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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Meh; Blizzard among us

Posted by Bockin Tuesday July 1 2008 at 11:26AM
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Seems this year Blizzard is pulling from every game they've made; Diablo 3 announced, Starcraft 2 launched, WoW expack (No big suprise there, although). Hopefully, they will just decide to improve the game making buisness rather than do damage along with improvement. With the launch of WoW, they brought an entire new era to MMO gaming. Every one is trying it these days. However, this in effect means that there happens to be more Crap than Gold; people are just trying to replicate what Blizz already did, turning some hard work (Or just a guess followed up with a poor game) into some kind of revenue to make them a rolling ball of money.

I, personally, played Warcrack for the fact that I really liked Warcraft games; played every one of em before WoW. And I played other blizzard games; Diablo was a great game to just run about hacking and slashing at Demons, and Starcraft was another RTS that attracted a ton of players. Starcraft it still popular to this day, having at this point it's own slew of devout followers. And now we have Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 both making appearances this year; Starcraft will be played before Christmas, and Diablo 3's either coming Christmas next year, or, knowing Blizzard, the year after around either this time or the same time of Starcraft. And, to top it all off, a New MMO is (Or was, Havn't heard anything myself) by Blizzard is in the works. Seems all that revenue from WoW is going to be used in all this ambition.

But Is Blizzard a good thing for the Gaming world, overall? Will they bring ruin to the MMO market with the next hit they're bringing up (Which people will play just because it's from Blizzard)? Or will they reinvent modern gaming in ways that we can't foresee?

Personally? I don't think bringing in a new group of people into gaming can be bad; these days, you have entire families playing MMO's, all living in a virtual world where they can go around slaying evil or people they assume evil. People across the globe are becoming friends over the Net now, with them running guilds, farmings instances and killing players.

These days, MMO's are a household term, when before WoW, they were only seen as something that was 'Extremely Nerdy'. Now you have people of every kind playing MMO's, as they are the most popular market for gaming at the moment. Hence you have even this site, devoted to MMORPG's, with the best list of Games I have read to this day. Now, as for what everyone believes Blizzard is, saying they are ruining gaming as we know it, well, they are; Because either Gaming will move, or Blizzard will. Seems Gaming is, with 10 Million people of Warcraft. For the best, or the Worst, things are going to change, even more so than they have already, because all this MMO'ing has to stop sometime.

Why am I bothering to mention all this? Because Blizzard is on the Move, and it's tied in with the MMORPG Genre tighter than any other game in history.

grimfall writes:

Interesting topic.

I have to disagree that Blizzard is tied in with the MMO industry, more intrinsically than other companies.  There are many companies that only make MMO's, such as Turbine, whose fate is tied to the industry more closely than Blizzard.  And though the non-player would probably think of WoW when you talk about an online RPG, the majority of people who actually fund the industry probably don't think 'Blizzard' when they think of an MMO.

So, if Blizzard stopped hosting WoW, would they go under?  No.   If WoW ceased to be would the industry go on?  Yep.

Tue Jul 01 2008 1:23PM Report
rhturn4025 writes:

I actually agree incredibly. There's nothing wrong with Warcraft, it only mainstreamed our hobby.

Tue Jul 01 2008 1:25PM Report
Honkie writes:

[quote]Will they bring ruin to the MMO market with the next hit they're bringing up (Which people will play just because it's from Blizzard)?[/quote]  After seeing what Blizzard did with this game, I'll never play *ANY* game with them attached to it.  The game started well, but it was all downhill from there.  From the very frequent retarded development decisions post-release, to the lack of expansions and art/creative time to the insufficient support staff.

C'mon, they controlled SO much market share at peak (and even now) that they shouldn't have been stingy with development time like they have been.  I expect the amount of post-release production from a game with, say, 1 million customers.  I don't think that they should be pumping out 10x the amount, but getting new areas, patches, content, bug fixes, in-game appears to me that they didn't invest sufficiently once the game was live.  It was more than annoying to submit a ticket for a GM, then log out for the night...check back the next day to find it still open, or get a form letter email when it gets answered and I'm online. 

The horrible balance choices that were made were yet another aspect of Blizzard dropping the ball.  Class changes were made that 99% of the playerbase couldn't understand OFTEN.  I realize that changes are made that are unpopular for balance, but so many "wtf was that?" changes, which were subsequently unexplained, or buffs to dominating classes while other classes struggled for absurd lengths of time and were ignored or declared "balanced" despite player outcry for just a little interaction and review.

No, one experiance with a Blizzard MMO was enough for me.  I liked them before, and purchased many of their games...but after this fiasco, that's it.  I'm confident that I'm not alone in this either.

I will admit that it did great things for the MMO genre as far as getting it out into the public eye and drawing in they leave WoW, I sincerely hope that other games are around to pick up the slack sufficiently to retain the majority of those players in MMOs.

Tue Jul 01 2008 2:48PM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

Blizzard has done alot for gaming and MMO's.  It isnt even necessarily that they do new and innovative things, its just what  they make and sell is so well made, polished and a complete product that you cant help but think THANK GOD when one has tried so many others who only put out half a game. Im not just talking about AoC, but Vanguard, SWG, all of them.  I turn to Blizzard because they put out fun, quality games.  I know it will be a finished product ( as far as MMO's can be) and that they will deliver a new and interesting take on the same genre than those previous.  Blizzard is the gaming industry not just in MMO's.  All of their games are game of the year blockbuster hits simple as.  The cash lands where the good stuff is.  Blizzard offers alot, and they have a huge and very talented team working on all of their projects, i always have and always will look for the next Blizz title.  Yep incase you didnt know i love Blizz games.

Tue Jul 01 2008 7:00PM Report
Stormreaver writes:

Good post. Personally I'm anti-WoW but pro-Blizzard. Although WoW did a lot to publicize MMOs, it's pretty much the bare minimum of any MMO. However, it was Blizz's first MMO, and they seem to be learning from at least some of their mistakes. I would persuade Honkie to try some of Blizzard's other games, as they retain the polished, clean gameplay of WoW, but are overall better made products.

Either way, I think it all comes down to what kind of game Blizzard's next MMO is going to be. If they create another linear progression, combat-based game, then I will personally be very disappointed. They already have that market on lock. However, if Blizz could successfully create and market a sandbox title, then I think we might be going somewhere.

Of course then Blizzard would own an even larger portion of the MMO market, so there are ups and downs.

Tue Jul 01 2008 9:04PM Report writes:
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