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MMO addiction

My mission is to find MMORPGs that I would recommend to others and not feel worried. To discover why I will spend a hour trying to play a game that is lag bound. to have just one game icon on my desktop.

Author: Catdancer55

Jury is still out.

Posted by Catdancer55 Wednesday September 24 2008 at 2:32AM
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Whatever I find to recommend, worries me.  For instance,  I am playing Requiem- Bloodymare. I like it  sort of.  BUT its not for everyone, Rated 17+ for one thing.  Too Bloody for some.  For me its different fro my Primary Game.

I also Play Legend of the Golden Plume.  For some it might be tooo Cartoony.  But for me it is a break from my primary game.

As it turns out  I cannot recomend any Game cause No two players will like the same thing.  Don't believe me go read the Forums.  There are Lovers and there are Haters.  There are nit-pickers and there are go-with- the flow.


Oh, my primary Game?  It is World of Warcraft,  Although I am an WOW Addict, That doesn't mean I play it  25/8.  Sometimes everyone needs to walk away for an hour or a day. (Two weeks if its a good Beta)

While I wait to recover my WoW account

Posted by Catdancer55 Wednesday December 26 2007 at 12:17AM
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Merry Xmas to me. Someone has gone and hacked my acct.  :(

I have discovered that without WoW I have nothing to do.  Sure I walk my dogs more which means I am getting more sunshine. But nothing can stop the depressive feeling of Rape I feeling the last 48 hours.

I can see what is happening to my 2 high level characters . My warrior has been changed from arms to Fury,  my Mage is now pure Frost as opposed to a Arcane/frost hybrid.  Only thing I can be close to sure of is that my armor will me ok.  I have never been to an instance  so my armor is basically "off the Rack" drops.   And I have been poor before.

But as I wait for Account Management department to answer my e-mail.  I have not found any KeyLoggers nor other Malware.  So it is a mystery As to how they changed my  acct  info.   Even My  security question is needed to change the password.  

Why is future games going so heavy into PvP???

Posted by Catdancer55 Saturday July 28 2007 at 2:01AM
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I have been noticing lately that all the betas are touting "new spin on PvP"  They are total PvP or PvEvP(?) What is with this? I myself can PvP Casually (ie: WoW Battlegrounds) but Mostly give me a good PvE and I am happy.

My biggest Complaint about PvP is it brings out the most childish and immature behaviors. As an older Female Gamer, I find the constant "duel me" spams irritating and then when I decline for the 10th time be called a chicken - as if I cared.

After all, I don't have to prove myself, I am Female!  Nuff said.