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Thoughts on the MMO community

MMORPG is a growing site along with the MMO community both have come along way. Hopefuly our posts on here won't be in vein for the few whom want to reach out too the developers and players.

Author: Camthylion

pls developers no more FORCED QUESTING! for levels.

Posted by Camthylion Monday October 27 2008 at 2:41PM
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FIrst off I don't have a problem with quests but when i'm forced into questing for levels in MMOs it becomes tiresome especially when you have been strongly involved with MMO games & community for almost 10 years now.  I would rather have the choice too grind for exp or quest which ever I decide.  After maxing out characters on numerous MMO questing becomes a 2nd job and very boring, it has brought me too the point, I can't play MMO untill questing/leveling system is revamped to where I'am not forced into questing just for levels.

I would rather have it this way - Questing is a option too gain exp & get a rare/uncommon item.  Grinding is a way to gain basicly the same exp as Questing & have the option to pick up uncommon items.  I see alot of newer MMO that plan too release are still enforcing questing to level.  Sorry too those whom are enforcing questing for level because I won't be buying your MMO, it's time for a change the community deserves it!  I don't hate questing im just tire of being forced into them for decent exp... I understand having a couple side quests here and there, and have one main story quest but not too be forced into them by means they are the only way too gain good exp gains.


Player_420 writes:


everything you are complaining about has been realized.

Mon Oct 27 2008 2:50PM Report
Deewe writes:

I don't like how your blog been burried without even daring saying why.

So here's my bump.

Player_420 is quite right, in WAR you can level with quests, player quests (not really quests though) scenarios and RVR.

Also I agree with you. Quests are nice but they should not be mandatory. It is where level systems comes into play (check my blog). Even we could have a level based game without mandatory questing.

Mon Oct 27 2008 2:57PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Im with ya bro. I believe there should be several viable methods to level a character and not just the same old shit being stuffed down our throats.

Expect to be raped by retardo " PvE is everything morons ", who expect every game to be a linear jaunt into a shit AI nightmare...

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:15PM Report
pixeldogmeat writes:

so basically you're saying you don't care about the lore in a game and would rather not read whatever story the designers have come up with? This is the point of questing, and although the story is lame in most games, thats what its there for. What good is a game without a story, might as well just play a FPS at that point. It's a rpg, remember that.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:24PM Report
Koddo writes:

My only problem with your blog (though I don't much care for anything you've said really(I just think it's funny cause a little over 5 years ago it was "stop forcing us to grind on mobs!!!" and now it's quests instead)) is that the word "too" means "also" or "excessive", the word you are looking for is "to".

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:26PM Report
Camthylion writes:

pixel - Shadowbane has lore and great lore at that and there is no quests at all in the game but people still roll play and read the lore!  what does quests have to do with learning the lore of a game?  You read the lore then you act out the lore your self it's called role playing. I don't care about the quests I like to role play and join a guild and bring the game to life through guild mates and friends.  Quest is just boring not everyone likes to quest to play a MMO.

Koddo - I donno were you have been but EQ has a questing system and that was 9 years ago??? do you not keep up with MMO or are you just a mindless forum troll? sry if im blunt but pls don't post such ignorant posts when you are talking from ur backside.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:37PM Report
Camthylion writes:

DAOC also had a questing system almost 8 years ago on its release...

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:39PM Report
skai writes:

 If you had played EQ, you would know how little quests mattered in it.  Ignorance indeed.  Beside, I have yet to see a game with quests where you couldn't simply grind mobs for the same results.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:43PM Report
t0nyd writes:

I guess people forget that you can make your own quests. Usually my quest is to kill what ever faction it is that I oppose. I mainly play these games for the PvP side of it.

Personally, i want to kill players for exp and gear. This is my style of play. I dont see why this can not be a viable option. If you want to quest for exp, im fine with that.

Usually the problem lies with all the haters out there. They want you to have to play the game their way. They want you to have to do exactly what they have to do. Any other style of play will be considered free exp and free equipment.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:43PM Report
Raston writes:

the real issue is some games have taken it to an extreme.  There should be choice and not be mandated one way or another.

Take EQ2, prior to Kunark, you had options.  You could grind and you could quest, in fact a little of both was really a good option, but with Kunark, it is nothing but a quest grind, a really boring quest grind that must be done in some semblence of order or you screw your faction up and thus make it more difficult on your ability to advance into the next set of quests/faction grinding.

In short, too many games are taking the choice away.  As for WAR, I don't plan on ever playing another PvP oriented game again.  I've had my fill of Epeens and gankers to fill my lifetime up.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:43PM Report
t0nyd writes:

@ Raston

 How the fuck can you get ganked in Warhammer. Its not like you can PvE in the RvR lakes. SO if you enter an RvR lake you do so with the reason to RvR.

