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A Blog of Rants, Ideas and the Occasional Review.

Author: Borme22

Indie MMOs: Can they Survive?

Posted by Borme22 Wednesday March 11 2009 at 1:34PM
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Can independent MMOs survive in todays market? Since the begining of MMOs, when MUDs were the norm, people wanted to make their own. Can that be reality? First of all, What is the difference between a Regular MMO and an Indie? I define "Indie MMOs" as 1-3 people working on a small project without a Company. I serched the Internet for "Indie MMO" and came up with many blogs talking about peoples' own MMO. I also saw things like "Sherwood Dungeon" and "Kingdom of Loathing" but, Are they worth it? Should people even care about small MMOs that do not have a massive company behind them?

Well, Lets look at some of the problems that Indie MMOs face. Truly, one of the greatest problems for indie MMOs, if not all MMOs, How does one make money? The cost of making even a small game (i.e Hosting a server, A forum and a website) add up! The payment method, do you "Pay to Play"? If you are not a AAA+ title, most people won't pay monthly. Free Trials are nice, but, does your free trial really show how great the game is? What about micro transactions? Will players pay for those things? KoL and Golemizer allow you to donate, but, do players really care about the game?

Alright you have chosen a payment method, how do you want it to look? 2D, 3D? When you give a player a choice between a great looking game (Which is just a WoW clone) vs a game with limited graphics (which great story depth) Which one do you think they will choose? the good looking game get players more often than the limited graphic type. What is the story? A WoW-clone? An original idea? If you go with something like KoL, You have  something very different, but, will players want that?

Then we come to the monster in the room, getting yourself heard. With so many MMOs out there today, It's kinda like someone getting thousands of fan mail (Or hate mail >.>) and opening just the right one. A game could be great, however, if no one hears about it, that fact is useless! Voting sites allow people to vote for there favorite MMO, Who really looks at those?  Reviewers from MMO sites will log in and enjoy themself, write a good review!,then, a player comes along, logs in and trys to view it though the eyes of a Mainstream MMO, and often, hates the game!  Sometimes, all  that MMOs need is a blog post that mentions them. (Shot out to Golemizer :p)  

Currently, i think a big fact that most people over look about indie MMOs is the community, I've been playing Golemizer for a few months now, and now have a real community of gamers behind me. I look at games like KoL, Sherwood and wonder, are they popular? I mean, in terms of AAA+ MMOs, No. But, for what they are, Very orginal, Tight knit communities, who love the game, Yes they are "popular". What can we learn from this? Indie MMOs are hard to make, Hard to get popular. So I ask you, Can Indie MMOs succed? Is there hope for Indie MMO developers? 


(And just because I wanted to >.> :

Doomsday MMO, the rambleing of a dreamer.

Posted by Borme22 Monday October 13 2008 at 11:42AM
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Yeah, It's been a While since I made a post. After watching the Moive Doomsday It got me thinking, Which is always a Bad thing.


Would the Doomsday IP be a good MMO?

If you think about it, The Setting works for an MMO...

The Glasgow Tribe:
The Cannibal Tribe in the Movie lived in Glasgow (DUH!) and Were lead by a Cannibal named Sol until, The Main Character kills him, At the End of the Movie She Becomes the New Leader.. This could give way to a Slightly More expanded Tribe.
But, This Tribe would work perfectly in an MMO, You could play a Either a Warrior, Alchemist (They would hurl Fire at People and stuff), Torturer, Etc...

Kane's Knights:
In the far north of Scotland By Loch Ness, Kane and his army of middle age Type Warriors live. This would also make a Great Race to play as. The Classes would be Knight, Spearmen, Archer, Etc..

My guess is that I would be Very PvP Orientated, Fighting in Destroyed Scotland, With Vehicle combat. And as some PvE fun, The Special forces guys that Come from London would Fight the players. Guns and Ammo would be Very Rare but, Very powerful.

I know Fallen Earth is very much like this, however, It would still make for an Interesting MMO.

~Two Cents~


Golemizer = Epic Win.

Posted by Borme22 Wednesday September 17 2008 at 7:23PM
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So, I saw a story on massively "News from the Wider MMO World" and  Saw Golemizer, And I tried it out today.

It's a really good game, A little hard to get into, but, I'm starting to really enjoying it. The game is Skill based, Which is mainly Crafting. The first few quests you get into are explaining how to play, and My Fav feature is the fact you Have to Read! I hate rushing though everything and not knowing Why you are doing it.

After you get a few quest done, You get tools to get your first Golem, Well, a Lawn Gnome. The combat is ok, your Pet hits them, They hit back, And so on. But, It's all about the crafting, Which gives you a ton of stuff to do, you can have your own citys in game! It's pretty cool to go and explore other players citys.

The Finaly thing is, It's being created by One Guy!

That in of it's self is epic.

So, Go check it out, It's Free!



My MMO idea,

Posted by Borme22 Tuesday September 16 2008 at 8:47AM
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 Well, I've had a MMO idea for the longest time never got it down really, so Today I'm gonna throw a good amount of ideas out and see what sticks. No, I am Not a Programer.

