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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Forum posting 101

Posted by BadSpock Wednesday December 12 2007 at 4:01PM
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I'm so sick of all this B.S. from the extreme hard-right side of MMO gamers.. the so called "hardcore."

They were around in the early days of the MMORPG. When games were a lot more tough and unforgiving.

They are now the very loud and very vocal minority. They feel as if they are right and all the new MMORPG players are wrong or stupid or weak etc. etc.etc. They feel that they are special because they've been banging through MMOs for a long time. You are not special. You are the minority.

Truth is, the genre has changed. Some of us old school MMO vets like me have changed with it and learned to enjoy the more casual aspects of our favorite MMOs.

You "hardcore" seem to cling to the bygone days of old, somehow expecting that they'll come back. They won't. It's plain and simple. You have ONE game in development that promises to be an "old school" experience, and most would consider that game to be vaporware with no real chance of release.

Besides that, there is one game out there that is still "hardcore" and follows the old school set of rules, EVE, and I know a lot of you enjoy it. Great, awesome, I'm happy for you. 

Now shut the f*#$ up.

I know there are a lot of newer MMO players that defend their modern-generation games with just as much zealotry and bias as you "old school" vets who do nothing but spit the same trash as the three posters before you did. (McDonalds, Brittney Spears, Chinese Gold farmers anyone?)

Seriously. Get over it. Play EVE, hope for Darkfall, or move on. All this WoW bashing and "carebear" crap and "linear sucks this" and "linear sucks that" bull sh!t is annoying, childish, and just plan stupid.

If you really are so "mature" and want games with more "challenge" that take more "intelligence" then you should learn to post with intelligence, maturity... or is that too challenging?

The younger generation MMO players are just as guilty of immaturity and stupidity as they exhaustively defend their MMO of choice from the "hardcore" zealots.

I know it won't end, I know ya'll don't care. You enjoy bickering back and forth about this that and the other thing, pretending as you type behind your anonymous screen name that you are more wise and intelligent then the poster before you, as if your opinion carries more weight.

So what's the problem?

One problem is that people are far too passionate about the game(s) they love and the game(s) they hate. You can't blame them though, spending so much time and money to play the same game for months/years takes dedication. Of course we are passionate about something we are so dedicated to.

But honestly, think for a few seconds before you write some hateful or just plain ignorant post about about a game you don't like. And please, please learn to attack the arguement not the poster.

"You're argument is dumb" is 10000x better then "You're dumb."

I enjoy the spirited and intelligent debate I find on forums. Though, it's becoming more and more rare. I also use this site to catch up on the latest news and information regarding the genre of games I love so very much.

I understand that people need to vent sometimes. And often, we vent in a public setting (like an internet forum) in order to find relief from our frustrations/anger by sharing a common viewpoint with others. It's one of the reasons why people post on forums in the first place.

Just please make sure to rant/rave in the appropriate game forum, and please do try to understand that just because you think a certain way, doesn't mean others do to.

Be respectful.

This is to both sides of the fence. The "hardcore" and the "carebear."

We are all guilty of being little sh!t heads on these forums. I know I have been.

In fact I am guilty, right now, of venting on a public website. Throwing my thoughts/opinions onto this blog page for all the read and criticize if they so choose.

Any time you put something out there for the public to see, you face the risk that it will not be well received.

You can only hope and pray that those who disagree respond in a constructive, intelligent, and mature way..

I see less and less of it these days on

We have all been disapointed, we have all been let down, we have all hoped and dreamed and had these ideals squashed down. Many at have become jaded, we have been wronged... and we have our right to be upset and to cast our frustrations outwards for all the see....

But also remember that we have all had great times, enjoyable experiences, and good friends in MMORPG games... we wouldn't be here, at, or playing the MMORPG genre if we didn't.

That's all I got.