as we killed them, throwing in sarcastic remarks here and there. Just bounced over to and see that it’s actually pronounced both ways. LoL, no way to win that argument I guess.

Lots of dead Sat-tyr (Hah, I’m writing it so I can say it anyway I want!) and then it’s off to turn it in. They send us down to shadowprey village, so we run on down there, turn in the gelkis quest on the way and head into the village to get some new quests and turn in current ones.

Of course one of them is to collect ears(Actually we got this at ghostwalker post, but just looked at it once we got here.) Would have been nice to have this DURING the rep quest, as the drop rate is just abysmal for this thing. Need 15 and an uncommon drop. Pfft. Well maybe not uncommon but certainly not common.

Anyway, we grab the quests in shadowprey, then decide to go ahead and grab the meat from the cages now to get the bloodfish for turn in back at ghostwalker. Warlock underwater breathing yay! Then it’s up the beach grab some clam meat out of shells, and then grab the lost treasure quest thingie.

We run out kill like two more lobstermen and get the key, so we run out and kill some naga for the other key real quick. Nice drop rate there!

We head up to talk to Mr. Argent Dawn who wants stuff from the orc fortress, so we run up there, drain a lot of orcish souls, grab the scepter, and then kill the named that we ‘mine?’ out of a crystal. Odd quest that.

Then it’s back to turn it in, grab another one, go kill lots and lots of naga, then to the island, use the keys on the chest, then summon big bad naga feller. He was 38 and it wasn’t a lot of fun. By this time though we were both 33 so we were able to do it, but there was a lot of “resists” on both of our screens.

Swim back to turn that in, then go do the kodo bone quest, which as really terribly annoying. 8 out of 10 bones for her spawned a kodo, and 7 of the 8 were level 38. Took a couple minutes to kill each. Only 5 out of 10 of mine spawned ghost kodo’s and 3 of those were only level 37. So this quest was terribly annoying to do.

Ok, we turned that in, that went to collect the dreaded ears. This took a GOOD LONG while to do. We got our 6 supplies pretty quickly, but the ears are a terrible pain, especially with two people there so we needed 30. She got up to 8 out of 15 ears, when I was at 3 out of 15, and I ended up finishing before her! I laughed, she got angry, life was good.

So we go turn everything in, and we are both just a tad from 34, not bad! We head to ratchet to turn in a couple quests and take the boat to booty bay. After those turn-ins we made 34, yay! Not so bad, but at this point I was dead tired and it was time to log for I had work early in the morning. It was a long day, but we got quite a bit done and I was happy about that. My wife really hates Desolace, but I think it’s a great zone since it has so many quests that you can do while still in the same zone! Like STV I think it’s a zone everyone should always make the maximum use out of it.

Well, we were back in STV, level 34, and logged at the Inn. Hopefully we can maybe get 35 tonight depending on dinner interruptions. ;-) That is my goal though, so let’s see how it goes.


Good luck everyone, and thanks again for reading.


Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 11

Posted by Ceejay9 Friday October 26 2007 at 10:49AM
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Ok back for day eleven, and welcome. Although there isn’t as much to post today as a meeting at work ran over unexpectedly yesterday and I didn’t get as much time to play as I would have liked.


Ok, so I logged in and my wife was right there with me since I was running behind. We had logged in Gadjetzan inside the inn. It was handy for both rest XP as well as grabbing the flight path. So now it’s off to the races! Well the racetrack at least.


We started with knocking out the basilisks on our list, and moved our way down the right side of the racetrack, taking out turtles and scorpions. After a short trip she needed to get up and check dinner, so I started ninja looting all the car parts! 30 car parts is really an annoying number. If it’s going to be 30 car parts, then make them DAMN WELL stack to 30! Who was the moron that came up with this idea anyway?


“Let’s make it a collect 30 quest, but only let them stack to 20.”

“Hey! Great Idea, and while we’re at it let’s make ALL the quests in this area collect quests!”

“Awesome idea!”


Grumble, grumble. Well, on another note, she was saying something silly, and I figured I’d go ahead and kill her off. But sadly, if you are already casting a spell, casting wisp form on them just breaks when the spell is cast. :/ Oh well, will try again later.


So we get to the little vulture camp with the 6 or 7 of them all hanging around.


“I’m going to pull them.”


 /me runs in.


THROOM! (Bubble goes up)


“Wait, you’re pulling all of them?”

“I said I was pulling THEM.”

“I don’t have any mana!.”

“Then you will die first!”

Lots of aoe’n, potion use, and health stones later. We’re dead. I love being a paladin. Not because I died, but because I died last! Too bad the soulstone had run out only like 2 minutes before.


“Use the soulstone.” She tells me.

“It’s gone.”

“What? When?”

“About a minute before I pulled.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Wanted to find the graveyard.”


Yeah that’s pretty much how the conversation went. We tried it again when she actually had mana, but I was told not o pull more then three at a time. BORING. But hey, dinner wasn’t ready yet and I wanted to eat, so no playing around.


We moved further south and killed all the turtles. ALL of them. Like 30 kills so far in total. Know how many shells I had? Out of only F’n 9. 2! Know how many she had? 6!

WTH! Although, on a more positive side I was winning all the greed rolls on loot. On the plus side for her I found a nice pair of gloves of the eagle. She was happy.


Anyway, more south, more basilisks, more vultures, more turtles, more car parts. I think one of the reasons I liked this zone was that there was so much to do here. Sure it was all the SAME thing, but there was lots of it.


Eventually the dinner bell rang, and we ran up the side of the zone to afk to eat.


Food was good, not great, but good. It filled me up so no complaints. Is it wrong to not like mashed potatoes? Anyway..


So we finished up the rest of the quests, it literally took me another 30 or so turtles to get all the shells I needed. Sigh.


Once we finished we turned them all in, and then it was time for her to go raid on her other server. NP, I’m about done for the night also. I figure we might as well head out to Desolace now, as that is really the next decent place to go with enough quests to keep us busy. So I run out there and grab the bird at the small horde village, and then fly back to Org to train level 32!


I also went ahead and untrained my talent points to start going into the protection tree now. It’s probably about 8 levels early to really be decent in it, but I figured that since I’m always questing with her, things will die fast anyway.


So that was the end of our night. A rather short post for once, and Thanks for reading!



Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 10

Posted by Ceejay9 Thursday October 25 2007 at 9:50AM
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Hello to my readers and I’m glad you’re still with me! And if you are new to reading this journal I welcome you. On to the journal part of it all!

Ok, we are both level 30, and in taruen mill with the intention of heading to Arathi Highlands. I log in while my wife goes to get dinner started. Yay again for food.

I decide that since I’m on and It will be a bit before she can log on, I run to Hammerfall and start grabbing quests and the flight path. I’m still slacking on first aid, so can’t do the first aid quest yet, so I hop a bird back to tarren mill as my wife logs in. We both grab the “On the way to hammerfall” quest since it’ guessed it, on the way to hammerfall.

