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Thoughts on the MMO community

MMORPG is a growing site along with the MMO community both have come along way. Hopefuly our posts on here won't be in vein for the few whom want to reach out too the developers and players.

Author: Camthylion

Darkfall offering the best MMO tatics...

Posted by Camthylion Thursday October 30 2008 at 3:47PM
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Darkfall Tactical Overview

Today's massively multiplayer online games do contain tactical elements, but many of them have little to no real-world references, and others are based on the exploitation of the game's design and technology - zerging, stacking, excessive jumping / strafing, lag tactics, zone and portal camping, etc. "If it's in the game, it's in the game", so you're forced to compromise and get used to using such actions and to having them used against you.

You can use elevation, choke points, reverse slopes, tree lines, rivers, plateaus, etc. to your tactical advantage whether you're picking your battleground or setting up an ambush.
Darkfall was created with player and clan warfare in mind. In designing the combat gameplay, the simulation of military tactical aspects of combat required technical and design innovations to be implemented. In this article we'll look at some of the basics.

Aimed attacks
There's no target selection in Darkfall; all attacks are aimed. Leading the target in ranged attacks, firing flights of arrows toward an advancing formation, aiming your area of effect attacks for maximum efficiency or for a directional blast effect, give you more control on our attacks. Putting your targeting reticle on a player also provides identification.

Collision detection
How can you make a stand when your enemies can just run through you?

Characters in Darkfall collide with, rather than passing through each other. Collision detection makes formations possible and necessary in group combat. You can block entrances and exits, use chokepoints, and protect your healers and ranged fighters effectively. You can actually surround your enemies, perform battle maneuvers, deploy your forces based on your enemy numbers and formation, etc.

You can push players who are blocking you out of the way. You can crash into a formation with your mounts, which can also push. You can use pushing to help your friends reach otherwise unreachable places.

Manual defensive blocking
You can choose to block attacks manually. This has many tactical ramifications in both single-player and group combat. Formations can advance while blocking. This defensive tactic covers frontal attacks; attacks from behind in Darkfall do extra damage.  Click here to read the rest of what it's PvP tatical system offers! so much great content for us pvpers!

I think Darkfall online is going to be the best MMO for those whom likes open end pvp/city building system.

toddze writes:

The only tactic that will be involved in Darkfall is which guild can manage the most members. Darkfall is a Zerg guilds game. Your going to see these massive guilds owning everything. No thanks ill pass no real tactics there.

Thu Oct 30 2008 6:19PM Report
wartyn writes:

totally untrue toddze, because there is friendly fire and collision. A small clan can use choke points or formations to make sure they never face more than the amount of people they have.

Thu Oct 30 2008 7:20PM Report
lornj writes:

ill try it just because im pissed off at AoC.

Thu Oct 30 2008 7:25PM Report
megafluxmega writes:

yum speculation.

i remember beta testing a game that had collision on 50 people crowded into the entrance of the first dungeon and stood there like a-holes. eventually (after a day or so) gm's fixed it and turned collision off, i dont see collision as a really good thing. never mind a line of 50 people 2-3 rows thick blocking a choke point while mages just aoe

alot of people said they wished oblivion/morrowind was online, i think (dare i hope?) this game is our chance.

Thu Oct 30 2008 7:43PM Report
zymurgeist writes:

I want to see it before I decide. Forming an opinion based on conjecture is bad juju

Thu Oct 30 2008 9:18PM Report
Abrahmm writes:

Until the game actually releases, Darkfall doesn't have any of that stuff. I don't care if the devs say it does, Sieges in AoC anyone?

Thu Oct 30 2008 10:07PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 I will be impressed if the game ever sees the light of day. Anything beyond that would be a miracle in itself. 

Thu Oct 30 2008 10:15PM Report
ohsofresh42 writes:

If the game even releases and is in a playable state I would call that a success. It'll be very niche if anything but it's still vaporware until it actually hits store shelves. Too much deception to get hyped over it.

Fri Oct 31 2008 12:44AM Report
Camthylion writes:

Open beta starts in a week right after open beta testing the game wil launch... they said the game is finished right now they are polishing the features and stuff and prepare a late dec early jan US launch.

Fri Oct 31 2008 1:39AM Report
Batak_Killer writes:

You mean EU launch... the game has no marketing what so ever in the US..

Fri Oct 31 2008 3:30AM Report
Abrahmm writes:

Open beta has been scheduled to start in a week for the last 2 months. And there is no way they can successfully and thoroughly beta test an MMO in a month and a half, not to mention they haven't even registered an official name for the game in the states.

Fri Oct 31 2008 9:05AM Report
Arcken writes:

Pray! Pray to the Holy Tasos at the church of Darkfall. The non believers will burn! The end is nigh!

Fri Oct 31 2008 9:47AM Report
Evasia writes:

Darkfall is comming end of december then we all know:)

Fri Oct 31 2008 8:10PM Report
holycannoli writes:

As awesome as this all sounds, lag will ruin it. A game like this has to have zero lag.

Fri Oct 31 2008 10:43PM Report
Camthylion writes:

warhammer has no lag and im sure its population is 2x the amount of darkfalls when it releases i dont think lag will be a issue unless you have a crapy computer most newer mmo games have worked out the lag issues pretty well imo.

Fri Oct 31 2008 11:26PM Report
jmd10222 writes:


Sat Nov 01 2008 12:34AM Report
rounner writes:

Mention of collision detection and pushing keeps reminding me of that AoC video around release of the mounted guy on the bridge.

Sat Nov 01 2008 4:46AM Report
remusus03 writes:

eh guys  we are  forgetting soemthing... or i am not sure.. warhammer has  like 3500 peeps per server? true or false...but DFO will have 10,000 on a single server so we gotta put that into the pic ..not sure on the number if they have chnaged how can log into one server

Sat Nov 01 2008 5:26AM Report writes:
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