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Author: BlueCadwal

A Turn Based MMO - Can it work?

Posted by BlueCadwal Monday July 21 2008 at 6:44PM
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Well, Atlantica Online is in the Closed Beta stage and 1000 lucky readers and more FilePlanet subscribers have had an opportunity to play it the past few days.  Although I haven't gotten too far into it, the game plays extraordinarily well (I'm seeing a smoother launch the World of Warcraft).  If I didn't have more pressing goals in Final Fantasy XI, I would consider completely switching permanently.

This wouldn't be my first time playing a turn based MMO though, I also played Fairyland Online and Myth War for a period of time as well.  The biggest draw back that I have always found in games like these have been the limits.  Be it in limits, hunting style, or simply battle style players will always find something to complain about in this genre.

The largest problem that players have voiced on these boards are mainly restricted to the bland battle system.  In a market dominated by active MMOs, who wouldn't attack a game like this?  Overall, the strategy required in Atlantica Online is more than I would have ever predicted.  From the classes to the NPCs, players have a choice that can make or break your squad.  Is your leader in the front or is he in the back?  These are questions that you have to deal with when forming your squad and can make or break the team.  Many of the choices become less clear as parties grow beyond the newbie 3 to a total of 5 at level 10.  Also, timing can account for a lot because players only have 30 seconds to make actions and enemies are obstructed by melee characters which can be problematic in some scenarios.

Don't get me wrong, the battle system is fun, but it's not perfect.  It only allows for 2 player teams, and in an MMO environment I like having to cooperate with large numbers of people.  Due to the limited team sizes, one can predict that PvP would be pretty lame.  Players who were a part of Sword of the New World, may remember really boring repetitive gameplay.  That is a non-issue for Atlantica Online players.  The game is designed to be heavier on questing, much like World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online.  Sure you can grind, but what fun is that?

The questing system is even a lot easier that most MMOs.  You don't even have to search for your quest goals, there's an automatic movement button that takes you to the next quest objective.  Wow... can you say lazy?  This is perhaps the biggest fault in the game.  Because players are given no real purpose to play the game and are spoon fed everything from the get go, the game loses all purpose.  At the end of the day your only goal is to get from Point A to Point B to Point Z and kill the monsters (which you'll more than likely have no problem doing). 

Don't get me wrong, I find the system to be fun so far... but how much longer can I get from Point A to Point B and kill creatures over and over again until it gets boring?

I know someone'll probably call me out for being a "bad beta tester" and only using this opportunity to test the game for personal interests.  That's actually far from the case.  There are actually very few bugs at this time, and those that remain are generally language inspired.  Since the game was originally released in (presumably) Korea, the word wrap feature is non-existent, and so far that's really the only MAJOR bug I've seen.  There is a weird graphical problem that I should consider reporting, but I'll do so only after further testing.