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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Warhammer Beta; Open next Month, and why it Matters

Posted by Bockin Wednesday July 23 2008 at 11:25AM
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Now, this is just speculation, but Mythic's been dropping info since the big 'Cut', and most of it ends with 'We'll be able to show you MUCH more soon'. Is this the big hint that open beta is coming? Most likely, but next month? I think more than likely with it only being a coupla months before release.

So, for those of you who don't know what open beta is at this very moment, Which I'm fairly certain that anybody reading this does know, it doesn't mean it in the triditional sense. Open Beta means NDA lifted, like most OB phases, but does NOT mean that Everyone will get in. CE preorderers, such as Myself, as I'm sure Thousands will be entering, but not Everyone.

What I mean is, it won't be you signing a 'I will report bugs and not use my own Behind as a hat while doing so' thing, like lots of open beta's, but one that I'm sure they either draw randomly from a giant vat of names and say 'Oh, he's in', or pick from the ones with the most experience. I would suppose the first.

But enough of that; with open beta coming, two major features being watered down (In a sense) with the cut of 4 classes / cities, we'll see how all this effects the warhammer commune (At least, the online one).

What do I think? Well, with as many weeks that I've been waiting on Warhammer to let me in, as I'm sure i'm in a long line, I believe that, if I weren't trying to get in, I'd still be excited. It'll prove if they have the fortitude to stand up to the *Real* inevetible city that is World of Warcraft. Now, Why is it such a big deal, some of you may ask? Because majority of the people interested so much in Warhammer come from warcraft (Must be the first three letters that attracts them); after a few years, I myself quit.

I never got a 70 (I was Pre BC, so 60 was my cap, and I made it, so I quit there), I never raided Kara, I never even went into more than five un-ranked Arena matches; I was satisfied with the Immense game before reaching cap, because you couldn't do anything in Warcraft; Congradulations! YOU are the best PvP God on the Server! You win NOTHING!

Anybody whose played warcraft past level 50 knows it's the same raid experience (More people? Who cares? Just harder to attain the loot you want), Same PvP (Only diffrence is it's more set in stone who you do pvp with), and no leveling. The leveling, believe it or not, is what I enjoyed; going into a far off new land, exploring the vast worlds, not even really killing unleas it yealded a quest to advance what the feeling of the area was, mabye even going against a boss or two with a buddy or four. I wanted Ambience, I wanted a wholesome experience, I really even wanted to kill some gankers so they could Rot on the ground, only to respawn and get killed three more times before I was satisfied with thier lesson.

Honestly, I wanted to get to level 60, the cap set down by the game in the first place. Who cares if level 60 was STILL the cap? Even if Wrath did have the same Cap, I'd want more races, more places, and more content for everyone, not just those who are looking for a higher level of playing. I love to pvp and raid, but WoW just had all the same thing. I saw no innovation, except what I saw at level 60, so that'd be ten levels of boring to get some fun.

But, regardless, back to the subject at hand; Open Beta. It comes, hopefully bringing plenty of players to have fun killing and partying with, all from diffrent aspects of everywhere. Maybe we'll even see some non-mmo players coming in. Of course, with the Gaming age raised to 35, at this point, by the time the adults get done with a game, the kids will have the world to themselves and the game will change pace to keep them happy. Or kids won't play it because their dad is wrong about music, movies and entertainment all around because it's the cool thing to think your parents are horrendeous evil overlords these days. Why? Because they don't know any better.

Anyhow, Yeah; Open Beta, good or bad? Who knows? Why? Because we'll have to see what lies behind the hill we've been climbing since last year, and now that we near the top, more people than ever are watching.