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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Why Warhammer Online won't beat Warcraft

Posted by Bockin Monday August 25 2008 at 11:39AM
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Ok, so I have been playing Warhammer for a while now, and yes, I think it will be my new addiction. I enjoy it to the point of even now I'm wondering what class I'll be playing when it comes back up. Now, first, a little about my past...

I was a Warcraft Addict for a while, playing it every day, and sometimes skipping out on life just to play more. I already know I'll get some drag after saying this, after all, everyone hates warcraft, but plays it all the same because they have nothing better to do. Honestly, When I played, I found more people saying 'This game Sucks' than people actually playing the game. More complaining than playing, if you've played warcraft, is what happens.

Now, as an Ex-WoW addict, I know the WoW-ism when I see it.

(WoW-ism; a form of desiese that is rampant at the moment, where most people trying to take a new game and make it good, like the best guy out there. It's very much so often found these days, not only in video games, but all forms of everything; some people try to paint like the Mona Lisa, others try to make an off-brand soda)

And I see a lot of WoW-ism in WAR. How? The interface is old. It's EQ modified, same as most 3d MMORPG's. Attack and Defense? Pretty basic, like WoW and Etc. As for most of the basic functions of the game, it's Warcrafts system. But that's not what people are tired of in Warcraft, is it? No, people like Warcraft's interface; it just works. So, why fix what is not broke? They didn't.

Now, as for everything else, including most of the quests (You get them the same way, but the pace is twice as fast), all the PvP (You actually level, and you have a second level system for RvR), the Guild system (Been in a lot of guilds, easy as pie to run, alliances are actually able to be formed between guilds, only thing they need is war's between 'em. Don't ask me how, but it would be neat), and everything overall runs smoother, except the character animations. And crafting. And combat from time to time.

All the lore? Yeah, I'm rather new to Warhammer Lore; I played 40k DoW, good RTS, but other than that, Warhammer was unknown to me completly. However, like warcraft, It has a deep ground in the lore, and it keeps to it like a fine guideline. Of course, this is assumption, after all; I mean, I have not heard anybody complaining about the Lore, and what I've read out of my tome of Knowledge seems to be pretty in depth.

So, in the end, with the more obvious, first-to-be-seen things infected with WoW-ism, it will turn many a subscriber away. Too many people take one glance and say 'It's to Warcraft'. But, Warhammer suffers from a new case of WoW-ism; the game may be deformed, a look alike, but on the inside, it remains a unique experince, with a caring team of developers who seem to fix things as quickly as one reports them.

I just have three things to say; Give me my Blackguard, Nerf that Bright Wizard, and Fix Crafting. That is all.


Edit: Why won't it beat Warcraft? Because it's too much like it. To beat Warcraft is not to beat it at it's own game, but to reinvent the Genre entirely, as much, if not more, than warcraft did. It'll die eventually, but it's death won't be the launch of WAR. S'all I'm saying.

drbaltazar writes:

because silkroad online is already more popular then wow lol

Mon Aug 25 2008 12:33PM Report
lukaszkam writes:

agree :)

Mon Aug 25 2008 12:36PM Report
mentalynuts writes:

I have to agree I played wow for 2 and half years and now all new games seem stail.The mmorpg industry need to take a chance and like you said reinvent the Genre entirely. Untill this is done no mmorpg will beat wow. Im even tempted to go back to wow but I was playing 14 hours a day no way do i want to go back to that.

Mon Aug 25 2008 12:38PM Report
ReidV2 writes:

I've played WoW for about a year a year and a half or so before I quit. I was playing a general 5 hours a day, and 8 if I had raids. The commitment sucked. And though I didn't play as much as the other people, I still shined as a player due to skill.

WoW though, broke all that. Now the only real way for you to be good is if you have the gear. Skill is no longer a factor. Arena is paper scissors, rock (5v5 Arena is the only one that required skill and teamwork). World PvP (Though very fun), had respawning guards, no town can be conquered. PvE was absolute shit. Though the Lore and story that went along with raiding was great, the time commitment was an absolute bust. Then came Resilience, which completely nulled out the skill factor.

