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CABAL Online Publisher Blog

Official blog of the free-to-play game CABAL Online. In this blog we will give a behind the scenes look at what is being developed, as well as up to date news, information and promotions. Visit for more details on the game.


CABALOnline announces start of Spring Festival

Posted by CABALEU Thursday April 21 2011 at 9:07AM
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CABAL Online, the fast-paced free-to-play MMORPG published by, today announced the opening of its yearly Spring Festival. Running from April 20th to May 11th, the three week long party – celebrating the start of the Spring season - features a whole host of fun and exciting events, with plenty of mouth-watering prizes just waiting to be won!
The CABAL Online Community is invited to take part in the celebration, with new players welcomed and encouraged to join the fun! Events include:
  • Great Easter Hunt – Search the lands for Easter Candy and Eggs and win fantastic prizes!
  • XP Weekend – Start or continue your adventure in Nevareth with the help of an XP boost. Over the Easter weekend (22nd – 25th April) receive 50% EXTRA EXP and 50% EXTRA WEXP simply by playing the game!
  • Community Contests – Test your CABAL Online knowledge with the infamous CABAL Quiz! Alternatively put your drawing talents to the test with the CABAL Wallpaper challenge.
  • GM Interaction – Enjoy a game of Hide-and-Seek, or an exclusive audience with the CABAL Online GMs, as community events take place throughout the three week festival.
To take part simply register for free at . More information can be found at .

First look at Episode V

Posted by CABALEU Friday December 3 2010 at 11:07AM
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We are pleased to reveal that this December we will be releasing the latest free content expansion: Episode IV: Mercenaries. Hot on the heels of Episode IV, which saw an increase to the level cap and the opening of a new region in the game , Episode V will continue to add exciting new content for players of all levels to enjoy, including NPC mercenaries, a mailing system and a complete overhaul to the dungeons and drop rate systems.
For the first time ever the update will go live globally during the same month, with players in the United States and Europe enjoying the content before players in Korea. It highlights the global nature of the game, with the development team keen to deliver on the content most wanted by players worldwide.
So what's new in the update?
Mercenary System
The mercenary system will allow players to summon a helping hand, in the form of a NPC-controlled character, while inside the dungeons of the game. It opens up a brand new objective to achieve, with a whole variety of different mercenaries available to find and “recruit”.
While group play and team work will remain an essential part of the game, the introduction of mercenaries will assist in the creation of balanced parties to take on the most challenging encounters. As a fully functioning member of the group (and counted as one of the seven party members), mercenaries will have a number of benefits. This includes buffs and stat boosts for the entire party, while mercenaries will join in by attacking monsters that either damage, or are damaged by, their summoner.
On launch six different mercenaries will be available, based off the six classes of the game and will be obtainable on completion of a series of quests.  They will vary in strength with four different grades – normal, rare, epic and unique – with new and stronger mercenaries set for release in future updates.
Dungeon Leader boards
One of the central features of CABAL Online are the fast-paced, hugely chaotic, timed dungeons. From the solo DX dungeons – which require players to complete a quest within a very short time frame – to the large party dungeons which require quick thinking to complete before the clock runs out, getting the best possible time has long been an unrewarded aim.
This has finally been recognised within the game itself, with the introduction of a leader board system.  On entering each dungeon, a clear ranking will be displayed of those who have completed it in the fastest time. It will set a clear goal and challenge, with the aim no longer to simply complete the dungeon but to do so in the fastest possible time.
To support the new competitive dungeons a number of other features have been added. This includes:
  1. The ability to pause a dungeon, for those incidents where a player needs to a break.
  2. A dungeon chat channel, so groups competing against one another can discuss how they are progressing.
  3. A dungeon interface, showing all of the dungeons inside of the game with the requirements to enter.
Improved Drop Rates
Combining with the new competitive incentive to enter the games dungeons, the drop rate system has been overhauled to provide a much more rewarding experience. The majority of high level equipment will now drop as “bind on equip”, allowing a significantly higher drop rate of these items than in the past. This is an important, and no doubt a welcome, change for players of the game.
Ability to send mails (Mailing System)
A long requested feature has been the ability to use the games mailing system to send messages between players. This has now been made possible, with the option to send messages, gold and items to any player – whether online or offline – inside of the game.
Two pets to train (Dual Pets)
Expanding on the existing pet system, it will now be possible to equip two pets. Both of the pets will follow their owner and will level up to provide slots to be filled with stat boosts. CABAL has a huge range of pets to select from, ranging from flying parrots, to burrowing moles and ninja cats.
New Quests
A whole host of new challenging quests have been added to the game, including dungeon quests, starter quests and the quest to find the ‘Ring of Tyrant’. Continuing with the recent trend of adding difficult quests, with epic rewards, those who manage to obtain the Ring of Tyrant will equip one of the strongest rings to be found anywhere in the world of Nevareth.
Added Functionality
The gameplay has been made even smoother and more convenient with a whole host of improvements to the basic functionality. Notable improvements include:
  • Ability to switch channels in the game without the need to log out
  • Option of viewing another player’s equipment
  • Alarm which notifies a logging out player that there are still daily quests to do
  • Favourite function to quickly find certain items in the Auction house
CABAL Episode V will go live globally this December. This is only a partial summary of the major new features, with other changes, additions and bug fixes planned. For the latest news and information visit /

