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Bowbow's brainstorming sessions

I love to propose ideas, So this blog will be to post my ideas about CU, regarding any topics i can think of. I do tend to write long posts, so make yourself comfortable, and i hope my english will be good enough ! Thanks for reading !

Author: BowbowDAoC

Resurrection in CU, thoughts and ideas

Posted by BowbowDAoC Friday May 3 2013 at 9:57PM
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Resurrection : A big issue in lots of mmos, and of course CU isnt an exception. Here i'm proposing ideas about it, some will be good, some not, some simple, some elaborates, and further down, some that will involve the BSC stuff that MJ already discussed a bit.

The more we'll know about CU, some ideas will disappear, some will have more significance. But the main goal is that i enjoy theorising, and share my thoughts with you.

Some ideas are not even stuff that i would like to see in CU, but to be totally fair, i'm trying to think of many options, whether i like them or not. This isnt my game after all :)


First of all, i'm all for rezzes, but it shouldnt be too easy, too often, and allow rezzed player to get back into the battle quickly. those of course are pretty obvious, and mostly everyone agree on that (at least i think)


But how can we deal with those issues ? This is what i want to talk about. I'll propose some ideas that i had regarding this, some will be bad ideas, some will involve some of the BSC ideas already mentionned by MJ, some will just be modified versions of existing rezzing etc. 


Cost of healing : Rezzing someone should cost a lot...a few people mentionned that it should be a % of your whole mana to rezz someone. i.e. 25%. So no matter how powerful the healer is, bringing someone back to life would always be costly to your overall mana ressource. it makes sense.


Time to cast : if its implemented without any other BSC ideas, a minimum of 5 seconds should be good, i'd even go up to 10 seconds without being interrupted. another thing that makes sense.


But i mostly want to discuss of the effects a rezz has on the person that is being rezzed, i think that most of the problems that comes with rezzing is regarding this aspect.


Simple non BSC ideas about that : a rez sickness, kinda like DAoC but different : a 5 minutes rez sickness. rez sickness would have those effect : you cannot receive any stat buffs for the duration of the rez sickness. your damage dealing is lowered, so are your resistance agaisnt elemental damage (i.e. you re basically stuck with only your racial bonuses and items bonuses for the duration of RS). The heals on you have reduced effectiveness. I thought of suggesting that you could not be affected by a group speed buff when rez sick, but depending on the situation, it would be pretty bad, you could most likely be left there to rot only because after you are rezzed, you would not be able to follow your group. 


So basically, what most of us dont want to see, is someone dying, being rezzed and be able to run back into the battle within seconds, or even after a few minutes, it removes a lot of the strategies needed to win a battle, it's counterimmersive, it removes any impact on death. and as MJ mentionned, Death should matter.


So now...


Lets think outside the box, and add those BSC ideas that MJ mentionned in the big picture....


The souls could play an important part in the rezzing... What if you die...healer targets you, cast a rez....5 to 10 seconds later the spell is over..your body is brought back near the caster. Now, should it mean that you re able to stand up again and walk away ? what if the rezz spell was in fact a spell that allows your soul to find its way back to your body ? ...




You die...healer targets you, cast a rez....5 to 10 seconds later, your body is brought back near the healer, the spell is over...Your soul starts coming back to its body from wherever it went after you died, and it would take 5 minutes for your soul to reconnect with your body, allowing you to finally stand up and walk away ? It would also add some some of surprise effect, as the ennemy would see dead bodies all around, without knowing wich one will raise again :)


Also this possibility : you die, but once a rez spell has been cast on you, you re-appear as your soul, in the Veil, and you have to find you way back to your body ? ( i see some "cheating" involved in this i.e, but still, brainstorming only :), Of course you soul would re appear at a reasonable distance of your body, and you would be shown in wich direction your body lies over the compass, you would have to travel to the exact position of your body, but in the Veil, and once you're there, your soul re-enter your body ( that idea is a bit far fetched, but still, BSC only )

This would also prevent dead players to actually observe the battle and even help his groupmates like we often see, giving information to the group, (he's dead, he shouldnt be able to).


Those ideas including the BSC stuff from MJ would remove any needs for any rez sickness, as no matter what happens, once the rezz is cast, it would take 5 minutes for you to be able to do something again.


(5 minutes is just serving as an example, it could be 10, 15 minutes, that time depending on many factors like size of maps, length of combat, amount of places where you can be bound etc)


Now, about souls, what if rezzing someone WOULD require a soul you captured ? Rezzing someone would require a healer to have captured souls with him, and each rez could cost 1 of those souls ? a Life for a Life ! that would make sense too, it would prevent excessive rezzing all the time, healers would have to consider rezzing someone before actually doing it.


i won't elaborate on souls much, (This is for another thread) but i see them playing an important part in resurrection. 

There is also the option where rezz isnt even possible. You die, tough luck, you release, and try to get back to the battle. i wouldnt mind that either, but it kinda breaks some of the great fun that could be implemented like those ideas mentionned above.


The risks of rezzing : Should there be risks when a healer rezz someone ? should the the risk be to the healer, to the rezzed person or to both ? I think it depends a bit on HOW the rezz works in the first place. The higher the "cost" the lower the risks. if there is a high cost, and a high risk, then rezzing probably would never happen.


But lets think of a few possible risks as a separate aspect than what i mentionned above. what could those be ?


- a fizzle : it could simply not work due tu badluck or any other reason.

- an ennemy close by is also rezzed, that could be a pain

- the healer dies

- a creature pops from the Veil, drawn by the powerful spell and life surge that is resurrection.

- the ressurection works, but something else takes control of the body, making it a temporary evil npc.

- healer loses part of his soul in the process (consequences of that TBD, as we dont know exactly what happens exactly with the souls)

- the rezzed person doesnt come back 100%, even after a possible rez sickness, he might have to go to a temple later on to reconnect again with his soul 100%.

- Too many rezzes in the same area in a short time period could cause something to happen. a small Veilstorm, it could draw something to come, i.e. even a dragon (rezzing is a powerful spell, it could drawn in stuff just for that reason alone)

- a random bad (or good) thing could happen, a small AoE damage energy is unleashed around the dead body (or the rezzer), or if its a good thing, it vould be a temporary AoE buff for the realm who rezzed someone (just quick ideas of course, those served as examples)



Personally, i would prefer some type of relatively quick rezzes, with a medium "cost" attached to it, i would involve the souls as part of the rezzing process, and i would make some amount of risk involved. i think it would open up many possibilities without making it too much of a pain to both the healer and the rezzed player.


I hope you enjoyed my first blog, feedbacks are appreciated, afterall, its just brainstorming !

Thanks for reading !