Mon Oct 27 2008 3:46PM Report
Camthylion writes:

Alot of people got the wrong picture I don't mind quests but I don't like being forced into questing as the only means to level in days mainstream MMO... Warhammer is almost the perfect mmo but needs a few balanced issues worked out...  I guess im majorly awaiting darkfall online it seems to be the turning point for me an a game that set the tone for my game play style.

I just don't like to be forced into questing as the main option for lvling/gear  I wish there were other means something new and something different.

Mon Oct 27 2008 4:14PM Report
Death1942 writes:

who says you need to quest to experiance a story?  i can think of so many games that convey stories via other methods. 

speaking to NPC's (when you go to sell off some gear you overhear about the dragon attack on a border town,  you decide to go investigate, sure enough there is a dragon) or even designated areas (like a market or meeting hall) where the current events are discussed.  if they were really slack maybe you could just speak to a guard and find out all the rumours and events that are happening right now


the point is you dont need quests to convey a story, all you need is a little creativity

Mon Oct 27 2008 4:21PM Report
Povey151 writes:

Asheron's call had almost no quests for xp, or very few. There was a phenomenal amount of lore and story to the game... you just had to look instead of it being force-fed to you. I think it made a much greater immersion factor.

Mon Oct 27 2008 5:22PM Report
Koddo writes:

Talking from my backside? Obviously you haven't been keeping up with mmorpg trends. As skai said, quests in eq didn't matter much at all. And most of all the mmorpg's around at the time had little to no questing, the primary means of leveling was to kill things for hours on end. And by your post I can call you ignorant as well (if you want to play that game), EVERY game out right now, you can kill mobs to gain experience, the only reason you believe you are being forced to quest is because you believe it's easier to quest than to grind, but you fail to realize the time to gain aspect. If i quest, and it takes me 5-10 minutes to get to where i need to be for the quest, another 5-10 minutes to finish the objective (which many quests nowadays have multiple objectives) and 5-10 minutes to get back to turn it in, and you grind for the same amount of time, your experience gain is the same, or very near it. so, how's it feel to be a hypocritical jerk and talk from your ignorant backside?

Mon Oct 27 2008 5:53PM Report
Raston writes:


Just about any PvP oriented game has gankers, griefers and/or epeens, things that in my getting elder years I've no desire to deal with.  If WAR doesn't have these, then my appologies, but I dare not believe it.  IMO, any game that is based around giving xp for PVP kills, is asking for that mentality.

And before you ask, yes I've played PVP games before, I've played Shadowbane, AoC and Lineage 2.  I've had my fill of such issues and choose to not expose myself to them any longer.

Mon Oct 27 2008 7:12PM Report
maimeekrai writes:

WHO does have PVE in RvR zones. Warcamps are full of NPC's handing out quests that send you into the RvR zone.

Whether you get "ganked" when you go in the RvR areas is a matter of opinion. You are flagged and you can be killed. If you don't want to die to another player, stay out of the RvR areas.

It is pretty exciting though and I do feel a little sorry for the solo Chosen that came into a "hot" RvR zone and was set upon by 5 of us while he was trying to pick up a loot chest for his quest.


Mon Oct 27 2008 7:20PM Report
EndDream writes:

solution?! no levels!

Mon Oct 27 2008 7:41PM Report
Camthylion writes:

Koddo I know how too play MMOs and I know what they are about it has always been if you do quests you get more EXP and ya EQ1 has quests a ton of quests i played it in 99-01 I know what it had... sure you could grind because half the dumb asses didnt know how to quest because it was new but that was 9 years ago... like I said ive been doing quests for ALMOST 10 so I know what the hell im talking about... I have WAR, LOTRO, VANGAURD, WOW, EQ1 AND EQ2 I have DAOC, SHADOWBANE, SWG, AOC, AO, TSO, TMO, UO all of these games I have had either max characters or just a few level from max not just one character but many.  I have also played all the games on MMORPG that have been released but a few and most of them I made it half way or a little more through the game.... frankly im sick of fucking questing.... I got sick of it in WoW when I made my 3rd character or maybe in DAOC or Vangaurd when I was on my 3-4th character.  Just because your panzy ass likes to quest doesnt mean the rest of us do! but its probably cuz u have 1 MMO experence or just a few random ones with characters under the level of 10 doesnt mean everyone else wants to quest.  Your not the MMO community there are others out there jack ass and some of us are sick of questing to get great exp and items.

Mon Oct 27 2008 7:45PM Report
Camthylion writes:

Warhammer has a decent setup where you can get decent exp from killing people but still if you want the good exp and items you must quest... so far I have a lvl 25 eng on there but im kinda bored with the game because it's the same from lvl 1-25... warhammer and wow are probably the only 2 games on the market thats rly worth anyones time. as for me im bored of both because ive been doing there type of game play for far to long to get any enjoyment out of it at this point.