CABAL Expansion Trailer

Posted by CABALEU Monday September 13 2010 at 8:57AM
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With only a few weeks to go until the expansion goes live, we are pleased to release the latest official trailer showing a sneak preview of what's in store! 

Official Trailer:


The trailer shows the latest new map - Porta Inferno - a land full of danger and opportunity, as well as the six new transcender skills and the item effects of equipment upgraded to +15.

CABAL Online Episode IV will go live during September in both the US and Europe. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to post them in comment to this blog.

It's Coming! Episode IV to be released this September

Posted by CABALEU Monday September 6 2010 at 12:31PM
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This September the world of Nevareth is set to face one of its greatest tests to date, as we open the portal to the Gates of Hell. Part of Episode IV: Porta Inferno, the latest free expansion to be released in the United States and Europe later this month, the new map is the home to some of the deadliest and most vicious foes ever to grace the lands.
The expansion will feature a series of new challenges, with 10 new levels to earn, several brand new hunting regions to explore and six stunning new skills to master. It will continue to build on the games winning formula, with fast-action, spectacular skill animations and danger around every corner.
Notable features of the expansion include:
  • Increased level cap from 170 to 180.
  • New Maps – Porta Inferno and Chaos Arena Level 6.
  • New Quests for players of all levels.
  • Revamped item upgrading system – Ability to upgrade equipment to +15, giving the item improved stats and appearance.
  • Social Network Integration – Register and post tweets to a twitter account while inside the game.
  • Expanded War System – All players above level 51 will now be able to participate in the nation war battles.
We will continue to update this blog throughout the month with more detailed information. But in the mean time you can head over to the official game website ( for US users and for European users)  to see exclusive screenshots and the preview trailer.

Preview of Secrets of Radiant Hall

Posted by CABALEU Tuesday July 13 2010 at 7:18AM
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This Thursday will see the release of the latest free update, with the launch of Secrets of Radiant Hall. The large content update adds a whole host of new and exciting content to the game, including new dungeons, accessories and features such as the daily quest system.
In this blog we will outline the main new features. For more information, including details on how to register, make sure you visit the official website at .
  • NEW Solo Quest Dungeon – Catacomb Frost! Set in the icy region of Bloody Ice, this dungeon sets heroes the task of saving a lost and helpless girl that has managed to get herself trapped inside the tomb.  As with the other quest dungeons there are three levels of difficulty to select from, affecting the strength of the monsters and the quality of the drops. Will you manage to achieve the impossible and save the girl from almost certain peril?
  • NEW Raiding Dungeon – Radiant Hall! Continuing the storyline of the Illusion Castle dungeon (released with the previous update), Radiant Hall features 9 new boss monsters to defeat, countless quests to overcome and new loot to earn! Throughout the dungeon secrets will be unveiled, with those who manage to succeed leaving with fame and fortune.
  • NEW Daily Quest system! Receive up to six quests daily from the newly designated Daily Quest NPCs. Rewards include experience points, AXP (a higher level form of exp used for certain items), Guild Points and Dungeon entries.
  • REVAMP of the user interface! Following player feedback the interface has undergone a complete overhaul, designed to optimise and improve the user experience.
  • NEW Party Registration and search system! An easy to use matching tool that enables parties to find group members and for players to find groups!
  • NEW Key Binding Options and Chat Macros. Players will now be able to set their own short cut keys and create personalised chat macros.
  • NEW Faces & Hair Styles! Six new faces and hair styles, ranging from the festival goer to the more traditional, have been added providing even more variety and customisation.
The update will go live in Europe on July 15th and in the US on Tuesday 13th. For more information visit (European) or (US).

