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Cathal's Blog

Well, I was sitting around one day and I figured, I may as well start up a blog. Were you expecting something more?

Author: Cathalaode

Your dream MMO

Posted by Cathalaode Tuesday October 23 2007 at 11:55PM
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Well, since I have all the stuff that I really think would make an awesome MMO, and I'm probably only going to make another entry before I start something new. But before I do that, I have three questions for you.


1) This one's a quickie. What do you think of my ideal MMO so far?


2) What aspects would you add/change in my ideal MMO, any reasoning at all would be great.


3) Here's the big one. Give me a brief description of your  ideal MMO. Is it Sci-Fi, Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Steam Punk, Medieval, Modern? Would you have Open PvP, instanced PvP, Perma Death, Only Duels, No PvP at All? Would it have a linear story progression, would it have no story, or would it be somewhere in between? What would you do to stimulate the players into taking part in the world? What would be in your end game? What would make your game stand out? Etcetera... Just tell me what you want, share your ideas.

Three Pistols

Posted by Cathalaode Sunday October 21 2007 at 2:33AM
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Well, this is completely different from MMORPG's, but worthy of mention. The Tragically Hip are awesome. Just thought that I'd let all you non-Canuks know. Check them out if you like, well... music. I just got back into them, and now they've been the soundtrack to my day for 2-3 weeks straight.

If you don't like them, then fair enough, I can just not talk to you anymore.

My ideal MMORPG (part 4-4.5)

Posted by Cathalaode Sunday October 21 2007 at 12:12AM
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Oh Vajuras, where would I be without you. I was reading his blog post... I was skimming his blog post, when I came across him saying something about Perma-Death. Like usual, I didn't have the fortitude to read more that every other word or so through all the creative juices. But, like whenever I read one of his posts, I end up thinking up a new entry for my blog thing. So here's my Idea, this one is actually not that big.


Death Penalty.

    To start off with, I'll break it to you nice and quick without beating around the bush too much. You know, like I'm doing now. And right there too. Now to avoid some sort of life destroying paradox, I'm gonna stop right there. Perma death is the death system for my ideal MMORPG, but you probably guessed that already. Normally I don't like perma death, but I think I found a way around most of the negatives. Which I guess is gonna make this a two or three parter. To start, you need to give the people some sort of compensation for leveling up their guy. Otherwise there'd be no real drive to do good even if you know that you're going to die, and so that you have a real reason to level your guy up. For said compensation, I'd choose a bonus for new characters in their starting experience. Also, leveling can't be that big of a deal. The difference between levels should be absolutely minimal, but you should be able to level up for lots of levels. Like WoW's 1-70 grind would be the kind of top level. To ease up the world for it, there would only be zones for up to around level 20 in their WoW equivalent, after that it would be PvP leveling, with the occasional boss monster. A way to resurrect would be absolutely necessary, but to stop everyone from being able to do so the game would have to be relatively class based. I'm still a believer in skill based so I'd probably stick to my hybrid idea, which I've either already talked about, or is a hint at an upcoming post.

    Halfway breakdown: Perma-Death, Little distance between levels, Far advancement (length of leveling would be like the 1-70 of WoW, distance between a max level and a new char being about WoW's 1-20), Monsters would only be up to a certain point (WoW lengthwise: lvl 30, strengthwise: 10), Limited but possible resurrection, and a skill/class hybrid leveling system.


    Now for the second half. Since we have all the stuff that it would we would have to do out of the way (I think), let's start on what it would let us do). Larger, emptier worlds for larger battles. Since the system is going to bring up a lot of animosity, and joining a guild will be a must for protection reasons, the players are going to be in clumps (mostly fighting for power thus adding to the animosity), this means that guild battle's will be huge and thus require more room. This then let's us put in more adept guild cities, since player will need protection, they'll need cities, and if you're going to need anything that badly, you should be able to make it worth spending your time protecting, and easier to protect. So, add more buildings, more building spots, and stuff outside that you would want to fight over. And all that other stuff from my first "my ideal mmorpg" post. Also, like Vajuras mentioned, it would allow you to make a bounty system that would be harder to exploit. It would also enhance the use of activities that a guild may partake in, since they are so much more important. Naval trading route's, and the like could be introduced because of the enhanced guild usage. I knew there would be something I'd forget to add. As for starting areas, I guess that you would have to be able to chose where you want to start to avoid griefers. Back on track then, if you are going to have a character that is able to kick some serious ass, then you may as well implement magic in it's full glory. Having a necromancer that can summon hordes of minions, or a sorcerer who can spring up walls of fire strong enough to kill dozens of lesser soldiers. This though, means that you would also need some freaking black knight sort's of characters, no big deal though. Individual balancing would be less important though, group balancing would be important on the other hand. Meaning that priests don't need the ability to kill to much, because they can heal and resurrect. Now that's priceless.


