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Luvinia World Blog

This blog will contain posts with updates and information on the MMO Luvinia World.

Author: Caitybee

Luvinia World: A Game Like No Other

Posted by Caitybee Wednesday January 6 2016 at 3:38PM
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I am here to promote a game that is in need of support from a loyal community of games interested in trying something new. I have partnered with game developers to spread the word of this game and in the hopes of gathering enough people to help support this game and push it towards the chance it deserves.

Luvinia World: A Game Like No Other

What does it offer?
- Lv 100 Cap
- A large variety of beautiful mounts in which you can upgrade at higher levels to become a valued asset
- Beautiful graphics, abundant with vibrant colors, luscious plants, and stunning character visuals
- Over 50+ mapped regions within the game to offer you an amazing storyline experience
- PvP enabled maps to help control World Bosses who give valuable drops to the strongest players
- Lv 80+ PvP regions to keep it competitive for prized bosses who spawn every few hours
- An exclusive item mall with one-of-a-kind mounts, outfits, and various items to help improve your game experience
- A controlled game economy to make simple items easy to obtain from NPC shops
- Gear enchantment system that goes up to +20 (Imagine a lv 99 weapon at +20 good god!)
- Inspiring and beautiful-flowing music to keep you entertained on your journey
- Bounties for every level range in the game
- Learn powerful skills at the lv 80 class change
- Class change at lv 40 and lv 80
- Zendo Hunting Altar (cook bait and hunt fierce beasts for amazing prizes, and a weekly champion with the chance of winning a very rare Zendo boss card for your gear)
- Lv 80 Enhancing using powerful elements to further cripple your foes
- 3 Production skills to choose from (see below)

These Classes Are:

Beginner (new character) - separated into one of 3 categories.

1. Mage (magic/dps)
2. Rogue (ranged/support)
3. Warrior (tanks/damage control)

Mage then splits into 2 other class types at lv 40 - Warlock and Priest
- Lv 80 class change splits into 2 more choices for each depending on what you chose at lv 40

Warlock > Wizard or Necromancer
Priest > Sage or Bishop

Rogue > Scout or Artist at lv 40
- Lv 80
Scout > Assassin or Ranger
Artist > Sword Dancer or Bard

Warrior > Fighter or Knight at lv 40
- Lv 80
Fighter > Swordsman or Berserker
Knight > Dark Knight or Paladin

Each class is good in their own respective way, it depends on the player and the gear/skills accompanying them.

Production Profession Skills (1 of 3):

1. Tailor - Makes inventory bags, and leather-based gear for Magic and Ranged/Support Classes
2. Blacksmith - Makes weapons, and gear for warrior-type classes
3. Alchemist - Makes potions, and other valuable stat-enhancing items-some of which can only be crafted by an Alchemist

Game Item Mall:

This list is only a brief glimpse at various kinds of items available for purchase. They require in-game cash to purchase them. You can reload your game cash as needed through the website.

1. Forest Goat
2. Tribal Unicorn
3. Undead Horse
4. Slipper Bunny
5. Nyan Lion

1. Pink Nurse Uniform
2. White Tuxedo
3. Constellation-Based Outfits (Pisces, Virgo, etc)

Game Items:
1. Planar Essence (Key item for crafting specific items, and making outfits/mounts permanent)
2. Enchanting Stones Grade E - A (E being the lowest)
3. Mount Level Upgrade Boxes

Recently Added:
1. Wings (wear them in-game as an added fashion statement AND an extra piece of gear with stats)
2. Apocalypse Gems - Protects gear to only lose 1 enchantment level if over +10 (otherwise it'll fall to +3) and provides an extra 5% boost to succeed

We have created a GoFundMe campaign to try and earn 500$USD to help open the server for 1 month minimum. The goal in the campaign is set to 2500$ to help support the game for 3 months. We need loyal, loving players who would be willing to support this game and get it funded so work can be done to fix old bugs and bring the game back as soon as possible. 

Yes, there will be a reward for everyone who donates - this has yet to be decided on but it'll most likely be free game cash as a deep thank you for the support. 

Please do not delete this thread if it's in the wrong forum, just move it to a place it'll be seen, this is urgent and we need all the support we can find. 

We have a GoFundMe campaign open right now for people to donate and support the efforts we are putting into this game. Any amount is appreciated!


Game Website >

Game Forum >

We would also greatly appreciate it if people spread the word, and if there is a developer who sees this and wishes to help us, we are more than happy to do business with you. Send a message either through this website in a PM or contact us directly here -

Thank you very much for taking the time to view this post. #SaveLuvinia

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