I just act like one ^.^

Begin Long list now.

Age of the Clans:

Story: In the times of old, or what would be 50 years ago in your years, Mankind lived in Paradise. Massive cities filled the land, and Mankind thought it self greater than Everyone else. How ever with the discovery of the old city of "Atlantis"  a strange Plague was released. The plague Was spread electronically and killed mercilessly, Man and Woman were destroyed and Mankind's great wonders Render Powerless.  However, The plague spared something that no one thought it would, Children. Now, The children live in the shattered world, with four clans to govern them. They must band together to fight a Greater Darkness..


Ok, That may have sound a little odd, but, yeah short stuff: It's a Post-apocalyptic world, all adults were destroyed 50 years ago, so WIth no Technology, Four Clans Were formed, Dewdrop, Dragonheart,Cat Clan, Stone Clan. 


As stated above, There are four Clans, That you can play as.

Dewdrop - A Group of Rangers from the North.

Cat Clan - Female Hunters that live in the Great Forests of the east, Though a few men have been spotted amongst there ranks.

Stone Clan - Proud Warriors from the mountains to the west. Men are considered powerful, whilst woman are just now trying to get rights.

Dragonheart - Refuges from the south, that live in the swamps, They were once evil, however there new leader "Blood-bane" has made them a Kinda and peaceful nation.

There are only Humans in this world..

The Clans Will be working together however, If you are A Stone Clan, You cannot gain rep with Cat Clan. Then you may chose to either gain rep with Dragonheart or Dewdrop. But, Not both.


The Class system is rather hard to explain, so Bear with me.

You start out in any of the clans As a "Recruit"  during this time you gain skill for each of the "Fields"

At level 10 you get to choose a "Field" you would like to go into, The three fields are, Warrior, Specialist or Crafter.

At 20, You get to choose even Further, So, For instance, Say you picked,  Specialist, You could choose either, Alchemist, Dragonlogest or Bard.

At 30, You go even further, Lets say you went with Alchemist,  You could choose, Bomb-Brandger, Herblist or Toxin Wilder.

and lastly, At level 40, you choose one of Two classes depending on your class. if you chose Herblist, Then you could be a Deflier, a Combo of The Herblist and Toxin Wilder, or you could be a Boomer (They make things go boom.)

Game Type:

To define a game like this, would be hard. The truth is that is it Very Real, But, With just a hint of fantasy.

Severs Types:

I really want to have a good amount of Diversity in the severs so that everyone can enjoy them selfs.

All severs are Divided into two categories, Casual and Hardcore.

On Casual Severs, You get a bonus to logging off, and there are Fewer Elite Mobs, However, you have a lower Chance for good loot..

On Hardcore Severs, The longer you are active, the more exp and Bonuses you'll get. However, There are more elite Mobs and there for you'll need a group much more. Although, You get better loot if your in a group...

Then, You can choose between PvE Severs and PvP severs,

On PvE severs, NPCs are Harder and All Clans work together.

On PvP Severs, Dewdrop and the Cat Clan fight for control against Dragonheart and Stone Clan.

Then, on Casual severs you can choose if you want a normal sever or a Kid-Safe sever, which makes the players use a Pre-written Chat like in Wizard 101, There is also Dictonary Chat.


Things to understand:

You Do Not only play as children, However they May be a Ageing sytem ingame.

There are a few things that are not Normal, Dragons, Great Worms, Wargs (Many Dogs after the Plague), Dinousars(The atmosphere is being changed, By what, We may not know..) The Lords (Powerful beings that Are)

Gonna Add more to this later, So keep looking.

More, WAR open beta impressions.

Posted by Borme22 Sunday September 14 2008 at 7:21AM
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Well, I got some Real PvP in yesterday, I have to say they do make it easier to find PvP fights, A Little Dot on your map that looks like red two swords. The PvP is PvP in any game, though they do try to make it "fun"

Well, I don't have much to say about WAR..

But, I will tell you I'm not going to buy it.. It's Good PvP and Aweful PvE.

LotRO has Good PvE and Good PvP (Which is really PvMP)..

WoW made everything easy to it doesn't matter that PvP was Meh, and the PvE was Meh..

So, Bottom line, I'm sticking with LotRO, Monster Play is awesome.

I am not saying that LotRO is a better game, I just like it more.


And No, I don't want Darkfall either.

Warhammer Beta Impressions - From a Very Pessimistic Dwarf

Posted by Borme22 Friday September 12 2008 at 7:39AM
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11:00am So, I got the Beta Key..

12:00pm Finally downloaded the game.....

12:01pm The Sever is down?  It will be up in a half hour..

12:30pm It's up, I let a Friend makes Squig Herder..

12:33pm The Sever Goes down again.. No idea when it will be up..

4:00pm  Get back from work, the severs are still down..

4:30pm The severs are up, My Friend Hops on and Starts playing..

6:30pm My friend finally gets off, I create a Dwarf Rune-Priest Named Barom.

