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Robotech MMO

To give people information on the Robotech MMO

Author: BrioCyrain

A Fan-Based MMO

Posted by BrioCyrain Thursday November 13 2008 at 9:17AM
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Hi, I guess some people think if a franchise is not getting enough games and deserves an MMO...the fans do it themselves! A few fans of the Anime Franchise of ROBOTECH(which includes the original animes of SDF Macross, Southern Cross, and MOSPEADA and form the three into a original written western series-Also the latest original addition The Shadow Chronicles) have decided to form together as a game team with some being programmers and some being animators/modelers to create a Fan-Based MMO.

The project has going on for a couple of years now with every once and awhile progress is made due to RL jobs and lifes the makers have full-time. Not much is set-in-stone but there is a current FAQ and some alpha videos for people to see some early development of the project. Just don't expect too much from these guys.

The current FAQ

Early(Very Early) UI

Early Basic Mecha Transformation

XNA Port Video

Linux Port Video

Neosai writes:

Some questions.

1.  Did you guys get like a proper copy right thing to do make it?  Or was that not needed for some reason.  Since anyone can do transforming planes, it is not limited to Robotech's copy rights.

2.  From the FAQ, I see some good points, but also bad, however, it is your design, so I cannot say much about it since you might meant to design it that way for a good reason.

3.  I like Robotech or rather Macross too, so good luck on making it.

Fri Nov 14 2008 5:49AM Report
BrioCyrain writes:

To answer your questions as much as possible.

1. Harmony Gold hasn't expressed any legal action against this fan project, the project has been going on for years now.

2. I am not in-charge of the FAQ or one of the real developers, just a supporter of the project. If you some suggestions for the game design you can head over the the forums to express them there, I am sure someone will try to answer it more fully in the forums.

Fri Nov 14 2008 9:22AM Report
BrioCyrain writes:

3. Also the game is planning to take Place during the New Gen/MOSPEADA era of Robotech, but it's been said a variety of mecha from all generations(Macross, Southern Cross, and MOSPEADA) might be implemented.

Fri Nov 14 2008 9:24AM Report
NotArkard writes:

Damn, I was excited for a second. I thought this was going to be a MMO based strictly around fans. I was already planning on playing a ceiling fan specializing in melee combat.

Fri Nov 14 2008 11:21AM Report
Tails1 writes:

*and people get on me for liking star trek. This sounds like a good game.

Fri Nov 14 2008 2:20PM Report
BrioCyrain writes:

NotArkard: what exactly are you saying? I found your message very confusing on how it relates to the blog entry.

Tails1: From what I've seen the devs have been able to some cool things for only doing this project on the side. If you're really interested I suggest looking up the forums at

Fri Nov 14 2008 4:06PM Report writes:
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