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Caskio's Blog

I plan on creating a few blogs about my thoughts and feelings on past, current, and future MMO gaming I experience.

Author: Caskio

My Personal Review of RIFT

Posted by Caskio Thursday March 17 2011 at 1:30PM
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I was bored recently and I wanted to lpay an MMO and I was deciding between DCUO and RIFT.  I went with Rift.  So I figured I would create a review blog for the recently released MMORP.  Rift is among the dominant fantasy setting among MMOs.  Overall for myself, Rift is between the good and bad, but still a step up compared to WoW.  It's fun, but still lacking.  Here's my thoughts.

First off the first thing anyone notices are the graphics, which are pretty good for an MMO.  I can play Rift on Highest settings and get good fps.  Heck even my laptop plays it on High and still get above 30 fps.  It's a beautifully looking game.  However, I feel some of the animations are too fast.  For example when I play my rogue, as do 75% of the other players, my attacks are so fast I don't know what the character is doing to deal damage to the opponent.  Not too mention if you start another attack in the middle of the animation of the first its like teleporting your arms. My biggest gripe is the endgame armor looks horrible for most classes.  Are you disgusted by huge spikey shoulder pads?  Then stay away from Rift, as it has that in mass quantities.
I got to say the sound in Rift is actually pretty good.  I can hear the rumble of a nearby rift and the sound from combat actions do sound like you are striking/slicing the opponent.  The only issue I that was frustrating was not hearing the music of the game more often.  I don't tend to listen to music when I play MMOs because I want to hear the MMO.  So I would notice the music wasn't playing often when I was just running collecting or exploring.  It felt too quiet at times. 
I had fun leveling my rogue from 1-50 in about 2 weeks.  I’m pretty hardcore could easily put in some 8-12 hours a day for leveling.  The pace of the combat was fast enough in most situations.  I could see some builds having a slower time, which for me was just too slow and unexciting.  I play an assassin/nightblade/bladedancer character so I can take down a mob in seconds with the right combos.  Overall, the combat is fun and engaging.  Also the fact that a rogue can tank or heal, a cleric can dps, a mage can heal, or a warrior can dps creates some interesting group combos and lessons the burden of trying to find specific roles for group content.
Crafting is a tricky topic for me as I never really do like to craft in MMOs.  And that sentiment doesn’t change for me in Rift.  It’s the same old boring collect and hit a button to make something over and over.  I would much prefer minigames for crafting success in my opinion.
The zones in Rift feel pretty large to me as it would take some time to travel from one side to the other if there wasn’t a transporter.  They are large enough for me to say, “Uhg…I got to go all the way over there?”  The areas are very detailed with environmental aesthetics. The mobs are rightly packed and all over the place.  That’s why I think I preferred my permanent stealth assassin so that I could traverse through the mobs without too much effort.
Bugs are few and far between.  I went from 1-50 and only found 3 bugs, which I reported.  The game is polished and runs smooth.  A welcome change of pace in today’s MMOs.
I chose not to join a guild until I was higher level and I believe I was around level 35 when I joined my first guild in Rift.  Great group of guys and gals, very helpful in answering questions, but like most guilds from the start of a new MMO, they lacked the experience and in most cases high level classes for running dungeons.  Don’t get me wrong we ran through an expert difficulty King’s Breach dungeon with 4 rogues and 1 cleric.  And almost from the start of my playing there were chat trolls trying to drag other players into arguments.  One in particular I believe got a temporary ban from all the reports he might have had against him as I haven’t seen him in chat for sometime.   Overall the community is helpful, but also everyone is trying to get endgame gear and it can be difficult to find groups as most of the players are dps only.  So you’ll end up seeing a lot of groups looking for tanks/healers for a time, sometimes even hours.
Finally, my impression from Rift is that it is a good game, but doesn’t have enough to hold my attention.  I have already canceled and won’t likely continue for the rest of the game’s lifespan unless something drastic is done.  I would give this game a score of 6 out of 10.  The negatives out way the positives just enough for me not to continue playing this game after the free month is over.