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Audition Dance Battle

Enjoy the Dance Craze and so much more!

Author: EXHarmonix

That Moment

Posted by EXHarmonix Thursday June 20 2013 at 9:42AM
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Hello warriors, merchants and dancers of the online gaming community. Harmonix here popping out of nowhere after a very long vacation from the gaming world. I just dropped by to see what's up on my favorite online Community, Redbana Audition. Here's what I got:



A fresh line up for the Audition Council !

After reading some of the posts, I was made aware that most of the Agents have left due to their own personal reasons. Kind of sad to hear from an active Community but hey, things happen right? Anyways, their GMs are eyeing for potential members that may represent and help out the Community. If that's your thing, you may want to check it out and give it a try.



A new CM with a hot avatar !

I believe the name's Attha. I wonder if the new CM's a he or a she. The only thing I know about him/her is that he/she currently has 15 friends. Wanna be one? Click on the picture.



A new GM !

Can anyone guess his name? I've included a few clues above. Find the answer by clicking on them.




Of course, they'd have new monthly events, clothes and songs. They might have some new modes as well. If y'all got time, hook up with their Community and see for yourself. Click on the banana above to go where they're at. (and no, that's not their new logo. I just liked the smiley thing goin' on with that banana.)


Peace! See you when I see you!

The New Chapter

Posted by EXHarmonix Friday February 15 2013 at 12:36AM
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In real life or even in games, every meet up starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye. That's what's happening in all of the Communities out there. Change truly is inevitable. Can you still remember the feeling when you made your first post in the forums? How about the first friend you made in-game? The feeling of excitement when doing a quest that requires a party for the very first time?


My stay in Redbana Audition can be summed up in three words. It was awesome. The forumers were quite a bunch. Flamers, outlaws and even trolls. Name them, we got 'em. The ones inside the game were fantastic and downright pros. I couldn't even imagine how fast their fingers are.


I've learned a lot from them and I hope they were able to pick up a few things from me too. They may not know it, but they taught me how to match my clothes (honestly), introduced me to some good music that I didn't know of, tested and increased my patience and most of all, they have taught me how to have fun.


I know players may feel bad about sanctions, but they didn't know that it pains us twice as much to give those. I know most of the administrators who may be reading this have an idea of what I'm saying on this paragraph. Believe me when I say, we didn't want to but it's the least we can do for you guys.


I'm going to leave you guys with a simple message, "Change does not happen overnight".


So with everything said and done, I, Harmonix, the Community Manager of Redbana Audition, would like to say my farewell to the whole Community.


A Blast from a not-so-distant Past

Posted by EXHarmonix Wednesday January 30 2013 at 9:14PM
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I am taking you a step back in time to have a review on some of our events. Today, I’ll be featuring the first event hosted by our very own Community Agents. The event was called “Searching for the Snow Master” which was held last December 2012. This event showcased the power of our players’ individual skills and the spirit of team work. Whoever wins gets the spotlight. I have included some of the videos below.

Le Banner:



Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:



A special thanks to our Community Agents












Videos shot by our Community Videojockey, Hengbok!




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Special Feature: Audition's New Year Concert 2013

Posted by EXHarmonix Wednesday January 23 2013 at 1:10AM
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Hello everyone, CMHarmonix here rolling in for some special treats! Whoever told you that the New Year Season is over? Well, it's definitely not us here at Redbana Audition as one of our players orchestrated a gorgeous piece to celebrate it! Without further ado, Introducing.......................................
Banner made by Shoo
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I am glad to introduce you the Audition New Year Concert!
By the very famous Redbana Philharmonix Orchestra!
They will perform their own orchestral versions of a selection of joyful Audition songs.
Please find a seat and enjoy the free concert in Audition Town Hall!
I hope you'll enjoy and be in a happy mood for this new year.
To the Redbana staff members, keep being as much dedicated as you already were last year.
To the Audition community members, keep that forum as alive as you're doing now.
Big thanks to my 'beta' listeners Yo~ and CherBear, not only for their helpful comments but also for their great warm and friendly support!
Now the concert will begin, please turn off your phones and enjoy! ^^

I made extra drawings just for it! Some are funnier and you'll even see how to horse dance while playing the guitar... With style! :P



Feel free to subscribe and like his youtube video by clicking the linked image above!