Second Half Breakdown: Bigger and more empty world, my first ideal mmo post but with lots more regions, detailed and important cities, have to have fun in your cities, cities need to be strong, a bounty system, Outside of guild activities such as having trade routes and government policies, pick a starting area, enhanced classes, cooler more deadly spells, balancing by group.


    Just for good measure, I'm going to throw in a third half. Mostly to one up those 110%ers. I'm going to go into a little more detail on that crazy spell stuff I was talking about. I think that mages should kick ass at the higher levels, but kind of suck at the lower ones, whereas melee classes should start out good and work their way to kickass. Since I've got reason out of my way, let's get into detail about those spells. Firstly, I think that spells should be relatively customizable. Not quite like Morrowind/Oblivion, but more along the lines of taking a spell and increasing the potency of a certain effect. Such as having a necromancer be able to bump up a spell to being able to reanimate someone as a minion with 150% of their normal stats, instead of say 50%. That being a huge F'ing increase, something special would have to be done to achieve that advancement, and needless to say somebodies gotta die. I was thinking that some sort of large monster that would take ten or so people to kill, would be guarding it in some remote mountain somewhere. There would obviously be more that one place to get it, plenty of different monsters to slay, all for the same chance for enhancement, you wouldn't need to actually kill that monster, you could just buy one from someone that has (or someone who killed him). But the idea is that that would be the extent to which PvE raids would be, just that one monster that could kill 10 or so higher level guys, or like 40 new characters. The focus should always remain on the player, and how the players intertwine.


In the words of the Tragically Hip, but then to be butchered into talking about the generic form that MMOs have taken:

"Bring on a brand new renaissance
Cause I think I'm ready"

My Ideal MMO (pt3)

Posted by Cathalaode Tuesday October 16 2007 at 1:41AM
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Well, now that I have the only "perfect mmo whatchamacallit" here (If you also have one then I either forgot or ignored it for emphasis), I figured that I'd post my third piece. If you want to know what it's about, then just tilt your vision a few degrees down. I'm not giving you any hints... except for the title. It's not fully fleshed out either.


Natural Player Quests

            Because of the PvP key zone idea, the economy, and the fact that this game revolves entirely around factions, the individual or faction would decide the quests in this. There would be no “traditional” quests, outside of being paid by a faction to perform a certain task. With the way crafting and spells work, a specific crafter might hire you to go out and collect a rare scripture or ingredient. The idea is for the players to run the world, like Face of Mankind in its glory days, except without set factions. It would all fall into pecking order. For example, a merchant is successful in his crafting because he is good at it; he makes more money off of his works, and can then hire better players to get him more valuable ingredients. A medium level crafter would have to hire an average player to get him the ingredients he couldn’t buy from the store (he gains crafting experience from making more difficult items and the mercenary gains experience from his adventure, and money as well). Lastly, a novice crafter would buy all of his ingredients from merchants; he would lose less money and gain experience more quickly.

My ideal MMORPG (pt2)

Posted by Cathalaode Monday October 8 2007 at 6:28PM
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Economy and NPCs

            To help stimulate the economy in the game, trade skills would be an important part of the game. Cooking would be important to feed the NPCs and Players (mandatory player eating would also improve the social environment), crafting would be important because players would need to replenish their equipment, enchanting, alchemy, and engineering would be important because they would give players and edge in combat, and building would be important so that cities and towns could develop.

            Cities would be required to have a strong economy so that their citizens could pay their taxes, merchants could pay their tithes, and that money would go to paying the armies, developing the cities, and keeping the faction head’s pockets fat. A city would be just as easily destroyed by an economic war.

            NPCs would have to fulfill their basic needs, thus improving the economic system. Also NPCs would fill in to take the roles of merchants, soldiers, and the like in cities where there were opportunities. To keep the economy growing, there would be many more NPCs than players, all with their own personality traits. Every NPC would have a job. If there were no player requests to do specific things, an NPC might step up to the plate and so it. For example, if the city have no taverns, and the NPCs are saying that they want something to do after they are done working, and no player builds a tavern, and NPC will buy the land deed from the government.

            Crafting would be flexible as well, with every craft able item being composed of different slots, in which any item that could fit would be put. Putting in a different item would have a slightly different effect on the final product. For example, making sword’s hilt out of metal would make it more durable, but more heavy. Or putting berries into a meal might make it taste better thus giving you a better stat boost, but you could also save the berries for something else in which they would have a better effect.