World Cup Fever Sweeps CABAL Online

Posted by CABALEU Friday June 11 2010 at 9:58AM
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Today the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament starts in South Africa. 32 countries will battle it out for the top prize in international football, with only one nation able to reign supreme in the final match on July 11th.

This month CABAL is joining in with the World Cup Fever, giving players the chance to get involved with new costumes, promotions and competitions.


Full Version can be viewed at .

CABAL Comic: Cabal Online Finds Solution To Private Servers

Posted by CABALEU Friday May 7 2010 at 8:51AM
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The latest edition of the monthly CABAL Comic.

For the full version visit .


Easter in Nevareth

Posted by CABALEU Friday April 2 2010 at 5:24AM
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Easter in CABAL is always an experience not to be missed, with this year no exception. This week the game saw the re-birth of the US version (, in a move that is sure to please CABAL fans across North America. And while in Europe we are perhaps celebrating the event in a slightly less literal way, this weekend there ae a whole host of events and contests planned.

Once again the annual Easter celebrations in Nevareth have been threatened by a very real danger to the safety of the lands. Plans to create a happy and joyous festival have been sabotaged by the forces of evil, as the Easter Eggs intended for the children were switched with a dangerous alternative...

Full version -

The "Killer Egg" events is one of several activities happening this weekend, with other events including:

  • Riddle me Quiz - Your chance to beat the CABAL riddler
  • A GM Hide'N'Seek - Deceipher the clues and locate the hidden GM
  • Lucky Easter egg contest
Whether you join us in Nevareth or not from all the team at we wish you a very Happy Easter.

Illusion Castle: The New Dungeons

Posted by CABALEU Friday March 26 2010 at 1:24PM
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With the update set to go live on Monday (29th March), this will be the last of the Illusion Castle blogs. And of course we have saved the best till last. Illusion Castle introduces two brand new dungeons to the game  and in this blog we will give you a sneak peak of what to expect. 

If you haven't already seen it, the official gameplay trailer (featuring the new dungeons) is now available. Hopefully the team will soon upload it to the video section of the site but in the meantime it can be viewed online at youtube (

Crazy Steamer

The new solo dungeon and the first real successor to the Panic Cave that went live in the previous update. Just like the Panic Cave, Steamer Crazy is also a timed dungeon run with three possible difficulty levels. Furthermore once again dying means the dungeon ends. You cannot use an odd circle to resurrect yourself , meaning the dungeon is a frantic, fast-paced experience that will force you to stay awake.


Full image:

The entrance to the dungeon is set halfway through the wastelands of Fort Ruina, in the area with the old trains and railways. Once inside you are transported to the back of a moving train, and it looks really cool to see the railway flashing past while you fight on the narrow train itself. I say this with every new dungeon, but the developers and designers get better with every update, and they keep on trying new things, such as a dungeon set on a moving train in this case.


Full image:

 Progress through the train is not quite as linear as it first appears to be, which I also enjoyed, and what is great about Crazy Steamer is that it has two chests with treasure, not just one. The drops also improve with the harder dungeons, even though the easy version can drop some rather rare pieces of equipment. Before anyone asks, yes, you will still receive character binding, and bind-on-equip, weapons and armour.

Overall the dungeon feels slower than the Panic Cave, and excludes the wild rush that characterises the older DX. It also appears to be a bit easier, although that is always hard to judge on the test server, and overall I enjoy this one more than the Panic Cave. I am curious to see how it will be received on Monday, but I am prepared to say I think most people will enjoy it quite a lot.


That circle animation means trouble -


A rather fiery encounter -


Illusion Castle Underworld
This is the big one. The first and most obvious part of this dungeon is the freeview camera, which has only been used for the Forbidden Island dungeon before. Unlike the Forbidden Island however, Illusion Castle is located underground, in a vast maze of caverns and walkways. It is also rather longer than most of the current dungeons, with a dungeon time of two hours. Once again you can see the developers trying new things, and I think it really works in this dungeon.

