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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

Doomsday MMO, the rambleing of a dreamer.

Posted by Borme22 Monday October 13 2008 at 10:42AM
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Yeah, It's been a While since I made a post. After watching the Moive Doomsday It got me thinking, Which is always a Bad thing.


Would the Doomsday IP be a good MMO?

If you think about it, The Setting works for an MMO...

The Glasgow Tribe:
The Cannibal Tribe in the Movie lived in Glasgow (DUH!) and Were lead by a Cannibal named Sol until, The Main Character kills him, At the End of the Movie She Becomes the New Leader.. This could give way to a Slightly More expanded Tribe.
But, This Tribe would work perfectly in an MMO, You could play a Either a Warrior, Alchemist (They would hurl Fire at People and stuff), Torturer, Etc...

Kane's Knights:
In the far north of Scotland By Loch Ness, Kane and his army of middle age Type Warriors live. This would also make a Great Race to play as. The Classes would be Knight, Spearmen, Archer, Etc..

My guess is that I would be Very PvP Orientated, Fighting in Destroyed Scotland, With Vehicle combat. And as some PvE fun, The Special forces guys that Come from London would Fight the players. Guns and Ammo would be Very Rare but, Very powerful.

I know Fallen Earth is very much like this, however, It would still make for an Interesting MMO.

~Two Cents~


t0nyd writes:

I could see a game like this as an mmofp/rpg. We need a new mmofps/rpg hybrid bad.

Mon Oct 13 2008 1:02PM Report
Locklain writes:

Check out Fallen Earth.  It is pretty close to what you are describing.

Mon Oct 13 2008 3:33PM Report
Locklain writes:

Yeah, nm.  If I read the full thing I would have realized you brought up FE. . .

Mon Oct 13 2008 3:34PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

Doable, but would lend itself closer to a FPS frag fest than an MMORPG,,, although you never actually said RPG,, Just mmo

Tue Oct 14 2008 12:38AM Report writes:
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