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Bowbow's brainstorming sessions

I love to propose ideas, So this blog will be to post my ideas about CU, regarding any topics i can think of. I do tend to write long posts, so make yourself comfortable, and i hope my english will be good enough ! Thanks for reading !

Author: BowbowDAoC

What the hell is diagonal progression ?

Posted by BowbowDAoC Thursday May 9 2013 at 9:50PM
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I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and here is the result of that thinking.

First, i was totally happy to see that CU would mostly be horizontal progression, basically the best way to avoid many bad things in a full RvR game. But eventually, my mind was itching, until i realised that i was seeing something else for such a game...

Be happy everyone ! I made a short blog ! lol

Diagonal progression: the way to go for CU ?

I’ll quickly summarize what I consider horizontal and vertical progression so you understand my thoughts a bit more.

Vertical Progression: gaining HP at every level, unlock better weapons, armor, equipment, spells, bigger DPS. XP is very important.

Horizontal progression (as far as I can remember how MJ mentioned it) : You don’t really level, the more you use a skill, spell, weapon, the more efficient you become with it, stats raising with “heave usage” of it. No real need for XP.

Flaws of vertical progression: quickly create a gap between old and new players, witch kills the arrival of new players on long term.

Flaws of horizontal progression: more subtle... I’ll explain my thoughts the best I can; if you’re a “smart” player, or more strategic player, you might not use your i.e. sword as often as someone that have more of a “FPS” play style. So it might take longer for a strategic player to increase his skills since he don’t use them as much. Also, just using a slower weapon could make you progress slower too, since form what I understand, it’s the repetitive usage of your weapon, skill, spell that will make those increase, along with your stat… So a slower weapon means slower progression.

Now, what if we go with diagonal progression? In diagonal, you have XP, you gain in “levels”, but you don’t get bigger DPS, bigger armor, and better equipment. (The vertical progression part). When you level, you can unlock new abilities, or according to what I had in mind you get better attack bonuses for the same skills you have. Better to hit bonuses, bigger possible damage (not that bigger...Remember we got to keep a small gap between old and new players). You could get some low amount of points you could put in stats (very low, but some). Those points could be determined in a few possible ways.

-         According to what skills you used the most during the past level

-         Having some points in your main stats according to your class, and some points in all other stats

-         Even less points that you do what you want with it.

(Honestly I prefer the first two options than the third).

So in the end, you keep the gap between old and new very small (in fact, basically as small as CSE wants it to be, just by adjusting what is given at each level).

So doing this way, you’re relying on XP for progression, instead of “intense usage” of your skills / spells or even stats, making it more fair, but you are still keeping the gap between old and new players to reach a point where you break the game.

Comments?  Suggestions? Don’t be shy!