I'm a casual player in games- considering I have a life, yet I take pride in my skills as a gamer. WoW killed that for gamers like me, gear > skill. That is why I think WAR is gonna outdo WoW, for casual gamers/PvP players like myself; which are dead in WoW, can rise to the top here.

Mon Aug 25 2008 12:56PM Report
Zoulz writes:

I agree also. To beat wow you need to make something new, while still catering to the casual audiance. My guess is Blizzard's next MMO will replace wow eventually. They seem to be the only company that knows what players actually want.

Everyone whining about wow being so bad are hardcore elitists that think ordinary, casual gamers are retards and don't know what gaming really is. No more ez-mode! Wow is for kids!

Mon Aug 25 2008 1:05PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

Take what people are used to and improve on it - slowly. If you try for "revolutionary" you'll fail more often than not and your rep will be ruined. This is what WAR is doing, and why it feels familiar - yet new - at the same time.

That equals success. If you're bored of what works  best, take a break from the genre.

Mon Aug 25 2008 1:51PM Report
Daelus writes:

Nothing will beat WoW, fact of the matter. WoW got as big as it did because it became a cultural icon. It started showing up in the news, and it started having WoW childrens toys and all sorts of other random products bearing it's name.

Not long after mere websites that were about WoW began selling, and... the rest is history.

The game itself was never that fantastic. It wasn't revolutionary, it had a mediocre launch, with mediocre content. What got it going was all the free publicity it got; it's a massive snowball effect. Hell, it wouldn't suprise me to hear that they got an extra 100k subscribers instantly every time they announced they had hit the next million.

Mon Aug 25 2008 2:02PM Report
qombi writes:

It seems most have not been around long enough to know once EQ held the title for largest western MMORPG. Guess what, WoW did nothing different but build upon what EQ already did and it obtained a larger subscription base.

More of the same but easier seemed to work in the past ... why not this time? Well I will tell you the real reason MMORPGs die and the real reason there will never be another MMORPG with the subs like WoW. First off what kills MMORPGs eventually is themselves. MMORPGs are expanded upon and changed so much from the original vision everytime that it isn't the same game that made it a hit and people start leaving for new games. Devs turn good MMORPGs into trash, they care nothing for the vision of the games.

This is what killed EQ1 and this is what is killing WoW slowly, and believe me they die slowly. EQ1 is still in the dying process. The reason you will most likely never see a MMORPG with the subs WoW enjoyed is because now after the success of WoW there are too many  players in the MMORPG market now wanting a piece of the pie.

No longer are the days of one big giant developer holding the market. There will eventually be a lot of big names in the genre.

Mon Aug 25 2008 3:04PM Report
Night-Virus writes:

WoW will eventually die thanks to them bleeding the game dry until the game finally dies, but what then they will make a new game "hence" Diablo 3 or something else, there making sure that no game gets on the top of the list thanks to them and they wont stop but WoW is getting alittle old and stupid as it gets older A ZEBRA MOUNT what next a flying pig mount, it wont make since thats wy im going to warhammer online it wont beat wow but itll make a step in takin the game out!

Mon Aug 25 2008 7:56PM Report
CreepingDoom writes:

People with the ten year old mentality like you, Night-Virus, are what ruin games and gaming communities.

Please, don't come to WAR, remain in preschool with the other ten year old "gamers".

Mon Aug 25 2008 7:59PM Report
Arawon writes:

Imo WAR population will peak no later than month three, when attrition will clearly outstrip new subscribers.After that it's  an ongoing decline ,when its clear that all there is to do is zerg  zerg and zerg some more.

Mon Aug 25 2008 8:20PM Report
lorechaser writes:

Haven't we reached the point in the MMO world where it's not "Can you beat WoW or not"? 

I can play Dragon Age without saying "Oh, it's not a KoTOR killer."  I can play Team Fortress 2 without saying "Oh, it's not a Halo killer." 

People play more than one MMO, and even if they don't, there are enough people to share, I think.

Mon Aug 25 2008 8:27PM Report
Vekuru writes:

It's not an Xenogears killer.

Tue Aug 26 2008 12:26AM Report writes:
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