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CABAL Online Publisher Blog

Official blog of the free-to-play game CABAL Online. In this blog we will give a behind the scenes look at what is being developed, as well as up to date news, information and promotions. Visit for more details on the game.


Illusion Castle: New User Interface and Party System

Posted by CABALEU Friday March 19 2010 at 11:10AM
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It's that time of the year again, as we move ever closer to the next eagerly-awaited update for Cabal Online. This update is shaping up to be a good one as well; where the previous update, Reloaded, refined and polished lower level content Illusion Castle is aimed at more established players, bringing a much-needed UI update, some new dungeons, weapons and other bits and pieces to improve the gameplay experience.

Part 2 of our Illusions Castle update blog  focuses on the new user interface and party system.

The New User Interface

The first, and by far the most obvious, part of the new update is the updated User Interface. As I said in the previous blog the new UI comes across as very slick, compared to the one currently in use.

Full page link -

I must admit that I like it, and I welcome the change to something a bit more modern. The character name at the top right was removed, and MP received a numerical counter similar to the HP bar. Premium, Nation Bonus and notification icons were shifted to the bottom left of the screen, fitting in rather unobtrusively, which is another aspect of this new UI that I like.

The new 'C' button on the right of the skillbar opens up a menu for everything you could possibly need ingame: Crafting, Inventory, Buddylist, Help, etc. The menu also lists the keyboard shortcuts for the various items on it, which is a decent touch.


You will also notice that the EXP and AEXP bars shifted right down to the bottom of the screen. This is not a big change, but it fits in with the overall new look. The little jukebox bar also got an upgrade:


The extra quickslots on the skillbar are very useful, and I have gotten used to having them there in a remarkably short time. You can access the skills either by mouseclick or by using Alt+number of whichever slot you want to use. Especially on a Force Blader the expanded UI is fantastic, and I am sure most FB will agree with me.

Full page link -


I saw a question somewhere on the CABAL Community forum about how auto-attack will handle the expanded bar, and it is pretty simple. Your main skillbar is still the start for the auto-attack feature. It will run through all the skills on the main bar, and if it reaches the end and there are no skills cooled down yet it will simply shift up to the first skill in the new expanded skillbar, and start to cast it. As soon as a skill on the main bar has cooled down again auto-attack will try to use it. I hope people do not try to overcomplicate the explanation again... It really is very simple.

You have to enable the expanded skillbar in the Options / Game menu. Once activated it will stay activated, like any other game option. You can also choose to lock/unlock the expanded bar, either by clicking directly on the UI (you will see where if you move your mouse over the correct area) or simply enable lock/unlock through the Options / Game menu. Having it locked simply means you cannot remove skills from the bar by accidentally clicking on them.


The New Party System

Let's move on the new Party System. This is going to be really big news, I think. The single most important part is that you can now rejoin a dungeon if you got disconnected and you have a party member still inside the dungeon. And to make this even better you do not need a new entry item either. If you have entered it once, and your party member is still inside, you can re-enter again without an entry. This is a long overdue update, in my opinion.

The more minor parts of this is that you can now party anyone with the /party command. They do not have to be close to you, and they do not even have to be on the same map. There are some limitations, of course, such as the fact that you cannot join a party that is already inside a dungeon, and you cannot party members of the opposite nation in TG. If you relog to another channel you will automatically rejoin the party as well, and you will be able to see the other people in the party listed like this if they are on another channel:


As always, ask questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them. Questions about the new dungeon I will answer with a later update to the blog.

Have a good weekend all!

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Tue Dec 14 2010 7:04PM Report
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