Oh, and to know more about the masterpiece's creator, you can grab a ticket and find him here:


Hurry up before we run out of tickets!


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Rhythmholic: Pet Lovers Unite!

Posted by EXHarmonix Tuesday January 15 2013 at 12:22AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

What’s up! What’s up! This is Harmonix from Redbana Audition, signing in for another round of Audition’s game modes. This time, we are discussing a not so played game mode called Rhythmholic. Now this may not be as popular as the other modes but to be honest, it is equally hard as everything else. Here’s why.

The concept is very different from the arrow-hit-space-timing-score gameplay. On this mode, we greatly focus on rhythm. That’s right! Hit them as you hear them. How? Have a look below.

As you can see, there are no arrows shown. Instead, they are replaced by cats and dogs. As a side note, whoever thought that cats and dogs can make such a beautiful, harmonious blend? Beside them are the keys RIGHT and LEFT CTRL which will later on be used in playing the game. Unlike Normal Mode where the only thing that you will need to time is the scrolling blue ball, Rhythmholic emits its own thrill by making you listen and memorize all the barks and meows and pattern them with your CTRL taps as shown in the screenshot below.

Every correct CTRL tap equates to a WELL DONE mark and every missed tap will result to a disappointed cat/dog face. Your points will go up as you complete each cycle. Rhythmholic gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “raining cats and dogs” wouldn’t you agree?

Awkward as it seems, this mode will literally make you bark and meow while playing just to get a good grip of the rhythm. This about wraps it up for Rhythmholic! Harmonix here for Redbana Audition, off!


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Space Pang-tabulous!

Posted by EXHarmonix Monday January 7 2013 at 3:11AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Beats, beats and more beats coming from me, Harmonix of Redbana Audition! Alright, I’m leaving the topic about arrows and jumping off to a unique mode called Space Pang Pang. I know most of you guys thought that Redbana Audition is all about the eight different directions and timing, but guess what? It’s not. Aside from the typical finger-breaking arrow combinations, we also have a beat box type of gameplay. We have an example below of how the game mode Space Pang Pang looks like.
Colorful isn’t it? If you happen to try the mode out, you can see that it is quite catchy. You can actually hear the beat and stomp your feet to the rhythm. The only fingers you’ll need here is your right and left thumb for the Space Bar and Delete Key. To play it, just tap the Space Bar every time the notes hit the black circle at the left farthest part of the bar. Sounds easy? Yes, but that’s because you haven't seen the hard part yet. This is how it looks like.

Those keys are just from a song with slow bpm. On top of that, after getting a specific number of combos, you’ll eventually be prompted to press on Delete for additional points. Of course, additional points mean additional work. You may be wondering what that is and to tell you bluntly, you must get PERFECTS all throughout the game after pressing Delete or say goodbye to your additional points. That’s Space Pang Pang; Easy on the ears, but hard on the beats.

This ends my blog about Space Pang Pang. Hope you enjoyed this short and easy-going mode. Until next time, CM Harmonix from Redbana Audition, out!

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Is Freestyle your Style?

Posted by EXHarmonix Wednesday January 2 2013 at 1:38AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Hey everyone! Harmonix here, Redbana Audition’s Community Manager, reporting in! First of all, I would like to greet all of you a Happy New Year! Hooray! We have escaped the dread of 2012, or at least the prediction about it, and are still walking on the surface of the Earth. Let us take care of our planet and it will take care of us in return.

Enough introduction and on to the topic! Freestyle right off the bat! Okay, as the game mode’s name implies, it involves a free flow movement based on your initial input. As shown in the picture below, there will be a couple of blank rows at first.

Each row will then be highlighted after you have pressed an arrow/direction. As shown in the next picture.


After pressing an arrow, the empty slots will be filled with a set of arrows like that of Normal Mode. You may either go for any of the three sets. Once you have completed entering all the given keys, hit Spacebar and poof! There goes your score! It is also given that this mode’s difficulty increases as you hit and finish more and more levels.

