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Another Perspective

Hello, I'm Coma, I've interned in the industry, and recieved a degree to make games. 15 years of MMO experience in the pocket has given me another perspective. One that will usually make you hate me for it. That's the goal.

Author: C0MA

Diablo 3: RMT is the future, I support this.

Posted by C0MA Tuesday August 9 2011 at 6:48PM
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I find myself playing devils advocate in this blog, yet I firmly stand by my decision to do so. The reason being is anytime something changes regardless to how minor or major it could be there tends to be an uproar within the online gamer communities. Definitely one of the more vocal congregations of people in existence when something irks them. Yet sometimes these uproars are misguided and misconstrued allowing someone to feel a negative emotion about a subject because they have a negative perspective on it due to the voices within the uproar. Well I'll try to step in and hopefully calm the masses while providing another point of view to look at that can display things in a more positive light.




This system is just another way companies try to make money off you!

This is definitely one of the more confusing observations on the matter, It is true, they will make a set percentage off each transaction but ... this is not about them, this is about you as a player selling your items you farm for the cash of others. They could of easily just opened up a cash shop with all of the top tier items being available for purchase and then you'd have a valid argument.

This system provides a pay to win atmosphere!

Sure does, as much as any Collectors Edition that sold you various items to help boost your game experience. See the misconception is people can buy with their own money gear that puts them above other players. In a lot of ways that is true but allow me to argue, if they were that motivated to spend money in order to win wouldn't they simply buy gold from a gold farmer and buy the gear off the auction hall anyway?

Why should I not hate this?

Well in my opinion, I have many, there are several reasons to accept and even promote this system.

1. If more games implemented this type of system they'd then have to stop making so many items Bind on Pickup, How often do you see gear go to waste and you know friends could of used it, if only they were there. The more this system gets used the more diverse array of items would be required to be available to sale if a company wanted to earn any substantial revenue off the percentage.

2. Rare drops are rare, the average age of the gamer is 37 years old, you can then assume the average gamer is employed and may not be able to grind instances, dungeons or bosses for 6 hours a day or 7 days a week. This always placed the employed at the disadvantage to the unemployed and for years people would display some frustration with this. Well if you're online a lot you'd be less likely to use your money on things you rationalize yourself having the time to farm. Whereas if you were working 40 + hours a week, a family and kids to tend to you'd be more likely to utilize this system to purchase things they will further your online experience when you do play. In many ways this is a balance factor.

3. By implementing RMT and allowing this system to prosper it turns playing games into a business, You as a gamer will be able to enjoy the game of your choice, in this case Diablo 3 and still make some profit off gear you get to drop. The way it stands currently in the MMO Black Market the only game with a acceptable value is World of Warcraft. You can spend a year on other games and the accounts wont sell for 50.00$ USD and that's basically turning your time and effort into a legitimate waste of time. Your year has a net value of 50 bucks, and that's definitely not something you should be satisfied with.

We all work hard on the development of our characters and progression of our accounts and to have such a dwindling black market value is a little embarrassing as most things in under ground trade are noted to have inflated prices. When RMT becomes main stream, your character will inherit a higher value by being geared enough to run instances or farm drops that then also have a value. Ultima Online properties were sold for hundreds and even thousands. Now that's value worthy of your time and dedication and something we may experience again.

4. One thing I always disliked was when items on an auction hall had incredibly inflated prices, by adding RMT people will offer items for a more serious price out of the prospect of making money. If I had to decide between 100 platinum in a game like Rift or 3 dollars and 50 cents ... the decision is easy. Even those making minimum wage earn between 8-11 dollars an hour... and you definitely spend longer than a hour farming 100 platinum so the choice becomes very very easy. RMT will cure the ailments of a standard auction hall as when it comes to cash in your pocket, you take a much more serious approach.


Furthermore... I'm really surprised at the uproar over this matter as to me, all I see are the game developers putting more power in the hands of the consumer. For 40 years games have been all about companies making money and in many cases complete greed, false advertising, and other cases of fraudulent sales pitches (Mortal Online) . For the first time I see a game development company saying hey, do you want to spend a lot of time in our product, and would you like to be rewarded for it? Well here ya go, go make them Benjamins! and I for one am all for it. To me the positives are exceed the negatives and as more games adopt this system I'll never feel like I need to put life aside for a weekend while I farm gear, I can spend more time having fun at the expense of pocket change.

A lot of people seem to forget that Diablo 2 still, to this day has third party sites selling goods for cash, prices upwards of 150 dollars for purples. Gold Sellers exist in most if not all MMO titles with any amount of relative popularity. Accounts are getting hacked because people are silly enough to even investigate to idea of purchasing said goods from a third party site due to it not being available any other way. Sure they may deserve it for breaking the ToS (Terms of Service) but... innocent until proven guilty and no one will ever admit that's how it happened . RMT eliminates gold sellers and regardless to anything else, is that not enough of a reason to hold your fist up and support this movement?

allow me to reiterate

RMT eliminates gold sellers and regardless to anything else, is that not enough of a reason to hold your fist up and support this movement?