A short jaunt through the area and we come across the ogre camp. It’s a quick blast through the ogre’s outside and we make our way inside. Those enforcer’s are levels 34-35 and it is not a nice thing. Most of her spells are getting resisted, and my melee damage is less then optimal on a creature with much higher defense. But we are able to find our way through with minimal problems, and continue on our journey to hammerfall.

On the way there a spider aggro’s her but we keep running. It isn’t another minute when her imp icon disappears. Oops. We get to hammerfall, she grabs the quests, and might I say this is another one of those area’s with what I call the “highschool crush effect” quest lines. Go talk to the guy over there, then back, then back to the first guy, now back again to the other guy. I mean COME ON you’re only 60 freakin feet apart! Probably within the damned /say range! Sigh. She runs up and grabs the flight path and it’s off to questing.

We head out to gather raptor eyes first, but quickly notice there are NO raptors! No raptors anywhere! It’s like the twilight zone or something! No corpses and no raptors makes for a silly mystery which is solved when we run into a troll hunter skinning a raptor. Aha! Well, we can do this quest later then I imagine.

Off to take out the bad traitorous trolls! Should have stayed with the horde! 10 axe throwers, Check. 10 witch doctor’s, check. 10 headhunters..uh no. They were all level 35, and it took both of us full mana bars and near death’s to get through the fights. We can come back and do this another time. We did down 2 of them at least, but not worth the time it would take at this level to get all 10. So we head back to raptor’s and she decides there is a better area then we are heading for, so we decide to split up and make a race out of it seeing who got the 10 eyes first.

I’m pretty sure I killed more raptors then her, but she got 10 eyes while I was still on 4. Sigh. Remember the cargo quest back in ghostlands? Yeah same thing. She finishes first (Boo!) And comes to help me finish up mine. (Yay!) Takes a few more kills only (The woman has some sort of eldritch loot drop luck.) and we are done. We go turn it in in hammerfall, and realize there really isn’t any more quests here we can do at this level. Sigh, so much for this area. We decide to head to that dreaded of all leveling areas, Stranglethron Vale! Lots of quests there our level!

So we fly back to Undercity and catch a zepplin to Grom’gol. I was messing around on my keyboard and actually ran off the zepplin just before e reached town. It took me a second to realize that it was a really long fall, and reached for my divine protection button. The result?

You take 1180 damage from falling.

THROOM(Shield goes up).



Luckily I’m at over 1200 hp’s now. But that was rather embarrassing. No reflexes there, I mean the shield hit exactly after I hit the ground. My wife laughed. I was not amused. But I didn’t die so onward we go. It was about this time that dinner was ready, so we ran into the inn and stood there while we finished eating. We watched How’s it’s made during dinner, and got to see how lightbulbs are made. Was kind of interesting really.

Anyway, back to WoW, and off to Nesingway’s! Ok, my wife decides that we should go around on the right instead of the left, because she doesn’t want to fight her way there.

Whatever, let’s just go.

Up the road a bit and a lvl 36 raptor aggro’s. Eeek run. I cast my “steal aggro” spell on her to get it on me, and try to stun it but no dice, resisted. We run for a bit and just lose aggro as a level 36 murloc aggro’s. Damnit woman. We run some more, And make it over a bridge and the murloc finally gives up. We stop to heal and a lvl 36 tiger aggro’s.

“Nice choice of path there hon, at least going the other way we can KILL the things that aggro.”

“Shut up.” She says while laughing. She agrees with me, hehe.

So we go over the next brige, the tiger hot on our heals, she caremes off to the left towards nesingway’s. The tiger follows her. She takes falling damage. The tiger kills her. I laugh a lot. She does too, lol.

“Well, at least I died next to the graveyard.” Ah, the optimism.

So we grab all three quests, and head out to kill the tiger’s. We make our way along the shore towards the ramp that goes up to the next area thinking we can go right into the panther’s. At this time my Mom calls wanting to ask some questions about the weekend and her plans for the kids. My wife is talking on the phone while I lead her around killing things. After about 6 panther kills I notice I’m not getting quest updates. DOH! Wrong panthers. Not wanting to interrupt her on the phone I type in party.

/p Oops, wrong panther’s duh.

“Lol dork.”


Back to nesingway’s to turn in the tiger quest and a warloc asks if I could help him with something. Being a little cautious I ask what it is. His response:

“Can you help me get a soul shard. I’ve been trying for ten minutes and I’m getting my butt kicked!” This is when I notice he’s only level 26. LoL, I invite him and proceed to grab two tigers and kill them off while he stands there the entire time.

“Sorry I lagged, lol.”

Grr. Ok try again! And he’s able to get his shard. Yay! /uninvite.

Ok back to the CORRECT panthers. We mow through the poor little fella’s, and since we are over there go ahead and finish off the next part of the tiger quest as well.

A quick, one-two and it’s turned in, we head back to those other panther’s again, since now it IS time to kill them, and grab a quick 10 kills there as well. Being nearby we then do the first part of the raptor quest. There was a human paladin(scum) and a troll hunter there also so it took us a bit to get 10 kills.

After that we realized that the rest of the quests were a tad over our level, so we both agreed to go ahead and head to Shimmering flats. Most of the quests there are our level, and there are quite a few you can do all in the same areas so it’s good and fast XP.

So it’s a hearth and fly to freewind post. (Oh by the way, we both hit level 31 off the quests in STV, yay!) Then run from freewind to shimmering flats, grab the quests and then off to hunt!

Unfortuantely at this point, I was getting tired so I decided to call it a night. It’s just not fun to play when you are tired, and I play the game to enjoy it, so I don’t see a reason to push myself. Maybe if I was a few bubbles to level, but not having just hit a new level.

So after a few scorpion/turtle/basliks deaths, and a couple of car parts gathered, we both logged for the evening.

I can say right now, it’s so much easier to write this stuff when it is fresh in my mind. It just flows off the finger’s so much faster when I actually remember what we did. So hopefully I can either take notes, or write it at home during the weekend.

But for now, thanks again for reading!



Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 4 (and a couple others)

Posted by Ceejay9 Thursday October 25 2007 at 9:01AM
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Ok, I have to admit to slacking on writing this up over the weekend. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I write most of it off and on at work between getting other projects done. When I’m at home on the weekends I don’t do the writing. I had taken off Friday because I had to get the car registered and inspected, so that gave me two full days to put into playing WoW. (Saturday is my table-top RPG day and don’t really get a lot of time to play anything else.) So if the level ranges seem off to the relative level of the quests I apologize in advance. It’s probably not the same order we did them in, but still covers what we did.


So after getting home from all the car stuff on Friday, I log into the game. Our next quest area is going to be in the southern barrens, but I don’t really want to get ahead of her on quests now as that would start to really throw us off, so I grind. Grind, grind, grind. Yay fun? I also decide to take up engineering and mining. But I don’t have to suffer grinding longer then a couple hours before she logs on and we get to work on quests.


