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Next Generation of Online Gaming

I just can't stop playing online games. I'm not addicted. I don't even play 5 hours daily. It's just that my work isn't going so good that I don't have free time. Give me millions of dollars and I quit playing. Till then I will try to have fun in MMOs

Author: BrianMMO

My Warhammer Online Experience Part 4

Posted by BrianMMO Wednesday November 19 2008 at 7:45PM
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There I am. I’m lvl 12. Was it fun to get there? Not at all. The quests didn’t get better. The PvP would be better if the RvR was boosted more. If you want to PvP there is no alternative to scenarios. But why should I play Warhammer Online then? Battlegrounds in WoW and Random Arena in GW aren’t worse. I get ignored in Warhammer constantly. I wanted to give it a chance but the game needs a lot more than it has to offer at the moment. Games should be fun! Warhammer Online didn’t fail because it doesn’t have any features. This game offers a lot but it isn’t fun. Saying that the game will be fun later is a bad excuse. A good game should be able to entertain from the beginning. I have only 2 weeks left until my free days are over. I have no good feeling about it. The release of lich king (wow) decreased the population of Warhammer drastically. Warhammer is the proof that a “pay 2 play” game isn’t necessarily better than a “free 2 play” one.
What is the alternative? Well, a trial for 2 weeks of “Pirates of the burning sea”; testing how the release version of Atlanica Online looks like; Spellborn will come out soon and Darkfall is announced for December. There is not much I could say now but one thing:
It’s not over yet but I’m loosing faith in Warhammer Online.