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One among None, yet so many among One.

Argh; Why hast the God I worship forsaken one of his sons with a Gameless commune! I never did quite Fit in, But this is rediculas... My thoughts on What I read, do and a little on what I count on doing.

Author: Bockin

Conan, Spore, Requiem, Warcraft and WAR... September's gunna be good.

Posted by Bockin Thursday June 12 2008 at 12:31PM
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Well, come this September, I'll be as busy as can be; Spore, Fallout, Lich king's coming, WAR's on it's way... And I won't be on Age of Conan. I played the Beta, They even sent me a free cloak for my troubles, and yet I still found it lacking... Stabilitiy, for my play style. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure others will love it. It seems like a Great concept and is well pulled off by the Combat system, and it takes a bit of skill to use it too, But it's a little High Def for me. I have a mechine that SHOULD be able to handle it, and yet it doesn't. So, in the end, I gave it up for a little less Looks, but better stability with gameplay.

Also played the Requiem Beta; seems good, just needs some more, how to put it... Ach, I suppose it would just be me complaining if I did say anything bad about it. It seems good, I suggest playing; if you can find any problems, feel free to share your thoughts. As for me, seemed good.

I preordered WAR CE from Amazon; seems the codes don't expire, even though I used the only one that supposedly did soon as I got it in fear that it could or would. I'm really looking forward to WAR; I know it looks like WoW, but honestly, doesn't WoW Look a bit like Everquest? In terms of UI and form of leveling? Pretty much any 3D MMO RPG you'll play these days uses the EQ system, just a little bit more stupid so it doesn't have SOO much depth. I hate EQ, but GOD did that game have DEPTH... It'd take me years to master some of that games crafting skills, and I got lost right off the bat; 'Take your quest and kill rats, eh? Screw you! I'm taking this portal... See ya later ya friggin'- OH MY GOD A DRAGON!' ... aaand thats when My head became smaller than my foot. Yeah... The, 'Follow the Smoke Trail' felt too much like I was on Dope, so it kinda went south from there...

Spore is what I've been waiting for since I heard of it back a few YEARS! I mean, yes, I enjoy that they are polishing it, making sure it's good before launch, but at this point they'd BETTER be sure. I mean, yes, I can see a game taking five years to develope, but Mr. Wright said in a conference I read a bit back that he'd been working on it since like 2001 or so. Nearly a Decade of devolopment... It could still live up to hype, though, with that much time under it's belt.

And Lich King; lookin' good, even though I gave up WoW a bit back. Since blizz has no competitors, they're pulling from other games good features to get some capable contendors out of the water; Siege warfare? Sounds like Dark age of Camalot or Warhammer online.... hm...

And as for Conan, I do believe it could get MUCH better with time. It could even still beat WAR. I doubt it, but you never know. For now, though, they need to get all the bugs out and start up the 'ol Engine. Fix it, then improve it. Oh, and I don't like ganking, also why I don't like Age of Conan.

Also grabbed a Beta Key for that 'Ghost Online' game... had like a 30 digit Non-copy-paste-able code... was a little hard to get by, but At the very least there won't be many Farmers on there. Ahh who am I kiddin'? There'll be Spammers regardless; they'll do anything to make money quick and easy at home os they don't have to work elsewhere, or at least don't have to work as hard. But, I'll still try it out even if it does look IDENTICAL to a Maple story gone all Japanese on us. You thought it was japanese before? Well, I saw a Dragon in the background of a screenshot, so it's a bit more than it's Cuz.

Yeah, The preorder of WAR seems to not be paying off yet... No Open Beta yet, No account regestration yet, No nothing. Not even really more than an offical mention on when it'll be. Taken directly from (I may be wrong on this) a developers mouth, 'Open Beta will be, in it's smallest form, a Single month Long'.

So, to me, sounds like it's going to be aimed for two months at this point, but doubtfully. And no Growing Orks or Dwarfen beards?! Come on, people! I was kinda looking forward as to how they would change Elves, humans, Goblins and Chaos, but hey, they can get around to it, right? Sigh... Hoping for a patch fix here. I'd say 3 patches and they'll have it, or an expansion. And just thinking; will you get your own hair in Warhammer online? I don't believe so; they showed off a couple of extra heads the CE orderers get (w00t), and they appear to have hair, but can they have diffrent hair? And what of the orks? Never seen an Elf with a Mohawk or an Ork with Curls... Hm...

Scratch that 'Elf Mohawk' bit... Mr. T in his WoW commercal suddenly comes to mind, and He had a CLASS for Mohawks, for god sake. Verne Troyer's was awesome though; Loved seeing that Gnome dance. Too bad he can't throw fireballs in real life; He'd be My stubby God.

Oh, and for those of you looking for the most disturbing thing involving a clown in History (For your own good, Don't! But don't worry; no gore, no blood, no nudity, Nothin' cept mabye a laugh (Or cry)):

Sorry, In advance and Excess.

Oh, and been reading LFG comic latly; Gotta love that Richard. At first I thought the whole thing would just be a big joke, but the series of comics seems to have a, *gasp*, PLOT. I know, right? After the 'Slaughter your World' bit (I cried... a little), I suppose they decided to make a movie. Dunno if that was in the works before hand, but that was the first I had heard of it myself.

Well, Stay Frosty Peoplz.


P.S. (Argh, left a comment for a footnote for myself, and tried the link didn't work... I got this from GUComic's, by the way)

Seems WoW Is going after the Achievements implemented into WAR also, Which is also a Rip off from LOTRO, which is just a rip off from Xbox... which uh... Well, they're using achievements, who isn't?