Time to gather the scorpion eggs! This quest is actually rather fun with a paladin, since my damage shield aura kills off all the beastly little swarmers that pop up and make it annoying normally. So we are able to blow through it rather quickly. Then it’s off to kill the evil dwarves mining in our lands! (EQ REFERENCE WARNING: They ruined their own lands, they won’t ruin mine!) Lots of dwarven corpses later we head across the road to gather weapons and take out the bristleburr bosses. Then it’s off to the dwarven hold across the way to gather nitroglycerine! Whee! Nitro! And other stuff that isn’t nearly as exciting as Nitro! BOOM! Ahem, sorry.


My wife then points out that there is a quest nearby that I had never done before. If you run past the entrance to the dwarven hold there is a tent on a lower plateau with a dwarf in it that wants something from inside the hold. Neat. So we take it and head inside. More dwarven corpses later and we get to the main room. The boss guy is level 30 and we are both around 24. That’s not such a good thing. So we decide to do it the haxxor way. I grab all the agro and she runs down and loots it. We run off the agro and it’s her turn. She grabs all the aggro and I run and loot the chest. This time we both attempt to lose the aggro but neither of us succeeds. I greet the angel lady at the graveyard and run off to get my corpse. After a quick rez and rebuff we head out, only to get ambushed by 4 or 5 dwarves who are really unhappy with blood elven invaders. So after another corpse run we finally make our way out of the dwarven hold. Turn in the quest to the lone dwarven guy, that turns into a trogg and then dies, lol. Then it’s back to Gann and then back to blow up the dwarven helicopter! Boom! Still not sure why the range on that bomb is so large. You can be no where near aggroing anything and still get it done.


Well, that done it’s back to Camp T. to turn in other quests, back to Xroads to turn in there as well, then time to hit stonetalon mountains.


Kill tauren mercenaries? Gladly! Round up 5 or 6, hit consecrate, she hits rain of fire, boom lots of dead tauren mercenaries. Kill their leader? You got it! Bam! Dead leader. The tauren really don’t seem to like other tauren who decide to do their own thing. While there we escort the lovely tauren lady out and protect her from the inevitable ambush. Then it’s off to the little horde outpost to grab a couple of quests, then off to kill the big bad spider lady! I almost died on that one, which was kind of sad really. I wasn’t on my game at all. But my wife was able to pull us through while I chain healed myself.


After spider-lady it was off to visit the gobo and he asked us to retrieve the plans for the new goblin super-weapon! 20 or so operator’s later he asked us to take those plans to some fella in ratchet. Which we figured we could get done at a later time, so for now we headed up to Sun rock retreat and grabbed a few quests there.


This is where the slacking comes into play, as I don’t remember quite the sequence of events that happened during this time. So I’ll just try and cover some high points to get caught up.


Killed lots of evil Centaurs.

Killed thousands(Ok not really but felt like it) of Goo’s for the 5 saps(Each of course)

Lots of dead deer for eyes.

We were lucky enough to find the new graveyard in the top area of STM without dying!

Collected some acorns.

Lots of other stuff.


It seems that as This drags on with me being behind and I’m losing a lot of the focus I get when I do it the next day, so I will now attempt to sum up until yesterday where I can pick it up again from stuff fresh in my memory.


Finished all Stonetalon Mtn. Quests, Finished Ashenvale quests, Finished the Thousand Needles Quests, and did some of the Hillsbrad quests before heading over to Arathi highlands and we are now getting ready to start the Hammerfall quests.


The Spying on the Grimtotem quest is currently not working. The chests that are supposed to have the reports in them are not lootable.


My wife has now found and read these blogs, I got in trouble, lol. Oh well, won’t stop me from continuing. As a matter of fact she said another wonderful quote the other day and her first response was, “Oh great another quote for that damned blog.” LoL. Too bad I forgot what it is now. This is why I’m trying to catch up again.


Ok, that brings us to last night, sorry for those who read for the more detailed stuff, I just had to compress three or four days into a couple lines in order to catch up.


So, I logged on last night after getting home from work, one bubble into 29. My wife is busy helping our oldest daughter finish up her project that is due the next day. We had come to an agreement that since we play at different times on some days, we would not do any quests if we decided to play. It’s either grind or Instance run, which would keep all quests open  for us to do together.


So, I grab some extra sweet nectar and head off to the yeti caves in Hillsbrad to start grinding on Yeti’s. She has her Winamp up with an internet radio station going, and I just start killing yeti’s left and right. I actually died once, which kind of sucked. Everything I had was on cooldown, and the add caught me with little mana and low life. It was all over.


But I have to say that the server I’m on is rather friendly. Alliance people helped me when I got too many and I did the same. Also had a couple horde help with an add a couple of times. Friendly people on average, and it’s nice to see. I was on a PVP server before this, and one thing I can say is it’s really nice to be able to quest without the worry of being ganked by other players. On the downside I don’t get to do any myself either. :/


She logged on late, the project taking most of the night to finish up, and so we were only bale to finish up a couple of quests before the end of the evening. We ran out to the yeti cave and started whacking Yeti’s until Hecular’s rod dropped. Then ran back and got the next part to get it lit. The fires in the yeti cave were easy to get done. (It was a whole different world with those yeti’s while my wife’s warlock was there. Back to dying in seconds again) Then it was off to frostmaw’s cave for the last fire. While we were there we decided to try frostmaw since we both had the quest and we were there.


That beast is a level 37! Haha, suffice it to say that it took us so long to kill him that the cave spawned in the middle of the fight and we died. Popped soulstone when he was off chasing my wife (Who had conveniently starting running before I did) and just as I stood up I noticed he had given up on my wife and ran back towards me. And of course stopped right behind me. I ran my little paladin butt off trying to get away. I had two yeti’s and Frostmaw hot on my tail. Bobbing and weaving between other spawns in an effort to make it away safely, and WOOT I made it! So I swerve to the right a little bit to avoid a lvl 34 hulking lion, and BAM, it was all over.


Damn those Alterac Valley Guards! So it was a run back from the graveyard for both of us. A quick rez and recoup, and then we both had to call it quits for the night. Not too shabby though, we were both level 30 now, and it was time to maybe head out to Arathi highlands.


Ok, thanks for reading this much. And I will say that I’m almost falling behind yet again, haha, So I will be trying to get another post up before the end of the day!





Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 3

Posted by Ceejay9 Tuesday October 23 2007 at 9:15AM
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Welcome to the next part of my Journey back into World of Warcraft. I left off yesterday at level 16 and standing at the gates of Silvermoon.

I log in and while my wife is, once again, finishing up her daily quests on the other server, I head back out to Ghostlands to see what we have in store for us today. Whaddya know, Quests! woot. I bet you didn't see that one coming!