The dungeon is meant to feel like a cavern. Stalactites and stalagmites appear everywhere, and occasionally you come across places where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed, allowing light to intrude from the outside. Other areas have you moving across narrow walkways, or past deep chasms with strange lights shining in the depths.

Full image:

Full image:

The Illusion part of Illusion Castle is there for some very good reasons, and everything in there is not what it appears to be at first glance. There are one or two sections in particular that will prove an interesting challenge to get past.

There are also some hidden quests to discover, and extra bosses hiding in the deepest part of the cavern, if you can find them of course. You will also see a very interesting use of the new looting rules in action.

The dungeon ends with a very interesting promise, which makes for a fairly clear indication of what is to come in the future.

Promises of things to come? -

There is a title for completing this dungeon, and you become a ‘Distorted Soul Saviour’ when finishing Illusion Castle. The second rank of the title gives 1% resistance to all skill amp, and the third gives 2% - small bonuses as with almost every dungeon title.

As always feel free to ask questions in the comments section, and I will try my best to answer them.


Illusion Castle: New Items

Posted by CABALEU Wednesday March 24 2010 at 4:52PM
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It's that time of the year again, as we move ever closer to the next eagerly-awaited update for Cabal Online. This update is shaping up to be a good one as well; where the previous update, Reloaded, refined and polished lower level content Illusion Castle brings a much-needed UI update, some new dungeons, weapons and other bits and pieces to improve the gameplay experience.

This is the third blog on the update (with previous blog articles covering the new user interface and party system) and will cover the new items and equipment.

New Weapons

The new Lycanus weapons are unique to the Illusion Castle dungeon, as they will only drop from the boss chest there. They do not drop with every run, but they are not that terribly rare either. They are character-binding when you pick them up, but to compensate for this there is a link in the normal chat that appears whenever one of these do drop, so that everyone can see which attributes it has before deciding on who gets it.

Lycanus weapons come with 3 random craft options, with the possibility of being slotted as well. The craft options are randomly chosen from the following list:

* All Skill Amp up
* Critical Rate up
* Critical Damage up
* Add Damage increase
* All attack increase

This means they will be for both sword and magic classes at the same time, as should be obvious from the following image of some of the Lycanus:

Full Image:

The exact amount of each craft can vary, as you can see from the Add Damage going from 5 to 15. These weapons also upgrade like Mithril, needing Highest Cores, and their stats increase in the same way, for example a +1 Blade will have 6 more attack than a +0 one. So with a bit of luck on the crafting options you could find yourself with a very decent weapon indeed.

True to form the developers are improving the appearance of newer gear, each time producing something even better looking than the last. The Lycanus weapons have to be some of my favourite items ingame up to date, especially the bow and shield. We will be releasing some official marketing screenshots at a later date, but I felt that I had to include some screens with this blog entry, so I took some of the summoned weapons, and the Wizards' staff. Enjoy!


New Belts

The belt slot finally has a use, and even though none of the current belts offer any game-breaking advantage they are good to have. Each belt comes in a version from +0 to +4, so five of each kind of belt, and they offer you the following:

Belt of Rapid: Increase the Dex stat (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5)
Belt of Guard: Increase your Defence (+2, +3, +4, +5, +6)
Belt of Vital: Increase your HP (+20, +30, +40, +50, +60)
Belt of Damp: All Skill Amp resist (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%)
Belt of Prevent: Resist Critical Damage (2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%)

I am sure the higher level Damp and Prevent belts will become quite popular.

New Ring

The one you have all been waiting for, and the one item that I have the least information on. EST have told us that the new ring, with stats that can make any player drool,  is going to be character bound, from a quest that each character can do only once. I heard a rumour that it is going to be a duration item - that is not true at all, the ring will be permanent. However, gaining this item might not be that easy... Or to put it this way, do you really think you will be able to get the best ring in the game for a couple of clicks through a NPC quest dialogue and a quick 20 minute dungeon run?

Well, that is it for this update. As always feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I will do my best to answer either in the comments, or with a later update.