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MMO Chronicles

My adventures, experiences, and general thoughts about MMO's as I encounter them.

Author: Baldur

Return to Vanguard - A closer look at the interface and questing

Posted by Baldur Monday October 29 2007 at 10:37PM
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Hello again! This time around I wanted to explore (more in-depth, mind you) the interface and questing in Vanguard. I had a lot of feedback from my first entry, so I thought to myself that the next logical thing to do would be to show everyone more about the inner workings of the game.

The Interface
Let's get right down to it - the first thing I wanted to show people is how the interface works. It's pretty complex in Vanguard (like many other things) so there's a lot to take in. As a side note I'd like to say that I am using a UI different then the default, however the base elements are the same and that's all that matters!  I won't be explaining every little bit, instead I'll let the screenshots do the talking and I'll hit on points that I really like.

Inventory, General GUI - Here we have a shot with my inventory open. The bags are all draggable (by default). The bag on the furthest left is actually my horses saddlebags (you can equip your mounts with varied equipment in Vanguard).  Chat windows can be created and dragged anywhere, as well as have filters applied, font sizes changed, etc. Hotbars can also be added, removed, dragged, and positioned.

Tooltip Comparisons - Another little added feature I love is tooltip comparisons when mousing over items. Nothing beats being able to mouse over an item and immediately see how it compares to what your wearing. Some may say this is nothing much, but there are many MMO's without this feature and when it's not there... you really notice.

Character Equipment Management - This part about Vanguard was really new to me - I had never played an MMO where you actually have 5 sets of equipment you wear at any time. What I mean, is that you have your normal Adventure set, your Crafting set, your Harvesting set, your Diplomacy set, and your Mount set. Sets change automatically depending on what you do. If you go to harvest a node, your harvesting equipment is automatically equipped to maximize your harvesting abilities. The same goes for every other type. Here's some shots of the adventure, crafting, and mount equipment screens (notice the tabs on the left, they let you view and manage your sets).

Adventure Set

Crafting Set

Mount Set

Quests and Tracking
I had briefly touched on the questing in my last post, however I wanted to explain a bit more about it. Quests are picked up from NPC's, drops, or from special events that may trigger them. Managing the quests is pretty simple with the quest book. After accepting a quest and reading a bit more in-depth with what your quest book has recorded, you can see that almost all quests in the game contain "location" tracking. This is great for people like me, as it gets you set in the right direction. Selecting the location pops a red marker on your compass (and a blip on your map) for you to follow.

Quest screen with Location tracking

As you learn locations and explore, they get added to your Locations book - which is great as you can simply select a location and it'll point you in the right direction!


Locations screen


Wrap-up and Random screenshots
I didn't go into much detail, but I hope the screenshots help you explore the interface visually. I also wanted to hit on crafting and harvesting with this entry, but I'll save that for later. For now... please enjoy these random screenshots of some in-game action and posing!

Fighting a Jin Fiend

Mining some Copper
(notice how the game put me in my harvesting clothes automatically!)

Casting a buff

Sniping an enemy

Posing Indoors with some Trainers

Posing Outdoors near a tree village

Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by!

Daakkon writes:

this makes me want to play again :/

Tue Oct 30 2007 2:26AM Report
NetSapiens writes:

Your posts are valuable to me, so please keep them up. I've already decided to try out Vanguard, as I think it is a game for me, but I'm not going to risk a full purchase just yet. 
Also, I doubt the game will look anywhere NEAR what you're showing, on my Sempron with a Geforce 7600 gfx card :)

Tue Oct 30 2007 2:27AM Report
Baldur writes:

Definitely give it a shot :) The one cool thing about vanguard is that even on older hardware, the terrain still looks fantastic regardless.

Tue Oct 30 2007 9:03AM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Hiya, Great blog entry Baldur.  Keep up the good work.

NetSapiens, I too am running a 7600GT (however with a Core 2 Duo) and my framerate is very good and steady.  There are also presets of various graphical settings, ranging from High Performance, to Balanced, to High Quality with a few inbetween.

If your PC meets the minimum system requirements, and you are truely interested in giving Vanguard an earnest shot (sticking with it more than 30 mins) I'd be willing to give you one of my buddy keys as proof that this game is great fun, and deserves to be checked out.  Private message me here on the forums NetSapiens, if interested. 

Tue Oct 30 2007 9:44PM Report
Baldur writes:

Thanks for the comments MMOPlaya, always good to hear from a fellow player :)

Tue Oct 30 2007 10:57PM Report
Septopus writes:

I agree it is nice to hear, just waiting for that trial to come out so I can try it for myself. It could just be an elaborate trap to get my to play bad mmo's so I need to do non-paying testing!

Wed Oct 31 2007 12:38AM Report
hibye123 writes:

Hey Baldur wats ur names in VG so i can Pm u iam thinking of rejoining

Wed Oct 31 2007 8:38AM Report
Baldur writes:

Heya hibye123 - my ingame name is Torax, and I play on the Seradon server. Shoot me a msg in-game if you join up! I'll try to help you out

Wed Oct 31 2007 1:53PM Report
hibye123 writes:

ok will do. also u said in a previous post that u had a bard how r they was thinking of 1

Wed Oct 31 2007 5:05PM Report writes:
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