Aside from the gameplay, this mode gives importance to ones individuality given that you can choose how your Avatar is going to move/dance. Be creative, move to the beat and create your own style. Freestyle Mode is the best for those aspiring choreographers!

This wraps it up for this week’s blog! Again, this is Harmonix from Redbana Audition wishing you a prosperous year ahead.

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Audition's Snow Show

Posted by EXHarmonix Friday December 28 2012 at 2:52AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Hello and what’s up everyone! My name is Harmonix, the Community Manager for Redbana Audition and I am here today to talk about our recent event called “Audition’s Snow Show”. Now, I know I’ve promised to talk about the different game modes but it would be boring and would appear like some sort of a lecture so every once in a while, I’ll be pitching in a few things like this in my blog. We all cool with that? Great!




This is the banner we used for the event. Cool isn’t? The objective of this event is to make a music video/animation together with any of our tracks and game features. The video should also revolve around the concept “Christmas in Audition”. The entries were highly anticipated, the competition was fierce and the prizes were tempting. A lot of entries were submitted but only three of them emerged victorious.


The Winners:

   First Place: Mush
   Second Place: Vichea
   Third Place: Ero
You may click on their pictures/avatars for their entries. Enjoy!

Alright everyone, this concludes Redbana Audition's weekly blog. Hope we can meet up again next week for more of Redbana Audition’s game modes! See you around!

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Audition Dance Battle: Normal Mode ( CC4 and CC8 )

Posted by EXHarmonix Thursday December 20 2012 at 1:49AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner

Hi guys! I shall now fulfill my promise. Introducing one of Redbana Audition’s game modes, Normal Mode! This is one of the most basic modes and probably where the gameplay of Audition came into being. 



              As you can see, it follows the steps that I have mentioned in my previous blog (Dance Lessons). That blog is highly applicable to the CC4 mode, however, in CC8, that’s where the variations come in. There are only 4 directions for CC4. On the other hand, at CC8, we have 8! Alright, that rhymed. Aside from the four general directions, we also have Upper Left (7-Numpad), Upper Right (9-Numpad), Lower Left (1-Numpad) and Lower Right (3-Numpad).  I prepared an example below for your reference:


That’s how CC8 looks like.

You must be wondering where the red arrows came from and what are you supposed to do when you see them. Worry no more because I will get into that right now. The red arrows just indicate that you need to press the opposite of the displayed key. So, if it shows a Red UP Arrow, you have to press its opposite which is DOWN or 2-Numpad. To activate this twist, you will have to press on Delete to get the C? icon as shown in the picture above and get these reversed keys. It is called Reverse Chance. It also gives you higher points when entered correctly.

Alright guys that’s it for this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more info on Redbana Audition’s game modes.


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Audition Dance Battle: Dance Lessons

Posted by EXHarmonix Friday December 14 2012 at 3:37AM
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Credits to tgfcoder for the banner.

Hi everyone, as promised, here’s my follow-up blog regarding Redbana Audition’s game modes. But before I go there, we must know the basics first and later on throw in a couple of variations. Alright so let’s start!




Step 1: Know your keys.

Since it is a key presser game, you have to know what to hit to get the buttons needed. Each direction has its own corresponding key. Up – Arrow Key (UP/8Numpad), Down - Arrow Key (DOWN/2Numpad), Left – Arrow Key (LEFT/4Numpad) and Right – Arrow Key (RIGHT/6Numpad). Of course, we are not going to the variations yet so I’ll be leaving this step as it is right now.




Step 2: Time that ball perfectly.

After pressing the required keys, you still have one task left and that is to look after this ball. See the part highlighted in blue? You have to let the ball glide through its shiniest part and hit SPACE BAR.




Step 3: The score.

Each complete cycle of Steps 1 and 2 will earn you a score and those scores will come in different tags. Namely, they are the ones above. The scores will range from highest to lowest, with Perfect, being the highest and Miss, being the lowest.

Okay everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little guide on how to play Audition. On my next blog, I promise, I’ll be running over the different game modes in Redbana Audition’s server, so please keep it tuned here. Again this is Harmonix, See ya ‘round!



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