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Another crybaby whining about everything wrong in mmo's

Author: Caab

It's all vaporware

Posted by Caab Wednesday January 23 2008 at 2:43AM
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How many times can a game get pushed back before we are forced to give up on that game? If you can't make a deadline then don't lead on people by saying that you can. Everytime any mmo gets pushed back it makes me question the legitimacy of that mmo. It seems like the past year and the coming year are going to be filled with a sea of mmo failures. Whether it be the complete failure of the highly anticipated Vanguard or the slow and painful delays of Age of Conan, mmo's have consistently failed and are apparently planning on continueing to fail in the future.

Let's face it something is seriously wrong with Age of Conan. With the way companies release games way before they actually should be released so that they can have paying beta customers, there is no reason for the constant delays that we are forced to deal with in age of conan. This leads me to believe that AoC is having serious problems that aren't going to be fixed anytime soon. We can only hope that games like AoC and WAR have solid enough teams behind them that whatever problems they are having in development can be fixed and will eventually come to a point where a well polished beta can finally be released to the public.

Companies like P2 only help add to the massive pile of failed and failuring mmo's. Do companies without a solid mmo background and a solid well established ipo even stand a chance anymore? I have a hard time believing we will ever see another everquest. Without the hook into the mmo market it seems like it is impossible to succeed. Companies like Sigil only help reinforce how hard it is to make an mmo to compete in todays market without having a solid background. Sigil failed on all levels and made one of the most anticipated games of the year a complete debacle. While it is sad to see companies like Sigil and P2 fail, I can't really say that I expected anymore. Especially with the alleged story that came out recently regarding Vanguard, a completely unexperienced team cannot make a successful video game and absolutely would never complete a solid mmo. I was glad to see that P2 lost the Star trek license, maybe one day in the future a real company will have the oppurtunity to play with that IPO.

Even games like Hellgate: London and Tabula Rasa fail to advance or even spice up the mmo market. While both may end up seeing moderate success thats all they will ever achieve. Without having a major well known IPO behind the games it's nearly impossible to generate enough hype for the game. I find it amusing that the one game that doens't need massive advertising to help build it's client base is the only game I ever see on TV or in the general news, and that game is World of Warcraft. WoW isn't a mindblowing experience by any stretch of the imagination but yet somehow in manages to dominate the market by being easy to play, advertising and avoiding major technical issues. Being based around a major IPO greatly helps in WoW's success as well as being backed by a well known and very solid company in Blizzard. I find it hard to believe that out of all the mmo's that get released not even one of them has semi-successfully tried to clone WoW in order to pick up scraps of their success. It's fustrating but thats the way the mmo market goes.

I'm sure the GAXonline community is getting sick of repetative blogs about the future of mmo's and why we hate the mmo's out right now but, it is a problem and I don't see any games or companies coming in to save the mmo market anytime soon. Vapor titles like Star Trek Online, Gods and Heroes, Vanguard, Age of Conan and Warhammer only add to the neverending line of failures the consumer has to constantly put up with. It almost puts you into a position where you have no choice but to play WoW. The game with the least screw ups shouldn't be what the consumer is left with and forced to play.


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