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Cathal's Blog

Well, I was sitting around one day and I figured, I may as well start up a blog. Were you expecting something more?

Author: Cathalaode

Your dream MMO

Posted by Cathalaode Tuesday October 23 2007 at 10:55PM
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Well, since I have all the stuff that I really think would make an awesome MMO, and I'm probably only going to make another entry before I start something new. But before I do that, I have three questions for you.


1) This one's a quickie. What do you think of my ideal MMO so far?


2) What aspects would you add/change in my ideal MMO, any reasoning at all would be great.


3) Here's the big one. Give me a brief description of your  ideal MMO. Is it Sci-Fi, Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Steam Punk, Medieval, Modern? Would you have Open PvP, instanced PvP, Perma Death, Only Duels, No PvP at All? Would it have a linear story progression, would it have no story, or would it be somewhere in between? What would you do to stimulate the players into taking part in the world? What would be in your end game? What would make your game stand out? Etcetera... Just tell me what you want, share your ideas.

JohnnyCache writes:

my son and i have come up with a GREAT idea for an MMO, but it will not be for the casual player...  I cant give details or our concept may be taken from us.  We intend to start design and engine selection this summer and hope to start development in the fall.  As with most games, it will take some time to assemble a good crew and i do not want to post anything until we get legal ownership of our intellectual property.  once that is done, i am sure you will hear about our project...

Wed Oct 24 2007 12:33PM Report
lightblade writes:


That's is exactly the kind of attitude that game dev hate.  There are actually people walk into an interview with a folder that said "Greatest Game Idea Ever", but he doesn't let anyone to see it.  You may THINK you have the best idea, but you have absolutely no idea how bad it is.

Developing ANY MMO requires a financial fund of at least $3 million.  A game like World of Warcraft probably take $5 million or more to make.  Unless you can acquire that much money, give up on the idea of making MMO.

And lastly, do you have any experience in the game industry or software development?

Wed Oct 24 2007 4:50PM Report
Arioc writes:

I suppose you can try and make an MMO but lets be honest, read over these forums and you'll see how critical the online market is. Either you target casual gamers who have lower standards or find some investers to make a real product. Alot of people in the games industry have their secret design doc they're just waiting for the opertunity to present.

Think of it like hollywood, everyones got that screenplay they're working on waiting for their big break. Alot of us work at companies on games we're not super crazy about daydreaming for the chance to make our own game. If you imagine yourself in hollywood looking to make an indi movie with a small budget it'll have to be some amazing innovation to the industry or you luck out and find an invester looking to throw cash at your movie to make it a blockbuster with the FX and lighting it needs. 

I've worked in both films and games and it's scarry how close hollywood is to game development. In a bad way :).

Wed Oct 24 2007 5:10PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Hello Kitty MMO WOOT

Wed Oct 24 2007 10:22PM Report writes:
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