6:47pm  I feel like they not tell you where to get quests and give you way to much Easy finding thing for the Quest.

Let me explain, I was wondering around in the dwarf zone, and I noted on my Map all my quests locations were shown on the map. This makes the game.. well, Too Easy!

I may be one of the few people left the Actually enjoy trying to find stuff without the use of  Websites or other things.. With War Hammer, You don't even have to use a web site!

Other comments:

The PvE Quests - could use some work.. But, It is a PvP Game so, I guess I'm the only one who got bored of killing squig after squig after squig..

Pubic Quests - Pubic quest do Not encourage grouping I found my self group less and everyone was running around doing there own thing..

Community - Well,  The community in WAR is a little odd.. most of the people I was playing with did not talk, Did not give a sign they could understand me..

PvP - Well, lets talk about WAR PvP from what I saw of it..

I got in the instance..

Got up to the Big Gate things in the Middle..

Got killed Over and over and over and over and over and over, they camped the Rez point and Just danced around..


Now, It may have been I was sick but, feel like the Lag was bad, even for a beta.

I'm gonna Keep playing after I get some studying done..



How do we encourage Grouping?

Posted by Borme22 Monday September 8 2008 at 4:26PM
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Grouping in MMOs seems to be Dying, And A good amount of Bloggers and Others in the MMO community Want  "Encourage Grouping"  But, How?

In WoW,  a Group was Rare, expect in Guilds (But, then came Guild Drama).. and Then If you wanted a PUG you were "Odd" becuase *Everyone Know that The Only good Players are in Guild* :Roll Eyes: And They Put you into a Group when you PvP

In DDO, Group is Forced, Pushed, and Required for you to Continue in the Game. Never Played the PvP..

In LotRO, The Epic Quest Chain forces you to group and get things done, Not too badly though..In the Ettenmoors, (The PvP zone for LotRO) You Must Group up on Creep side because, On the Freep Side, A Freep can Solo Two Creeps..

In WAR,  Pubic Quest tell you it's Great to Group, buuutttt.. You don't Have to.. And In the PvP (It's not RvR, It's PvP It's Not "Unique") Well, I can't really Comment , I've not been the PvP

What Can you do?


(And, No, I don't know what to do either..)


Posted by Borme22 Sunday September 7 2008 at 12:44PM
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Warhammer open Beta starts today.. Haven't been able to get into it yet. but, I hope I will tomorrow..


Update: So, Yesterday, I tried to login the War-Euope Site, They were have trouble all day, now I had gotten Up for work and Check the Euopen Site, I was able to start Registering for Warhammer, Then I told me that the US Site was handleing it..

I had made an Account on it before in the preview weekend.. But, Never Got a Code.. then I tried to log on, to fin that I could not get in the game still..

Isn't It an Open Beta?


10 Things I wish More* MMOs had..

Posted by Borme22 Friday September 5 2008 at 8:39AM
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Hello, I am Borme, You haven't heard of me, But, I've Been around, I've Created Blogs on many sites so, I can get my Thoughts out. The Main Site Is But, You'll get Posts on the Site you found this on.

Here is 10 Things I wish more MMOs had, In order to establish a Profile of Who I am as a Gamer.

10. A well thought out lore. I hate it when you are plopped down in a world with no idea where you are, What you are doing there , or Why the Heck the Cows hate you so darn much!
9. Things to do outside of Combat. Sometime, I wonder who Enjoy just grinding all day long. When Did Grind become Fun? Things like, Racing Mounts,Fishing, Crafting..Is it so hard to have a Little Fun in an MMO?
8. A Good Crafting System. Crafting alone is good, I enjoy making armor for myself, But, Why don't give Exp for it? Would it be too hard?
7. Different sever types. I don't mean, "PvP" Or "RP" severs, I mean, "Casual" and "Hardcore" And "Kid-friendly" and "Mature only" That way the little kids with the whinny voices can stay out my Game..
6. Choices within the Game. Is it hard to add in that a Player Can Be Good or Evil? I am Always the good guy, But, can't be have the Choices to rob the Caravan instead of Defend it?
5. A Real Battle going on! Many MMOs have a Faction vs Faction Game play, Or like LotRO, The Forces of sauron are everywhere, So Why not Towns Be Attacked by NPCs?
4. Environmental Effects. Many Games say they have Weather but, that is not what I'm talking about. An Earthquake that acutely effects everyone! A Really Bad storm that destroys a Harbor, You now have quests to rebuild the harbor. You get faction Rep and Some Barter Items.
3. Ingame events! A duke summons everyone in the zone to his side, and a Dragon appears and Everyone has to fight it, but, there is a Twist, You can chose to fight the duke instead, Who ever wins has control of the zone.
2. Fun Little Things. A Reference to Star Wars in the Form of an NPC named Luke Skymocker. Or a evil boss named Dr. Horrible. Perhaps you kill a toad and get turned into a Toad as result.
1. Updates for all levels! Many MMOs give player High level zones to play in, But, never new Lower level zones. Why?