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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Warhammer Online Open Beta

Posted by Bockin Friday June 27 2008 at 7:35PM
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Well, I got a news letter in my Inbox, hoping for Open Beta with all my Might, and it seems they are inviting guilds into Warhammer now; Sigh... When will the CE pay off? Hopefully soon, As it's appearing to be Vapor-ware Advertisement at this point. They barely even mentioned that you would get into OPEN beta, many (Most likely) Assuming they would get in before closed ended, so I'm sure that the already long wait is bad enough, but having open Beta one month before it comes out? C'mon guys, it can't be THAT bad for the public eye. Sigh... Well, it did NOT say there would be no opening of Beta, so one can always hope for the case to be that they would take the 'Ahh fine, we'll let you in' route opposed to doom coming about as soon as they open the doors to the game, and the windows to see in.

So, after ordering CE, I do think it will be worth it in the end; it looks like warhammer is coming togeather with many of it's features intended intact. I do believe this game will be the next addiction of many old WoW players, and then an old schoolers zone for just some good old MMO hack'n'slash. I mean, a game based around PvP is a bit more in depth than the likes of Diablo or the Eldar scrolls games (Yes, I count a real time RPG, Three Dimensional or not, a Hack and Slash, for those of you who would disagree), but it's still based on a Real time Combat system that makes it easy and intuitive to control your character.

Well, Other than guilds being Added to Closed Beta (Which I am not in), the White lion class is added as well, with some new Puplic quests and a few new Dungeons and Scenerios (or mabye one, dunno).

Well, thats all the pertinent news I saw... And I am begining to hate this Wait for Open Beta.

Sigh, Bockin.

ProfRed writes:

Hopefully they have a nice 3 or so week long open beta around October.  Don't expect it to be this Summer though. 

Fri Jun 27 2008 7:48PM Report
xenogias writes:

If you only pre-ordered the CE for open beta then yes, it was a waste for you. Why you think Open beta would be announced between 3-4 months BEFORE release (assuming its not pushed back again) is beyond me. If you had been following WAR you would have known Guilds where going to make it into CB before OB started, thus you wouldnt have been hoping for OB to be announced this newsletter.

As for mentioning vaporware thats laughable at best. If you cant figure out why its laughable thats your problem not mine.

One last thing, Mythic has been more open about the game than any other MMO to date. Sorry you so disgruntled about having to wait, but thats more of a personal problem. Most of us are willing to wait so long as they get it right unlike some other MMO's in the last few years.

Fri Jun 27 2008 10:07PM Report
fansede writes:

Yes, we all like to vent now and then. I don't blame you. I cry every time my launch date is pushed back.  I just jope that these delays mean they are actually improving the game verusus pulling and AoC and delaying Beta launch..

Sat Jun 28 2008 10:10AM Report
fansede writes:

Edit: delaying the Beta Launch and asking you to pay for it.

Sat Jun 28 2008 10:11AM Report
velimirius writes:

why would they start OB after succefull CB test,they want money not bunch of ppl who just want to play game(play for free),they will give you free trial for few days 1 month after release,and thats it.

Sat Jun 28 2008 11:18AM Report
Sykomyke writes:

I don't think you quite understand the meaning of the term "Vaporware".  Seems kids these days hear of a term and "think" they know what it means and then throw that term around for a month as they think it will make them look smart.

Sorry to burst your bubble kid.  This game is anything but Vaporware. 

Vaporware is when a company is advertising for a game for extended periods of time well in advance of it's actual release date and then provides no "proof" of the development cycle.

Sat Jun 28 2008 11:56AM Report
steelfrenzy writes:

something tells me syk there is some 18 year old with a god complex, but nevertheless I too am saddened at the fact I have to stare at an empty box. Seems to me that they wanted money and after they got it decided to stop talking about their mistakes altogether. perhaps it wasn't a mistake at all hmm?

Sat Jun 28 2008 7:24PM Report
Sepulcher writes:


They promised you access to open beta.  That is what you will get.  They never said you would get an open beta that lasted for 3 months so you could play for free.  They never said you would get into closed beta, as much as you wish you would.

You are getting what was promised.  A spot in the open beta which will be a month or so before release.  Other people who did not pre-order will also be in this open beta, hence why it is called "open".  All you get, as far as the beta is concerned, is a guarantee that when everyone and their mother is trying to get an open beta key, you will already have yours and will not have to wait in line.  Not too mention all the other stuff you get with the CE.

If you ordered the CE purely for the open beta then you either did not understand what an open beta was or you imagine game companies owe you months of free play because you spent $10.


Sun Jun 29 2008 12:14AM Report
I_is_Ork writes:

Sepulcher, you dont seem to understand what EA/Mythic define as "Open" beta. It will still be INVITE ONLY, exactly the same as closed beta. The only difference will be that the NDA will be lifted for that portion of the beta testing. Your chances of getting into the "Open" beta will probably be quite similar to those of getting into the closed beta.

Invite only.. Might seem like a bad idea, but in the long run it makes sense, You end up with a highly polished game thanks to the feedback of those invited. Which should hopefully result in a well polished game from Mythic...

Mon Jul 28 2008 3:34PM Report writes:
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