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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

Warhammer Beta Impressions - From a Very Pessimistic Dwarf

Posted by Borme22 Friday September 12 2008 at 7:39AM
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11:00am So, I got the Beta Key..

12:00pm Finally downloaded the game.....

12:01pm The Sever is down?  It will be up in a half hour..

12:30pm It's up, I let a Friend makes Squig Herder..

12:33pm The Sever Goes down again.. No idea when it will be up..

4:00pm  Get back from work, the severs are still down..

4:30pm The severs are up, My Friend Hops on and Starts playing..

6:30pm My friend finally gets off, I create a Dwarf Rune-Priest Named Barom.

6:47pm  I feel like they not tell you where to get quests and give you way to much Easy finding thing for the Quest.

Let me explain, I was wondering around in the dwarf zone, and I noted on my Map all my quests locations were shown on the map. This makes the game.. well, Too Easy!

I may be one of the few people left the Actually enjoy trying to find stuff without the use of  Websites or other things.. With War Hammer, You don't even have to use a web site!

Other comments:

The PvE Quests - could use some work.. But, It is a PvP Game so, I guess I'm the only one who got bored of killing squig after squig after squig..

Pubic Quests - Pubic quest do Not encourage grouping I found my self group less and everyone was running around doing there own thing..

Community - Well,  The community in WAR is a little odd.. most of the people I was playing with did not talk, Did not give a sign they could understand me..

PvP - Well, lets talk about WAR PvP from what I saw of it..

I got in the instance..

Got up to the Big Gate things in the Middle..

Got killed Over and over and over and over and over and over, they camped the Rez point and Just danced around..


Now, It may have been I was sick but, feel like the Lag was bad, even for a beta.

I'm gonna Keep playing after I get some studying done..



Paragus1 writes:

It doesn't matter if the PvE is easy, because you are buying this game for the RvR experience.  The PvE is simply a means to an end to move up through the tiers.  As far as community goes its a beta, and it doesn't make sense to waste a lot of time meeting people when the servers are being reset, you will never see these people again after 1 week.  Go do some overworld RvR as soon as possible, if you don't like it, then this game is not for you.

Fri Sep 12 2008 8:25AM Report
thornton writes:

At least the PvP people will have a game of their own, and I hipe it succeeds.  For their sake as well as the casual PvP people.  I also know that from comments, like yours Paragus1, that I won;t have to try the beta.  I enjoyed RvR in DAOC, enjoyed it a lot even as a casual PvPer. 

Fri Sep 12 2008 8:33AM Report
MicrobeX writes:

In defence of the PQ (public quest for the n00blet around) ... it's best for phase 1 to be solo you get way more influence 100 a pop per kill... then again you could always group and simply mass kill but the influence shall be devided :( ... can't find a group? open the group option (under your character protrait ... upper left corner ... in the lower left part...) you can join group around you.. most ppl will use that ratter them SPAM all the silly channel for LFG/LFM...

Quest wise, I have to agree... but I guess they are trying to make it easy (you know.. you can blame WoW for this) That is the one thing I truely miss from EQ1 .. finding my way around... or the insane community from EQ2 (to bad I'm never playing a SoE game ever)

be thankful it's like this right now and not the community from AoC at Beta.

If you can make friend you lvl... do so.. this game shiny with you are with friend in pvp/rvr .. but even so as a Rune Priest you shouldn't have to worry find a tank and follow him like glue... you get portion of whatever he kill just healing him and helping him out, plus he might turn around and group with you. Go check out RvR ... at time there are major battle going in many part of the world (namely the Empire side) some in tier 2 dwarf land.. almost none in tier 1 dwarf land.


Fri Sep 12 2008 9:27AM Report
Elsabolts writes:

Rez spots can not be camped.

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:46AM Report
musicmann writes:

Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's, buy to be honest, you are full of crap on pretty much every point you made. i am a lvl 12 BW and a rank 8 in RVR, and every PQ i have done which i'm up to chapter 6 i have always been invited to a group or a warband.

Not every group was the most talkative, but this is a beta and everthing will be getting wiped, so why put the effort when this isn't the final game stage.

The only problems i have occured has been getting DC'd a few times, in which i sure is happening because of the debugger running in the background.

I would also like to add that i'm not or ever was a huge fan of the Warhammer franchise, but decided to get a key and try it out. Without question this has been onre of the most well playing and fun mmo's i have ever been involved in, and this is coming from someone who loves open skill sandbox mmo's like SWG pre-cu and EVE.


Fri Sep 12 2008 10:09AM Report
Galaturc writes:

Aren't you all sick of same old MMO PvP, PvE dynamics? Isn't it about time to use your skills instead of "point and click" combat? Darkfall offers a great experience if you need a change in a good way.

Fri Sep 12 2008 10:42AM Report
Borme22 writes:

My question, Musicman, Which side are you on?

It may just be the sever I'm on, the times I''m on, for people don't like healers.. I dunno..

And with, Darkfall.. Meh, Looked at it.. Wasn't in love with it..


Fri Sep 12 2008 12:44PM Report
ichez writes:

 I never liked those pubic quests anyways..

Fri Sep 12 2008 4:59PM Report
tegororn writes:

There are quest marks on minimaps in every MMO now. Absence of them doesn't make an MMO challenging, it makes it unbearable.

Mon Sep 15 2008 8:47AM Report writes:
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