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The B-Log

Not as good as the A-Log, admittedly, but it's Blaise's weekly thoughts on MMOs, and why he is or isn't playing one at the moment. A General Thought blog by someone who is studying at Uni, awaiting his moment to start working... in quality assurance.

Author: Blazz

Bah, Uni, new games, and a return to the Matrix

Posted by Blazz Thursday November 12 2009 at 2:53AM
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Hello all... 200 of you, perhaps!

I'm back!

I am going to try to be a little more consistent, in an effort to apply myself over the next few months (University Holidays).

So I finished a year of University, and I find it lacking... I suppose, they've shown us some skills, but there are far too many exams and not enough assignments. In the real world, people don't sit you down, give you a sheet of paper, and test you on it. They get you to do things - and generally, they don't care how you do things.

Were I to learn C++ quite well, and started work with a team that used the Unreal engine and I hadn't researched the Unreal engine much, then I would bloody research the thing, and get things programmed (and well documented) somehow. I doodle with actionscript when I can, and there are scripts and whole chunks of code that do various wierd and wonderful things out there with very little editing required - that's not mentioning the help documentation on the Adobe website.


I recently got Borderlands, which is, I like to call it, Diablo II (loot/progression) meets Fallout 3 ("post-apocalyptic" cleverly disguised as "future, on another planet") meets Halo (FPS shooter style, V to "melee" very similarly, and a shield that regenerates after a short while... oh, and very high jumps with low gravity)

As fun as the game has been, I am sort of neglecting it due to... *sigh*... my reinsertion to the World of Warcraft Matrix that controls us, and uses us to charge Blizzard's money-powered mobile Gold mountain fortress. They've added experience in PvP, and I am really looking forwards to the Maelstrom finally being a playable area, along with the new races and the ability to change from Horde to Alliance etc. etc.

So, I want to kill Arthas and play with some of my level 80 friends - which means grinding up a new character on their server (damn ~$20 server-changing money-grabbin...) - Cosbybebop, the Orc Warrior of the Horde on Dath'Remar server.

(For those of you who don't know about Cowboy Bebop, first, watch, that is the Cowboy Bebop opening, no, I am not rick-rolling you. Second, watch It is a fantastic tribute to Cowboy Bebop, using Bill Cosby's various lines from various cartoons.)

I'm level 26, and only just added QuestHelper again... I gotta say, I feel like I'm running on a treadmill. I wish I could attach my account to a friend's just mid-game, or, perhaps, if I added this friend 3 years ago (which I did) I could attach my account to his now... oh well, just the normal, accelerated amount of experience for me, I suppose.


As far as's coming along, jeez, I haven't heard from the graphic design artist chick in a while... I should probably chase that up.

Oh, and I'm probably going to start some development (whether it be small, stupid flash games, good flash games, or flash animations.... or hell, I might just play around in Maya again)

Stay tuned on that one!

Coming Next time I remember I have a Blog, the B-log: Room for Expansion, the Money Tree