She gets done rather quickly today and we group up and head on out to start our day of playing and slaying. I quickly find out that she had done a couple of quests ahead of me the night before after her raid in an attempt to catch up. So first we need to get the ones she completed done do that we are caught up together. First target, Those nasty night-elves again! It seems they are planning attacks and we must steal their plans! A short run across the zone, a little swim to wake up, and we find the small island where those dastardly Nelves (Sorry it's much shorter then typing night elves everytime.) are planning their attacks.

Don't ask me why, but currently I'm putting my points into holy for leveling. It's really a rather stupid idea, since the older zones are short on players for instances, but as earlier blogs have pointed out, I tend to stick around healing stuff. It's what I love. Just can't put myself through the torture of leveling yet another priest.

So we easily wipe the little island clear with the help of her blueberry. Quickly we take over the ship moored to the island and the last plan is mine! Muahaha. Er. Anyway. This is the only quest she got done that I hadn't finished earlier, so we run back to Tranquillien (Yay remembered to look at the name of the town this time) and turn it in. Then it's off to the outpost to turn in her lynx quest. Now we are on par with our quests, and we go to collect some Troll juju from the nearby cave.

The trolls in the cave are a real pain in the butt. When they die they emit a green cloud that poisons you and does damage. Being a 16th level Paladin I have the ability to remove poison, but not THIS poison. Oohhh nooo, it doesn't put a debuff on you, so there is nothing to dispell.

We reach the escort quest (A little blood elven lady in a cage) and we each only have 2 juju's up to this point. We decide to set her free and do the quest now since most of the area behind us is clear at the moment. I proceed to make many lewd comments and use every bad pick-up line I can on the NPC, but she refuses to acknowledge me. My wife on the other hand threatens to smack me. Ah, true love, it's so hard to find. We easily get the lady out of the troll caves and each get 4 juju's in the process, not too bad. We are about to turn around and go back inside when we notice the NPC getting attacked by a bat near the refuge. ACK! She's one of those "I want to run all the way there" types of npc's. So we quickly run over there and relieve her of her pest. Then it's back to the troll cave. Doesn't take long to get all but one last juju when my wife needs to AFK again for dinner stuff. (We talked about this before, dinner == GOOD, so I can't complain or I have to rummage around in the cupboard and hope there are some leftover raman noodles or something.)

While she's AFK I start getting a neat little party going. As I'm about to kill a troll, another one aggro's. This goes on for a couple of minutes before I start to notice that I'm running out of mana. Not so good.

"Uhm Honey, now would be a good time for you to be playing again."
"I'm killing you, again."

And she comes back and saves me. Yay. Of course she also aggro'd two more, but hey we lived.

Done! Turn that in, then off to hunt trolls and gather their weapons. When we get to the troll camp we realize that there are a few people here. So much for there being no players in the lower levels. And it seems a couple of people have some higher level guild-mates with them. So, we run around trying to find stuff to kill as the 42 rogue and 54 hunter are helping their little guild-mates finish the quest. It's no use getting annoyed over it, afterall we may not find anything to kill, but it also means the other people get done that much quicker and respawns are all ours. But the drop rate is really in our favor, and it takes us almost no time to finish the kills and weapon gathering part one. We run back to turn in the kill quest, (There is a second part of the weapon quest yet that involves gathering weapons from the next kill quest, so it's efficient to do it that way) and then back to the other troll camp. Seems the others were there also (So much for finishing and moving on.) So we kill a few, and then go hide in a corner to AFK for dinner.


Dinner was good! Spaghetti and meatballs! The bestest! Anyway, we got booted to the character select screen, but it wasn't long enough to make our healthstones disappear which is a bonus. So it's right back into the fray! We are alone in the camp now and finish it up pretty quickly. We also kill the named troll which was really no challenge at all. Back to the outpost and turn them all in.

Now it's off to windrunner spire for another kill quest. It's a long run, but we get there, get it done quickly, and hearth back to windrunner village. At this point the movie "twitches too" comes on TV so she wants to stop to watch it. Ugh. So I'm solo again, and the only quests I have are the greater spiders and the deathholme quests. Ten minutes later all dead spidies, then it's off to Deathholme.

Soloing deathholme as a pre-lvl 20 holy paladin really sucked. It took a really long time to get the quests done, and beyond that I had only ever done this area once before so had to find all the 4 bosses and 4 NPC’s to be rescued. I finally had to look up the location of the last rescuee after a couple of deaths. That done, I go and start the collect quest for just outside Deathholme in the scar.

It was at this point my wife came back on and was, of course, unhappy to be behind. Sigh. Then keep playing next time! Out loud I said, "I'll help you catch up hon." Well, I let her do the spider quest on her own, then helped her with Deathholme. It went fairly quick with both of us, and she suggested we try the named, Dar'Khan. At this point I'm level 19, and she's 18. The guy is a level 21 elite with a suggested group of 5. The quest is still orange to both of us. My response?

"Sure hon." What the hell, It's not that far of a run back. Easy clear in, and then we are standing there staring at him down in his little crypt area.

"I wonder if I can pull him solo" She says out loud.
"I don't think -" And he runs at us with a warlock debuff on him. Sigh. Although victory to her side for actually pulling him solo.


First course of action is to drag him around the corner to break his line of sight and pull him a bit further back. We decide quickly that it’s best to let the voidwalker tank him while I stand back and throw heals. I decide not to stand so far back, but in close because of the large level difference and only the two of us, in between heals I wanted to get some DPS swings in.


All goes well for the first minute until he AoE fears. Oops, didn’t know he did that. So now we are all running into a wall. Luckily it doesn’t last long, but it forces me to step up healing quite a bit. I’ve already downed a minnow mana potion in hopes that the cooldown might recycle before the fight ends if I need it again. More healing stuff, but blueberry dies after one of the fears I can’t get a heal in on time. At this point he’s at 5% health. We are close. It immediately heads for the warlock lady who had been debuffing and casting at him the entire time. Also the person not in mail armor. I switch heals to her and keep her up until I run out of mana. She dies and boss is now at 1% life. SWISH! The sword and board come out and I start whacking on him. OW! He’s hitting back. But I’m able to finish him off with a judged seal of righteousness. Yay! We won! We won! Oh..Sorry honey. “Daeven begins casting Redemption.” Nice fight there, and Most likely a couple of less experienced players wouldn’t have been able to do that.


That done, we go ahead and run around and finish up her bosses and rescuees quest, and that does it, we are now both officially finished with all quests in the Ghostlands except the two roaming stitches looking named. She tells me to shout out for anyone who wants to group to get it done. My response? Why make her leader and tell her she can do it of course! (Yeah, I’m a lazy one when it comes to putting groups together.) One shout out later and we have a lvl 17 mage and a 15 rogue in party with us. I’m not real impressed with the group make up at this point, but ah well after Dhar’kon. We were all split apart which made it easy to find the two named’s, and we were able to track them down and kill them off rather quickly. Yay! And with that we now have an empty ghostlands quest log. Time to head to undercity! Final count: Ghostlands 0, Us; level 20 and done!


