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Well, I was sitting around one day and I figured, I may as well start up a blog. Were you expecting something more?

Author: Cathalaode

My ideal MMORPG (pt2)

Posted by Cathalaode Monday October 8 2007 at 6:28PM
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Economy and NPCs

            To help stimulate the economy in the game, trade skills would be an important part of the game. Cooking would be important to feed the NPCs and Players (mandatory player eating would also improve the social environment), crafting would be important because players would need to replenish their equipment, enchanting, alchemy, and engineering would be important because they would give players and edge in combat, and building would be important so that cities and towns could develop.

            Cities would be required to have a strong economy so that their citizens could pay their taxes, merchants could pay their tithes, and that money would go to paying the armies, developing the cities, and keeping the faction head’s pockets fat. A city would be just as easily destroyed by an economic war.

            NPCs would have to fulfill their basic needs, thus improving the economic system. Also NPCs would fill in to take the roles of merchants, soldiers, and the like in cities where there were opportunities. To keep the economy growing, there would be many more NPCs than players, all with their own personality traits. Every NPC would have a job. If there were no player requests to do specific things, an NPC might step up to the plate and so it. For example, if the city have no taverns, and the NPCs are saying that they want something to do after they are done working, and no player builds a tavern, and NPC will buy the land deed from the government.

            Crafting would be flexible as well, with every craft able item being composed of different slots, in which any item that could fit would be put. Putting in a different item would have a slightly different effect on the final product. For example, making sword’s hilt out of metal would make it more durable, but more heavy. Or putting berries into a meal might make it taste better thus giving you a better stat boost, but you could also save the berries for something else in which they would have a better effect.