My ideal MMORPG (pt1)

Posted by Cathalaode Monday October 8 2007 at 3:09AM
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See, I can follow trends too. I've seen a couple of these kinds of blogs going around. So I figures I'd hop on the band wagon. A good portion of this logic also has to go to me thinking "What better way to get across a little about me on an MMO site than to say what my ideal mmo is?" though.

This is going to be a multiple part (I haven't decided how many) series, going with one major point at a time. As for this first one, you may have read my thread about it, it died pretty quick though. I'm putting this point first though because it's what I based my entire ideal around. Hell this might even be too big to fit into an MMO. This time around it's more fleshed out as well. So here's part one whether you like it or not.


 Sorry for it being so long, the others are shorter.


PvP Key Zones

            The entire game world would be divided up into objective based areas. Those areas would include cities, towns, and extra regions. They will all have key features that you need to capture. There are multiple ways of gaining these, such as buying them or taking them through force. The way in which you take the location changes the amount of influence you gain from it. Influence radiates outwards, the more you have the farther it pushes. If your influence takes over most of the zone, it belongs to you.

At first, all of the world will be divided into extra regions. Some of which will be available to be turned into cities or towns. Others will be forced to stay the same, but they will be very large. Extra regions will contain resource nodes, which are required for taking the zone and acquiring resources. Extra regions will have no other advantage, except for expanding your borders. One faction can have as many extra zones as they can manage.

Secondly come the towns. They will have a few key points, but with little real value. An example of this is, if you take the town hall you can change the laws, or if you take the armory you gain control of all the weapons and armor. Towns provide a steady income of money for those that control the area. To capture a town you have to take all or most of the key points, including the town hall. Towns spread influence into the extra regions. One faction is limited to having five towns.

Lastly come the cities. They are basically several towns divided up into one. Cities are divides into districts, which are decided by the concentrations of NPC activity. If an area has a large quantity of stores or merchants, it becomes the merchant’s quarters. If it has a large dock, and has many ships delivering goods it becomes the harbor district, and so on. Each of these districts is divided into several key locations, such as the docks, the guards’ post, or the inn. These have generally the same effects as their town equivalents, but will work on a larger or smaller scale, based on what it is. Taking a city spreads influence outwards into nearby towns and extra regions. One faction is limited to having three cities.

            All key locations can be sold in the name of the governing body, to another faction. For example, an inn can be run by a smaller faction, while still being owned by the faction from whom it was sold. A small company can control a lumber mill in an extra region, with it still belonging to the main government. Or a city can be run by another faction, while still belonging to the main faction. One faction can work this way within multiple other factions’ borders.

            A faction could also work subtly, within a city, town or extra region. To do this, they would have to set up a secret base in one of the buildings, and gain influence through secret means. Their influence wouldn’t show up to a faction who did not know that the influence was being gained. For example, if a group of thieves set up a secret base and bought off a lot of the guards, they would be gaining influence in the district and the original owners would not be able to tell that it was happening, unless they specifically looked into it.

  1. World
    1. Cities

                                                               i.      Districts

1.      Examples:

a.       Harbor District

b.      Merchant District

c.       Guard District

2.      Key Locations

a.       Examples:

                                                                                                                                       i.      Light House

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Barracks

                                                                                                                                    iii.      Tavern

                                                                                                                                   iv.      Fortress

                                                                                                                                     v.      Prison

                                                                                                                                   vi.      Bazaar

    1. Towns

                                                               i.      Examples:

1.      Any village

                                                             ii.      Key Points

1.      Examples:

a.       Inn

b.      Town Hall

c.       Armory

    1. Extra Regions

                                                               i.      Resource Nodes

1.      Examples:

a.       Forest

b.      Quarry

c.       Fields

                                ii. All areas outside of towns and cities are divided equally into extra                                         regions


Why yes this was typed in Microsoft Word, as are points 3-5 already.

My first entry or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Posted by Cathalaode Monday October 8 2007 at 2:55AM
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Before we start, yes I'm well aware that I ripped the title for this out of Dr. Strangelove. It's the joke, I'm not really trying to steal anything and call it my own or anything.


Anyway, I just figured that I have a lot to vent. So I thought to myself, what better way than to tell it to strangers. Sorry if I start to prove Gabe's internet dickwad theory. I figured that I have lots of ideas, none of them all that great but some aren't bad. Now I'm gonna tell them to you. But not right now, maybe in a few minutes. This is just me saying hello, to everyone. Metaphorically dipping my toes in the water if you will.