Thanks again for reading!


Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 2

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 22 2007 at 1:02PM
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As I said before, I was moving this over from another blog, so that is the reason for so many updates in a single day.  I have one other that is only half written so not sure if it will get finished and posted today or not.)

Well, It's morning here, and I'm making my way through it with the help of a 20oz. Coffee from Wawa. If you don't know wawa coffee you are really missing out. When I lived down in Louisiana before Katrina, It's the one thing I truly missed about back east. Now that we ARE back east i enjoy a cup as often as possible. Anyway, on to the blog!

First let me say, thanks again for taking the time to actually read my ramblings. I know I can be rather long winded, and really I'm just doing this for fun, and possibly something to look back on in the future. But if you get any entertainment out of it also, I'm truly glad.

So, I log in yesterday, Daeven standing right at the gates of Silvermoon, waiting for my wife to finish up her daily quests on her other server. Yay, I have my resurrection spell now, Redemption, and I'm looking forward to letting her die so I can use it! Luckily she didn't know that! But now she's telling me she has to help this group kill a dragon real fast. Sigh.

Seems to me it should take more then four people to kill a dragon. But honestly, I've heard that three people post-TBC have solo'd Onyxia, so I guess it's not really that farfetched. Just seems odd to this old-time Table-top RPGer.

Ok, so she's going to be busy for at least another ten to fifteen minutes. Well, we do plan on leveling together, but BAH I'm not staring at my screen and doing nothing! So I caught the flying bat to the town in Ghostlands, and quickly run through some of the starting quests. Talk to this guy, who sends you to talk to so and so, and in turn wants you to go back and tell the first guy that he has a crush on him. Blah blah, highschool stuff. But now other quests open up. So the merchant hasn't gotten any supplies in? That's not good. Fetch them from Silvermoon? Sure thing! So it's off back to the main blood elf city to straighten out that lazy supplier!

I walk into the guy's store, and he's telling me I need a pack-mule to get the supplies out of there! I can't afford one of those! Luckily he says I can just go ahead and take back what I can carry. It was at this point I pictured a blood elf paladin, sword at his side, shield slung over his shoulder, chain-mail glinting in the afternoon sun, as he walked around attempting to balance a stack of boxes and bags on the way to the Bat to fly back to Ghostlands. I do wonder where I kept that stuff while on the Bat!

In either case, The merchant is very happy to have some supplies in, and I'm very happy because now he will sell stuff!

It was about this time that my wife logged on her warlock and it was time to get to some serious work. I invited her to group, made sure i repaired my equipment( 14 copper, man I love low level repairs. Much better then the 14 gold and up after raids), checked over my quest list to see what we needed to do, and she tells me, "I have to go start dinner."

Argh, foiled again. But! I want to eat, so it's a trade off I'm willing to work with. Ok, more free time, and what does any husband do to pass the time while his wife is cooking him something scrumpcious for dinner? Why run in circles around her bored until she's back of course! So, yeah, you may now close your eyes and imagine it for yourself.

She gets it started and comes back and we are off to the races! She grabs all of the quests and sets off towards number 1 target. (I usually let her lead, as I only ever did the Blood elf starting quests once, and she has done them at least four times, as well as a lot more recently then me.)

Die night elven spies, die! This was interesting. We went up to kill in the night elven camp, and wow did it get frantic. We usually kill stuff in about three seconds or so between us and her Imp, but at one point an elf ran away and aggro'd the Darnassian leader. Well, it seems the Darnassian Leader's "Yells for help" range is rather large, and suddenly we had 5 or 6 elves all trying to clean the ranks of the blood elven invaders! But let's face it, I'm a paladin, and as I've had a mid-level paladin before, as well as a lvl 60, and lvl 70 priest, I kind of understand the healing thing. I sat back and kept her and her pet up while getting a swing in here and there, a stun here, a chugged potion over there, and a lay on hands under there. And Wha-lah, we win!

Was fun, although it's a shame instinct kicked in and I totally forgot to let her die so I could give my rez spell it's first go. Ok, done with the night elves, and off to find the missing tools. It's just a short run down the path and up to the cart across the way, and we both have tools. Then the Imp must have dropped a ghoul snack, because four ghouls all charged us. Rinse repeat of last battle, although at her level warlock's don't really do a lot of damage unless they can get their Dots to do their full damage, it's funny how totally opposite that is at the higher levels. Especially since I will either be holy or protection later on, not retribution.

Off to the little ghost town on the coast. That debuff from the ghosts is rather annoying, mostly because you can't get rid of it! But it doesn't last long, thankfully. We easily made our quest quota in kills simply running around trying to find the summoning circle for her VoidWalker quest. Summon, kill, yay now she can summon a voidwalker! Well, once she turns the quest in. You can also tell she has played a higher level warlock before, as she is running around with a bag and a half of soul shards already made. She got those most dreaded of words again today, haha "inventory is full" but I happily looted things for her!

Next target, Beach for spines! I have never really liked hunting Murlocs, they are too handy with those cell-phones(See previous entry) and the fact that they always try to leave the party before it's done. But with a ranged DPS class at my back it was much easier! Of course in the middle of a full beach she goes AFK to do more dinner stuff and puts me on auto-follow. AHA! Another chance to put that Redemption spell to it's first use! But alas, she came back quickly, and we finished up that quest in just a couple of more kills.

Now we started killing off spiders on our way towards the gnoll mines, and of course for the ten we killed we each got a single crunchy spider leg. On the way there we stopped by the mana elemental place and knocked that quest out real quick, then off to gnolls. We arrived on the wrong side of the camp, so we fought our way through to the quest giver on the other side, and was halfway done with our kill quest when we got the ore quest. So back out into the fray! Those gnoll shamans really hurt, and it was right about this time, at level 13 that I realized that only having quest and looted gear really stinks. I only had 20 more stamina then my wife's warlock. Now I know warlock's can get a really sick amount of hit points at the higher level's but pre-twenties I kind of figured I would have a solid lead. Not so. I definately needed better gear, but was still unwilling to spend my 10 gold!

During our search for the ore, a blood elf rogue ran by with about 6 gnolls on him. He didn't make it. (I had seen him running away earlier from farther away but that time he had used sprint) So there it was, the first casting of Redemption on a poor rogue that had sprint on cool-down and aggro'd just a few too many. I was really hoping to kill off my wife's character to use it on her, but oh well, it would have to do. He thanked us, and actually came to our rescue a couple of fights later so it worked out well in the end. :-)

Last piece of ore looted we turned it in and being close to level, we decided it was time to turn the quests in back in town. Sure enough we both hit 14 so we could train again. (Which was our goal for when we would return to town). Of course it was also time for dinner now, so we made the Inn here our home, and flew back to Silvermoon to train, log and eat yummy dinner!


