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The Quest for the Perfect MMORPG/RTS

Finding a good MMORTS now a days isn't exactly the easiest thing. Here is where I take ideas from other people and my self to create the perfect MMORTS.

Author: BetterBetty

Creating the Character.

Posted by BetterBetty Thursday June 12 2008 at 4:29PM
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For now I'm going to incorporate my own ideas into the blog and later create a forum post where I can acquire and vote upon public ideas. Also I have no intention of actually creating a game just hoping somebody else will find the ideas and build off of it.

This is How it Should Work.

The Most important part of any MMORPG is the Character. The character is supposed to be you it can be hideous or handsome it can big or small But most Importantly its what YOU want it to look like. In the case of an MMORTS This would come in the form of a Hero or Avatar. Your hero like any hero over time will grow levels giving him assorted defensive and offensive advantages and much like that of warcraft 3 you will be able to discover and equip your Hero with weapons, armor, or trinkets giving you assorted advantages and transforming the look of your Hero with a tommy gun or a sword twice the size of his own body. Along with having weapons he should have special abilities such as calling in for a bombing raid and then creating a holographic decoy so that your enemy is looking in the wrong direction as you come at him from behind(of course abilities will all be classed). You should be able to communicate with other characters either by taunting them or making tactical decisions.

This is What it Should Look Like.

You wish to start a new character. You start by naming him you name him Blaaarg. You choose an Elf character who looks incredibly ugly and will specialize in close combat. Standard MMORPG character creating procedure. So you start the game and in some way shape or form acquire soldiers and magical abilities(tba). So you search around and somebody gives you the quest/mission to destroy an enemy base. After failing miserably you discover you need a friend to help. You go interact with other characters until you find one willing to help you. You talk over your tactics and playing out the discussed procedures your friend a mage gnome casts a blizzard over the base to slow reacting time while you charge in and start destroying buildings. With support from you new friend coming up the rear you destroy the enemy base ,grow a level, and find two swords which you split.

Simple right then why hasn't any one succesfully done it.


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