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Arcade Decadence

Home of quality gaming and resting place for an old fart who grew up while game concept was golden and FPS was Fast Pissing Syndrome.

Author: Bysta

[EvE] n00bs In Space Episode 00 - Prologue

Posted by Bysta Sunday December 23 2007 at 3:49PM
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n00bs In Space

I remember when I was 14, how engulfing were the 880kb of Amiga's port of ELiTE. Yes the megamighty Elite, which spawned many games with similar space galore theme in 15 years. Privateer, Starlancer, Freelancer, Homeworld, Dark Star One, whatever was the name, we all knew the style they brought. Space sims and space RTS. :D
You remember Trade Wars on Buletin Board Systems? Good. EVE-Online makers remebered it too.

I was sucked into The World Of Warcraft for the first 6 months of its release. I waited for it for so long and even knew what I wanted to play when it finaly comes out from the Blizzard cook-house. I wanted to be the big refrigerator on the fiery horse. Yes, you guessed it right! I was Ork Warlock :D.


So I played WoW. Went questing, instance dwelling, city raiding, PvP clashing.....And I finaly realised something which was partialy clear to me, but the article in a mag i forgot name, put the exclamation mark at the end of my out-of-the-boiled-brain fact. WOW was nothing more, and IS nothing more than highly polished, full mega-fry-your-video-card 3d version of Diablo. Nothing more, nothing less...
But, I was a lucky one to have very nice group of people playing with me. We also met some nice friends around the globe. Some of them even came to visit us in Belgrade, Serbia. So, sort to speak - it wasnt a waste of time. And also World Of Warcraft comes as a version of My Space social network when you look it from that angle. Most of the time inhabited by geeks, leet peeps, and Counter-Strike players cross-dressed on weekends in battlegrounds - But hey, I said I was lucky.

In that time I was introduced to EVE-Online. My friend got a test account so I went to yet another MMORPG - but in space. The big word about it was that the world constantly changed and that it was possible to influence it in a way that is more than changing the gear you are wearing and the color of your hair.

As someone said on gaming forums in Belgrade - What is this big black Windows Commander clone, dressed up like a game. But in the deeper layer I saw the beauty of Homeworld's universe an spacescapes. My friend logged in. He flied a little, he mined the asteroid a little, he docked to the station (nowhere nearly spectacular to when you dock in Elite for the first time). The game didnt hooked me. Like some others did. But it didnt left me uninterested. Part of it was because I am a big "universe" lover and like to read about it. Other part was that Blizzard firmly holded me in the claws of WoW. I was around level 50 and had yet to expirience some nice game features.

EVE waited patiently for her chance to hook me again. Occasional newsletters from the developer, pinned me from time to time, to read about the game improvements and story that was evolving.

In the meantime I stoped playing WoW. I must admit, I stoped playing everything. I mean everything. Occasional excursions into Civilisation III and IV, and into universe of MAME doesn't count.

I started working full time, producing music, designing some stuff for websited, barmen. Found a decent girl that I'll marry and I still dont play.

Couple of weeks ago, like an itch in the brain, I got the feeling I need to play something, something not too much time consumming, yet leaving me with the feeling of fullfilness (maybe too heavy word). I needed to play something in space, to fly away for a while, from time to time.

EVE came to mind.....

I phoned my friend who showed me EVE. I forgot his birthday. He listened to my excuse. He knows me. He laughs, because he knows me. We are in the simillar state of mind about games in this moment. We agreed we'll give EVE a chance.

And thus no matter that I am 31 years old - these are The Chronicles of NOOBS IN SPACE. The diary of our virgin brains plunged into the space of the second best MMORPG out there, which firmly holds its position against highly polished Diablo clone - World Of Warcraft.

To be continued in Episode 01 - Ignition.


ppetty writes:

right on.  EVE is definitely better than WoW. 

you got it right that WoW is a highly polished Diablo clone . . . in some ways.  Diablo was a much better game though.  WoW just basically just brought it to the MMO landscape, went with Warcraft instead of Diablo, and made it 3d.  i would much rather be doing baal runs than playing WoW.

Mon Dec 24 2007 1:10AM Report
Almeyda writes:

nice article :)

Mon Dec 24 2007 2:35AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Good luck in EVE. Though the game does indeed give you the opportunity to change more then the gear you are wearing and the color of your hair..

Most of the time, you'll be in transit (traveling).... or mining... and waiting for your skills to level themselves.

It's much more of a "passive" game then WoW. True, you have the freedom to do plenty of cool and interesting things in EVE... but most of the time, you won't be doing anything.

Too each their own, obviously, but after playing WoW for a long time, I just don't find EVE engaging enough to hop into. Everything takes too long to get to. I got a full time job, friends, a social life, etc. so I like to be able to hop into a game, play for a few hours, then log off and feel like I did something...

... and I just can't find that in EVE. I "want" to, at least part of me really wants to love EVE, but I just can't get past the tedium/grind.

Mon Dec 24 2007 7:29AM Report
JB47394 writes:

If you like Elite, you can amuse yourself a bit by watching what's going on with an independent MMO that is directly-inspired by it.  It's called Infinity.

If you want to understand its positioning relative to Eve Online, you can read through the following forum post:

The gameplay discussions in the forums have left me cold, but the technology developed by the lead is quite impressive.  Here's a good starting point on YouTube to see what he's been doing:

Or on Google video:

It may be exactly the sort of game that you'd like to experience.

Mon Dec 24 2007 8:56AM Report
toxicmango writes:

EVE could have been a nice game but the developers play their own game and are corrupt.  They've been caught cheating and playing favorites before as well as rigging events.  More to the point, instead of being honest they tried to cover up and silence the whistleblowers.  There's no point playing a rigged game or supporting such a dishonest company.

Mon Dec 24 2007 11:07AM Report
TesterNGS writes:

EVE is far too open-ended FOR ME. I like to have goals set before me. In a game, the last thing I want to do is sit there and decide what to do...and it all eventually leads to PvP if you want to go high-end.

Mon Dec 24 2007 12:48PM Report
gujia writes:

Not denying..just curious..toxicmango mentioned the devs being corrupt and etc...what is the source?  Is there proof it is a rigged game?  News articles, multiple blogs with good fact checking?  I don't doubt that a lot of games have devs help out their friends, but what is the proof for this one. 

I recently just came back to Eve too, and like-wise have that shared history of elite, tradewars, etc... nice post, m8y.

Mon Dec 24 2007 2:43PM Report
DaX.9 writes:

Nicely said!

I naravno pozdrav od zemljaka!!!

Mon Dec 24 2007 4:17PM Report
mindw0rk writes: Welcome to EVE =) Mon Dec 24 2007 6:57PM Report writes:
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