The food was good! Want more!

Anyway, we did check the AH this time, and sure enough I found a belt of the bear and a new shield that was worth using. All for 57 silver pieces! Not bad I still had my solid 10 gold, so it was ok with me. We hearthed back to the ghostlands, and went to kill the nerubia guards and grabbed the quest to kill the named fella from the body on the path. It didn't take long at all, but afterwards it was time for her to log over to her other server for a raid. They were making their first trip into Serpent Shrine Cavern, and I wished her luck. It seems it was Solo time.

My goal for tonight had been 16, and I really wanted to make that goal, so I was opened my quest log, and did what she normally does, Start at the top and work your way down. I ran down to the sanctum of the sun to turn in a quest, then up to the farstrider post. I took their advice and culled some of the giant cats in the area, then made my way across the lake to the island to get the medallion quest. Knocked out the spirit quest while getting the medallions, then turned it in and got the "summon the big bad elemental quest." Ok, not really big and bad, but he was underwater, and he was kind of big. But easy, nonetheless. Off to shore to get the kill some trolls quest, wrap that up in a jiffy(The drop rate really loved me on this one, only a single troll didn't drop an ear forcing me to kill all of 7 of them.)

Turn it in, then back to the post, turn in spirits, And made level 15! Yay, and boo! If I had been far away I would have logged and gone to bed, but now that my goal was in sight, I had to stay up to make it!

Killed the bats on the way down the hill, and made my way across the zone to kill zombies in the dead scar. Both of the lvl 21 named elites were nice enough to make an appearance, so I had to do some interesting pulling, but still went by rather fast. Then it was off to windrunner village. Actually, for some reason I thought the dawnspire was over by the village, but it was actually windrunner spire, which wasn't uncovered yet on my map. I fought my way up to the top of the long ramp, and when it opened up I realized I was in the wrong place, so I bubbled and jumped off the side. Landed safely, bubble ran out, and a ghost, a spider and a shadow priest guy attacked me. Not good. This, of course, was one of those times you can look back on a situation and realize you aren't used to a class yet. I could have survived this so many ways, but they never came to mind. Lay on hands was up, potion timer was up, and i still had the health stone from my wife before she logged. I just screwed the whole thing up, but I look at it as a learning experience, hopefully next time I will have learned from it. :-P

So I run back, rez and have to kill another 15 spiders before I get my last crunchy spider leg. Then I see I'm near windrunner village, and sure enough I DO have to go there. So I lay into the gargoyles that are all over the place. 5 dead, 10 dead, 15 dead...WTH! I check my quest log, sure enough I need gargoyle parts. 20 dead, 25 dead, oh come on! Not a single gargoyle part has dropped yet. I'm starting to wonder If i'm in the wrong place! So I go kill the other shade guys for the other parts. 6 kills, 6 parts from them. Must be the right place. Back to gargoyles. 27 kills and got my first part. Wow, now that's what I call a horrendous drop rate, and I need FOUR of them! Of course I got them within the next ten kills, so perhaps they just needed to get kick-started or something.

At this point, I'm only a few bubbles from 16 so I hearth back to town, turn in my quests, and DING 16! Yay! Time to train! Retribution aura, oooh, fun one, and something else I wasn't nearly as excited with heh, but don't remember what it was. So I ran to the city entrance again and logged for the night.

I can say that while it is not like playing the game for the first time again, I am truly enjoying being back in Azeroth. And once again, I really look forward to logging on tonight when I get home from work in order to level again!

I'm really hoping we can make it to 19 or even 20, but being realistic I am shooting for 18, my next spell level. If i thought there was a decent chance of getting an instance group, I'd love to do that, great experience in there. I imagine it would be Wailing Caverns, which is a pretty good hike for us here in ghostlands, and no flightpaths out there.

Well that's it for today, Thanks for stopping by!


Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 1

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 22 2007 at 9:01AM
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Well, I got off of work early yesterday, (It seems I forgot to put gas in my wife's car, and she didn't have enough to get the kids from school, Doh!). So I went and got the kids, dropped them off at home and drove to the EB store a few miles from home to get my WoW Battlechest. Happily took it home in anticipation for creating my new account and getting started. (I had used my wife's disks to install and patch it already, I just needed the keys to create my own account.)

I open the box and OH NO! The lady at the store had been new and let me take the copy that was on display, and it had no disks in it! (EB always takes the disks out of the display boxes) Sooo, a short drive back to the store, a short explanation, a new, unopened copy from behind the counter handed to me, and a short drive back home, and NOW I was ready to create my new account.

It took only a minute to set everything up, although I have to say that the account page for upgrading to The Burning Crusade is a bit unwieldy. There is no button that just says "Upgrade your account to The Burning Crusade Here!" Instead there is just the button that says you can purchase a digital copy, download it and upgrade your account. I searched the entire page and didn't find anything that just let me upgrade from my account page. (You can do it easily after installing it, since when it's finished you get that huge "Upgrade your account to TBC" button, but I was too lazy to go get the first TBC disk and put it into my Drive. So, knowing that I would have to confirm any purchase first anyway, I clicked the digital upgrade to see if there was more information there, and sure enough, there is a disclaimer above the purchase information that says if you bought it at a retail store to click "here." So I did, and got upgraded, and life was good.

My wife, in anticipation of playing and leveling together, had created a Blood elf warlock on our chosen server of Sen'Jin. Some friends we knew from other guilds and servers had come to this one, which was part of our decision in choosing this server. She also talked me into playing a Male blood elf paladin, instead of a female. "The one with the long, black hair is so hot!" Was the actual phrase she used, and then proceeded to give me the puppy-dog eyes. Sigh.

So, Daeven, the level 1 Male Blood Elf Paladin logged into the server for the first time. (And yes she stood over my shoulder the whole time while I created him, telling me what face, hair, hair color, and facial hair to use. I am a slave to the master it seems. If you are married, you understand. Besides who is going to argue when you are lucky enough to have your wife play games with you in any case?)

We grouped up and started the Sunstrider Island quests. I know that grouping will lower the overall experience you gain, especially at such low levels, but it worked out rather well. With both of us doing our thing, we were completing all of the quests in literally no-time flat. Kill some of these, collect some of those, kill some of these AND these. Etc. etc.

Then she got her imp quest! What a cheater! She immediately jumped two bubbles of experience ahead of me because she cheated and had an extra quest! Well, in any case that was what I was calling her all night. ;-)

It was probably no more then about 30 to 35 minutes when we finished the newbie starting area, and headed off to the Falconwing square? I forget the exact name of the next place, but I know it has falcon in it. We gathered all of the quests there, and again went on to finish them off in record time. You may get less experience per kill when grouped at low levels, but you really do fly through the quests, and I have to admit that I think it was much more worth it having that partner then soloing for a bit more XP per kill. It was at this point that I looked in my inventory and saw the Arcane shard that gave a quest. Oops. I told her about it, we both accepted it and were about to run all the way back to the island when I remembered we hadn't rebound yet so we hearthed back. Small victory, but saved us a couple minutes of running around.

