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Black Prophecy to dominate your heads off.

Posted by Blink4m3 Friday July 18 2008 at 3:55AM
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This game could once and for all positively prove that gamers are tired of clicking their  F keys and right mouse buttons for canned animation.  Lets say the game is 70% of what I'm imagining right now, even plagued with a horrible launch, tons of nagging issues, if this game comes out on top monetarily (as it should) then this will open the floodgates to truly inventive MMO's. Companies would see rewards instead of risks where the exact opposite was true in prior MMOFPS.

This game looks, inspiring. Can't say that about too many MMO's even in development.

I'll admit, I'd rather we approach new fields of game-play with the standard two-legged avatars, but this sure as hell isn't going to be WoW with wings.

I'm a little worried about the 300 player per 'server' deal, we all know how that turns out. Today it's 3000, tomorrow it's 32 with a 'lobby system'. Although if it could match a similar scope, maybe even surpass that of Planetside, then this game would be nothing to pass up.

If this trailer wasn't pre-rendered, and someone was looking down a sight with those cannons and not spamming their f3 button on a cool-down, then this is guaranteed the equivalent of the best in show. Imagine people coming together, relying on each other for certain skills. One person has good depth/speed perception and nack for navigation, put 'em in the pilots chair. Trigger happy? Bored of Halo or CoD4? Hop on a turret and be the neo-punk gunslinger.

Can you just imagine the VOIP convo's that would ensue? This wouldn't be "Hey my little red bar is going below 1k points...... nom nom nom hawtpawketz". It would be orders given, and taken, actual emotion. If they do what I believe they should, they will make team-play as crucial and required as it is in every-day life. Most other games are crippled by a lack of discipline, filled with lawld00dz. This could all change when lawld00dz realizes he can't fly the biggest, baddest ship of pwn without learning there's no fucking I in team.  Puzzle Pirates is the most ingenious game I've played in decades. *Gasp* Teamwork in an MMO? It's the future. The Co-op on the consoles is just scratching the surface.

Realistically? This will deliver 5% of it's potential and get shuffled into the Wal-Mart super-save bin with 10,000 buddy passes in each box and 2 months of free game-time for being able to breath.So it goes.

/end happy-rant whilst behind.