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Crow's Caw

The silent short screams and annoying rants of an MMO player....not unlike the pecking and calling of the average crow.

Author: BarCrow

A Rambling On About What Makes An MMO an MMO In My Mind.

Posted by BarCrow Saturday January 4 2014 at 12:19AM
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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IIIIIIIIII >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

           This is an edited repost from a earlier thread. It is not addressing MMO as in what technically makes it a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Its about what makes it an MMO in spirit, so-to-speak.

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IIIIIIIIII >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    One of the main things that makes an MMO for me is if I can stumble across another player in place I'd least expect. Its actually a surprise. It requires a vast ,seemingly uncompartmentalized world to explore. It can't happen in a hub where every square inch is part of a greased up quest chain and invisible walls abound. Even the "secret" places are only there to satisfy a primitive urge to horde. A path put in for the soul purpose of a new shiny for the umpteenth hundredth check list. SWTOR's datacron hunts are a good example of this.

    These worlds are very rarely made these days. Mortal Online's open but kind of empty.Not players so much as ..well..just "life". Put some more wildlife critters in there guys. Some roamers. Some spark. It's definitely come a long long way since beta/launch and still has plenty to go. It has a good feeling of threat and exploration. Mostly threat from murderers while you're gathering. I do enjoy spending hours just running about. . Why did they change the shape of the land though? Now its pretty much just a circle. I wonder? Vanguard is another that's great for exploration. With nooks and crannies all over. Caves here and there. Really nice.

    There are a few more other than those two still around. I've tried Xyson, Darkfall UW ( I own it but I like the MO system better) to name a few more. None have completely captured me yet. MO and Vanguard being the closest.  I am hopeful these indie projects that are clawing about lately will scratch those annoying itches because the bigger beasts can't even seem to grow nails anymore. Oh, they roar a lot . Sometimes for years. Then come launch day all we get is a weak , strangled purr. WTF? kittens? Where's the lion they "promised" me? Will Archeage arch its back? Hindquarters haunched . Heels planted. Knees locked. Then spring forward. Will it be the non-indie open sandbox like world that will devour me whole where all the the other AAA's tore me, much like their game worlds, into manageable pieces? Easy to swallow. No chewing. At all.

    The others MMOS have their place. Truly they do. I like SWTOR , DCUO and even WOW is played from time to time among others. Just really looking for an actual world that I can finally call home..because it feels like one. Not just because it has the best realtor or a four car garage or, perhaps worst of all, it's the only available house on the block.

Only Idiots play casual, easy MMOS?

Posted by BarCrow Sunday June 5 2011 at 12:36PM
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There was a  recent post where someone was fed-up with uninspired MMOs

    The second poster said it was because people with high IQs play hard complicated MMOs while low IQ's play easy MMOs casually 15 minute increments. Granted this is paraphrased. It is also bullshit.

I initially replied ,referring to poster in vagueries. The poster...who basically insulted hundreds on this forum who actually like casual gaming as well as those that like complicated games with the occasional quickie. My post was deleted...I guess as an attack on the poster. It's ok to insult hundreds in a broad generalization but not in a disquised hidden attack made in a humorous manner. ( may think otherwise)

 Original reply:

 Apparently only idiots play games in casual short bursts. While those of higher IQ have all the time in the world to spend 100 hours a week playing mmos. Like the brilliant and highly intelligent women who let her kid waste away and die while she played world of warcraft. Hope they let that genius off the hook so she can divorce her husband and marry the intellectual godsend that is ...poster number 2.Then they can populate the world with billions of little Stewie Griffins ...though probably through cloning or robotic engineering as procreation is the "easy way out". Then they can lounge around all day playing "smart" mmos that they created and reading from technical manuals.


Anyway...I like a bit of a learning curve...but I like to jump on for a bit before work...or in between taking care of my bed ridden mother when I'm not at work. See...there is more to most of our lives than an mmo. I'm happy if the someone has all the time and money to play their favorite MMO without any responsibility. For most of us..this  is not possible.

So..I'm an idiot because I don't always have time for a 15 hour gaming session  due to the fact that others depend on me in RL? Well...then I guess I've never been more proud to be a moron.


Old school grouping PnP style and unnecessity of class balance

Posted by BarCrow Saturday March 14 2009 at 1:55PM
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Just asking. Are most of you who request class balance (I would Imagine for PvP) also strict grouping fans for other content?

      The reason I ask is this: I don't see the need for strict class balance...mainly from the days of PnP where you usually had to have a cleric for  healing/buffs and general survival...a thief for locks,traps and stealth..a fighter for...fighting(doh)..close(tanking) and long range depending of subclass...and a mage for various magical applications including buffs,long range...eventually nukage..locks/doors..and reading magic and identifying items...among other traits per class.....working together to each weakness and strengths. This was "grouping" at it's best. A mage didn't have good odds on beating a fighter until later levels...only through experience and skill advancement ...did balance occur. Eventually...a higher level mage was a safe bet to nuke the fighter of same level. A successful saving throw was the only hope. It seems PvP would be more interesting if done in certain teams...but balance should not always be the case in 1on 1. This would benefit grouping and reminiscent to old school pnp grouping. I usually solo..but in this case grouping would be more enjoyable to me as no class would be left out. Of course you always have to put up with the occasional pair of arse-glasses.
           There are many professions one can choose in life and based on which one you take...usually determines or determined by your strengths in particular areas. If you focus on Accounting in life will not likely run the boston marathon as well as someone who has chosen an athletic profession. Just as they will be less likely to answer questions on tax law or amortizations of loans. There are always exceptions and these examples are not meant as much as archetypes.  It is the rarer personality that can do everything equally well. There should be mmos that also reflect this fact in class development.


Posted by BarCrow Sunday November 30 2008 at 1:01PM
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I understand people like to complain. There are many comments on this site concerning what we are entitled to for our monthly subscription. I find it funny that over time it seems the distributors seem to owe us more and more for our money.  We are guaranteed a would hope that it is playable and enjoyable . This is completely subjective. You don't like it ...stop playing(and paying). The EULA is kinda vague for a reason...and Game experience may vary...pretty much could mean anything ...from future content to graphical changes. If they want to open an item store or TCG be it. They want grouping only...solo more than the mote it be. You feel it should be this or that   all up front and any changes  included in content...and no change unwanted. Not up to you. The only thing you control is your own wallet. for what you want...or don't. The  game gods will control the game in any way they see fit...hopefully it will coincide with player requests/needs/desires/demands and still be profitable. However, nothing is written in stone.