Made our way outside the wall and went to kill that horrible night elven spy! And of course some other mana aberrations. Back to the falcon place, yeah that dwarf is a bad guy, back to the tower whack the evil traitorous dwarf, back to the falcon place. It's so nice that the Blood elf quests have you killing the goody-goody alliance right off the bat! Wrar!

Suddenly, from my wife's chair I hear, "I look so horrible in this frayed robe! Don't you think?" And I start to think to myself, ok, first, we are level 6, we aren't supposed to look good in the junk we find at this level. And second, the name of the robe is FRAYED, meaning not nice, coming apart, etc. But I am too smart a man to fall into the trap of actually responding out loud. So I go the safe route, like any good married man would and give a non-committal grunt. This seems to be satisfactory enough and we can move on despite her wardrobe woes.

We stop by the main Blood Elf city only long enough to beat up the skeletons out front, then move on to Farstrider Post. From there it's pick up a ton more quests, and decide which ones to do first. We decide to kill a few of the snappaws on the way to the party area to grab the quest there. This is when she decided it was time to choose professions.

"What professions do you think I should choose?" How the hell do I know? I don't care! Ahh!
Out loud I said, "Not sure hon, whatever you want to do."
"What are you going to choose?" I have been in game for maybe an hour and a half. I'm not even level 10, I have not even THOUGHT about professions. I don't WANT to think about professions. I want to level. I want to walk over to that Snapjaw and swing my sword until it falls down, loot it and do it again until I hear the WHOOSH sound of a level gained! Out loud i said, "Haven't decided yet. I'll think about it later."
"Ooh Bloodthistle." And she proceeds to get herbalism. Thankfully she didn't worry about her second profession at this point. Since the little pirate area was nearby we went down there and grabbed the quests. In the middle of them, we went off across the lake and grabbed the quests to gather merloc heads. It's amazing how many merlocs we had to kill for only 12 heads (6 each).

You'd think they would all have heads. Ah well collect quest logic. Turn in, now go kill mmmrrrgggll and get his ring. Amazingly enough we spent three or four minutes trying to figure out exactly how we would pronounce his name. The kids wandered in at what must have been an astounding display of parental stupidity, and were quickly caught up in trying to help us pronounce the name correctly.

As we were making our way down the beach towards him, We saw another warlock there with her Imp pet, just kiting the murlocs around while the pet fireballed them. A rather bad idea with murlocs since, if you didn't know, they all carry cellphones and the first second they spot trouble they hit speed-dial and call all of their friends. Sorry Mrs. Warlock, I didn't have rez yet. :/

So we kill Mmmrrrrggglll, grab his ring, and a bunch of murlocs spawn right on top of us. One dead wife later, (Sorry honey I didn't have rez yet for you either) I wait for her to run back and Mmmrrrggllll comes back. I solo him, and continue to wait. A few seconds later Mmmmrrgggll comes back AGAIN! Wow, I want that guys rez timer! Wife rezzes while I'm fighting him this time and then we run off to turn it in. I'd like to note that while we were here we were also grabbing the cargo for the captain's quest. The loot was on default, so we each had a mob to loot, but mine never once dropped a cargo. I only got mine off of the ones that spawn in the murloc huts, or off of hers after she had gotten them all. Figures. Never did see that other warlock lady again either.

We head back to the pirate area to kill the named and finish up my armament quest. (She had decided it was time to move on to the murloc's when she finished but I, as it happens, had not finished). There is a little Blood elf there trying to also kill the named. She says she is going to invite this paladin for the named. We go up the ramp, kill everything easily, and I see him shoot a bow. Not a paladin, a hunter! Should have known, he didn't look Holy enough!

HINT: When a small group of people invite you to do a difficult part of a quest that you are having problems doing solo, it does NOT mean they want to be your new best friend and you should try and stick around to see what to do next. You should be appreciative and leave the group on your own. If you make a nice impression, and they WANT to group with you they will invite you back.

After the named went down, My wife receives a tell that one of our guildmates has brought her a present. Runecloth Bags! Woot! (BTW did I fail to mention we joined a guild?)

Ok, if you don't remember your newbie days on a server, or you have never re-rolled on a different server let me try and give you an idea of what is on your mind most. I have 18 silver(woot!) and my spells/skills are costing me 3-6 silver per spell/skill. How do I get money? That's right loot everything and sell it to the vendor. You start with ONE, count it ONE 16 slot backpack. When you are strapped for cash, even "Broken Wings of a Fly" are like diamonds coated in gold! But you quickly get the message of Doom. The message, created by blizzard that plagues all low level characters, and must have been thought up in some underground torture dungeon as the best way to torment the new players to WoW, "Inventory is Full." Nooo! I'm talking you literally get excited when you find a 4 slot bag here. It seems really sad really, but I think this is the strongest form of torture that new players must endure. Sort of like Hazing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a little CCTV monitor in the dev's office that scrolls each player's name that gets that message, just so they can feel like they are doing their jobs.

But our Blessed Guildmate saved us from that torture, by handing my wife five runecloth bags. (I'm sure you can guess who got three and who got two right?) So with my two new runecloth bags, my backpack, my 4 slot pack and my 6 slot bag, I was in Looting Heaven!

Of course that brings me to my next thought also. She was also nice enough to send us 20 gold. Which was very generous of her, and I think I said "thank you" and "I appreciate it" At least four times. Then my wife said "Let's hit the Auction house!" My response? "Not a chance! I will never spend my gold!" LoL, in actuality I simply felt that we would get upgrades soon enough at our low levels that it was best to save it for when we really need something.

It was about this time that my wife needed to log to her other server for her guild's raid. The nice thing is she didn't really want too, because she was having so much fun playing with me, and it was rather nice to have a constant companion on my journey in Azeroth. But I also know that she stays up a lot later then I do with me getting up at 6am for work. So I continued to play while she went raiding, and I was able to finish up all the rest of the quests in the area. Time to move on to the Ghostlands. I also ran through my resurrection quest(I had finally hit level 12) so if I happened to let her die again, I could at least save her a walk. ;-)

Looking back at it, I had a really good time playing last night, and I can't wait to get home and log on again to continue playing. It seems the burn-out I experienced is over with, and I am back to being addicted to the game again. After her raid my wife made it to level 12 also, and is at the same point in quests that I am. This is another long read, and again, I appreciate the time you spend reading it, if anyone actually does, lol.

For Now,

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Pre-Lude

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 22 2007 at 8:50AM
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(Note- I had originally started posting this somewhere else, but decided I liked the format on my blog here better so Am transferring it over. This is why you will see multiple days posted right away.)