Mon Oct 27 2008 7:50PM Report
toddze writes:

So let me get this straight, you want to play an MMO but you want to play solo?????? Your in the wrong genre pal. You should try Fable II MMO's are not for you.

IMO you should have to group up to grind the best exp if you take questing out like FFXI was.

Mon Oct 27 2008 10:28PM Report
Camthylion writes:

EndDream I agree... thats why I am waiting for Mortal Online and Darkfall online it will be so nice not too mess with any quests other then for just gear.

Mon Oct 27 2008 10:51PM Report
Koddo writes:

You know, if your ego gets bruised so easily by someone making a general statement that wasn't directed at you (i neither agreed or disagreed to your inept blog), that you have to instantly resort to flaming because someone MAY have a different opinion, maybe you should either a) seek psychiatric help or b) get off the internet.

Most of all games that are out or have been out, the best items you can get are super rare drops from - Guess what? - mobs! Usually the higher than the highest level ones that take 20+ people to kill.

I'm not going to spout off my mmorpg experience, as you will just dismiss it anyway, because that's your psyche ("anyone who doesn't agree with me is absolutely wrong and not worth listening to")

You obviously don't know jack about game systems for your so called 10 years of mmo gaming. Just because numbers are bigger, doesn't mean the other alternatives aren't viable. Your "pansy ass" just wants to kill a few mobs and be at max level. As toddze said, move on to single player rpgs, kthnxbai.

Tue Oct 28 2008 1:12AM Report
Camthylion writes:

Tell that too your self don't rant on someone elses ideas because you dont agree with them we dont have to quest to lvl but if you wanna gain gear and quick lvls its a must I just wish they would take leveling out of the game period and I think thats what darkfall and mortal online are doing and I, just waiting for those games hopefuly more companies will do the same with there future MMOs cuz not everyone likes too quest 24-7 to gain good exp

Tue Oct 28 2008 2:06AM Report
tgd2000 writes:

Why does the talk always have to be between neither/nor and not either/or. What is wrong with soloing in MMOs? Remember, many players are there to chat and have fun, not constantly chasing some group around, while others love the group activity. Do both in the MMOs.

For solo players it should just take longer time to reach the top levels. Look at EVE for example. Using time as a "level" (I know) calculator. Why not combine this into the MMOs - Use the best of all the worlds.

Tue Oct 28 2008 2:07AM Report
BarakIII writes:

I actually like questing, thank you. Different people have different desires in a game. I like questing, you don't. It's up to us to find the games that have what we want in it.

Tue Oct 28 2008 5:26AM Report
Thekandy writes:

I'm a  questing type of person and i understand that grinding might be fun, but only in a group otherwise it´s just "Hmm, do i feel like a mass murdering madman today, better go kill some dozens of mobs now".
I don't really see why people would rather mill about killing stuff without a goal other than levelling, but that´s just me.

PS. This is just my opinion, i understand and acknowledge that others might not agree, but please disagree in a civil way.

Tue Oct 28 2008 7:44AM Report
qombi writes:

I agree to this. I hate being forced to quest. I would rather quest be optional. Why is it more experience for questing than just killing monsters? Quest should be in place for some gear, weapons, etc. not experience points .. or not as much to make just killing obsolete.

This is the downfall of LOTRO for me I don't like to be forced to quest to level but this is basically the only way to level in LOTRO even worse than WoW.

Tue Oct 28 2008 8:19AM Report
qombi writes:

Oh why we are on the topic we are now forced to level solo. Having the option to solo is great but it should not be the most viable method to get xp or that gives little incentive to grouping.

Grouping should produce no xp penalties. You should get just as much xp from grouping as you would solo. This way people would  have an incentive to group, to kill faster.

Tue Oct 28 2008 8:23AM Report
zantax writes:

You know what bud, back in the day about 10 years ago AC had exactly what you wanted.  In order to level you had to grind mobs, unfortunatly you couldn't get exp off of PvP but still it goes along with what you want.  The game still is out there why not try it and don't forget WAR I think you will like that more.

Tue Oct 28 2008 5:14PM Report
Camthylion writes:

Ive tried Guild Wars and it really fits my play style the best atm... Im just waiting on the next generation MMO... so tried of these WoW rips.

Wed Oct 29 2008 1:28PM Report
Honkie writes:

Questing is such a turn off for me too.  I'm just tired of it, after so many MMOs I've just had enough, I don't want to do it anymore in any game.  Yet, not surprisingly, it's pretty much forced.  A pure grind advancement leaves a player seriously short on cash/AAs/items/whatever.  Options are a good thing, forcing players to follow a specific route is a bad thing.  Questing as a viable option is great, questing as the only viable option sucks.

I miss Shadowbane.

Mon Jun 01 2009 8:09PM Report writes:
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