Later today I will be stopping by a local EBworld and picking up the World of Warcraft Battlechest edition. This is not to say that it will be the first time I've played WoW. In actuality I have had a level 70 Undead priest that has run through most of Karazan, and have had experience doing most of the old world raid instances. (That is to say I have never stepped foot into Naxxramas's Lair).

This time around I'm starting fresh, and figured, what the heck, everyone else is doing it, so I figured I would blog my returning experience. As things stand now, I will be creating a female Blood-Elf Paladin, but am unsure yet as to what server. Yes, yes, I'm another guy that plays female toons. I figure if i'm going to be sitting there staring at the screen all day, I might as well enjoy the scenery! Not to mention, for horde Paladin I have to be Blood elf, and I'm not so keen on the male BE models. Also, I always thought the female models looked much better in the high end gear then their counterpart males did. But it's all personal opinion I suppose. And since this blog is about my opinion, case closed. ;-)

At this point I have a few points running through my head. First is what server to play on? I am an EST player, with a normal desk job hourly type thing going on. So obviously an EST server would be best, but I've found that that doesn't always work. This of course is based on the fact that I do plan on raiding once I get to 70, and I always try to think about the end-game. I love to raid, and look forward to getting back into it. It will be a tad different as a Paladin, but I look forward to the change. Or not so much of a change from what I've seen on raids, But I like the look of plate armor more then robes.

I'm torn between a Holy or Protection spec, as I have raided with both a Priest and a Warrior, although I was a much better priest then a warrior. But I didn't get much experience on the warrior, as i never really made the time to get him geared correctly for it. I would like to think I was a very good priest, and I never received feedback to the contrary. Maybe I should mention that I also had a level 60 dwarf priest before TBC came out.

So I liked being a priest. But leveling a priest? Not so much. I had a third one also that made it to 41 on a different server. I must seriously love torturing myself. -sigh- And yes, I played a healer as my main in just about every MMO I have ever played.

Ok, so I know I'm going Paladin this time around, I enjoyed it before, and I know they could use a bit of work for the raiding standpoint, but hey check out the guild recruitment forums, holy paladins are always being recruited.

Oh, and I can get back to the EST thing, I always seem to get the wrong server. Why is it that guilds raid on such odd times? I get up at 6am in the morning to get ready for work, and everyone wants to go to 11 or 12 at night. Just can't do it, I'm afraid, but a solid 6:30-10:30 pm EST would be great if I could find it. But I'm digressing again, sorry. I'm pretty bad with the Tangents, always have been.

So I need to find a server that might just possibly have one or two guilds that raid at my current times available. Oh, and I can't play Saturdays(Table-top RP night), but Sundays are wide open!

I like the Blood elf starting area, so that should make things a bit more fun to start, and have only done it once, which is something that can't be said for any other starting area. Also I heard that the experience for monsters and quests between 20 and 60 was increased, and the experience needed to level in that range was decreased. If this is true, that is truly a brilliant decision by Blizzard to help people just starting out get through to where the larger part of the population is much faster. Kudos Blizz!

So, for now I wait and wonder what will come of starting WoW all over again. Do I look forward to it? Certainly. WoW Isn't perfect, but they did a lot of things right in the PVE department, and that's really what I like to do most. I look forward to making 70 and having the chance to possibly raid again.

Well, I guess that's enough for my introductory post. I hope I didn't bore you too much, and if you're at this point thanks for reading the whole thing.


So, what is your personal cause for addiction?

Posted by Ceejay9 Thursday October 11 2007 at 2:59PM
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March 16th, 1999, Everquest opened it's servers to the public and dared you to come see what their world had to offer. I didn't join right off the bat. I was still playing Tribes with my clan Lords of Steel. But a tribe member, Raven, and his nephew were playing and telling me all about it. I grew intrigued, and, not long after June 6th, 1999, Daeven entered the world for the first time on the Cazic-Thule server.

My high elven cleric, with his pasty looks, and terribly ugly yellow robe, killed bats and orc pawns like no other. Then I received a tell from my friend Raven to come to kelethin, the wood elven town. So after a few moments of running for my life and some lucky turns, I stood on a platform up in the trees, having just stepped off of the magical elevator that had taken me up there. I looked around in total Awe. This was just an amazing game. To this day i remember that moment, The first time I had stepped into the wood elven city of Kelethin. Of course that could be for other various reasons also. My friend Raven had making pie tins that sold for a large amount to the vendor, so he opened trade and dropped in 10 platinum pieces.

Now, if you are familiar at all with how the money system works in most games, you will realize that I was level 1 and had 10 platinum pieces in my hand. The server's had only been opened 3 months, and this was the first one of it's kind. For another 3 months minimum people were still impressed with people who had on a full suit of Bronze plate armor. People weren't blowing through the levels and instances, and the game. Not yet. That would come years later. No, at this point in time, people took thier time, and didn't realize that you could streamline your playtime into a set amount of hours and zones to maximize your time per Experience gained. Suffice it to say this was a bloody fortune I was handed.

He tells me I should buy some armor and a weapon. So, I buy a set of crummy armor, and then I see that a Regular mace(Not worn or rusty but just MACE) was only 9 Platinum! So, i bought it! I was happy with having that mace, and to this day I still want to go back in time and slap the heck out of myself for that. But I didn't know any better. Raven was a bit surprised as well, lol, but he was a good guy, and took it in stride. But of course he didn't give me anymore money either. ;-)

So, I guess I should get around to the title of this post. I'm not quite sure what it was about Everquest that really just grabbed me on the insides and made me want to play every available second of the day. I remember the stories that went on during it's prime. Marriages were broken up over it, kids skipped and failed school because of it, people lost their jobs because of it. I knew people who met in game and got married. Actually, I know a few people who met in game and got married in real life. Hah, to be honest, I'm one of them. But what is it about these games that really make us want to play constantly, with every free moment?

Is it the escape from our real lives? Possibly. Is it the total immersion they give us in the fantasy world? Could be, but unlikely. Is it the social interaction we get from the people online? Definately part of it, but not likely a sole reason in and of itself.

Millions of gamers worldwide log into either Everquest, Everquest2, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Eve, Anarchy online, of hundreds of other titles, and lose themselves for a different reason each night.

If you think back to the first time you found yourself wanting to play an MMO more then do anything else, what was it that made you want to log in?

For me, it was the fantasy immersion with that social aspect of being able to roleplay without dice, and to really be my character. It took me months to get my first character past level 15. But once I passed it i shot straight to the top. I was ready for a different experience. There are many different reasons we all find for logging in to these games. I want you to do something for me, if you are reading this blog:

Sit back, close your eyes, and think back to the first MMORPG that you found yourself craving to log into every day. Not just think about the best moments you had there. Sometimes we need to sit back and remember WHY we love these games, instead of what the next one has to offer us.

But for now, I'll stop rambling. Thanks for giving me just a few minutes of your time.