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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

What's the point?

Posted by BadSpock Monday October 15 2007 at 11:51AM
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Ok, I'm giving up.

Thank you to all those that read my blog posts about my "perfect MMORPG."

Also a special thanks to those who took the time to comment.

I'm not going to continue posting blog entries in the way I was before, with the part by part, section by section format as before.

To any who enjoyed my sequential posting of "My Perfect MMORPG" writings, I appologize for discontinuing but I've simply lost the motivation to continue.

I'm going to instead use this blog to just write freely about certain games, game play systems, ideas, and of course my own insane ramblings on this or that...

I believe that the MMORPG genre is at a stand still.

World of Warcraft oppened the door to so many new gamers. Ever since WoW I feel that the MMORPG industry has been kind of caught up in a honeymoon effect.

Everyone wants the success that WoW has/had and to do so they try to mimic WoW as closely as possible... yet adding that new "twist" that will catapult them to WoW like success...

But no one has been able to duplicate WoW's success. Even worse then those trying to copy WoW, are those that try explicitly to be totally different then WoW like Vanguard, but then fail even worse then the WoW clones.

Then we see games like Tabula Rasa that supposedly "eliminate the grind" even when compared to WoW and people say the game has no depth or re-play value.

So what's the solution? How do we get out of the WoW honeymoon effect?

Games like AoC and WAR promise new game play systems and more impact on the world, but they both feature levels and classes and the same linear story telling. They both just offer a different twist.

AoC twist - Mature!

WAR twist - RvR!

Not to say that either game won't be good, but with WoW releasing another expansion around the same time as the release of AoC and WAR, will either game really break out so well that they'll seriously compete and distance themselves from the WoW model?

I doubt it.

Point is...

It's hard to stay motivated to dream up a "perfect MMORPG" when all we see time and time again from developers is more of the same.

Even games like Darkfall are just more of the same, but instead of being more of the recent WoW style, DF will just be more of the old (UO) style.

Action oriented games like Spellborn and Fury are barely MMORPGs anymore as they become more and more about twich gaming (even Tabula Rasa to some extent.)

So I'm waiting for a traditional Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to come out that expands upon and Evolutionizes the the genre, not re-invents it.

Until then, I'll being playing a little World of Warcraft because it's really the most polished and complete title out there....

neschria writes:

I feel your pain.

Mon Oct 15 2007 1:22PM Report
Mequellios writes:

It does seem that way doesnt it? I try not to depress myself with this kinda thinking but I cant help but admit your right. I love MMOs but so many of them see kinda... dull.

I'm going to take some of your writing as tips (if you don't mind) since I plan to go to college for game design. I have always wanted to make an MMO thats different. Personally, I don't like WoW a whole lot. It wasnt bad but the cartoony feel and grind turned me away. So the game Im concepting right now wont be anything like WoW (maybe some coincidental similarities but nothing more).

Thanks for your writings. You seem to have a really good insight on games.


Mon Oct 15 2007 1:57PM Report
BadSpock writes:

well thanks.

I'll still be posting up all kinds of silly Blog entries on all kinds of things about MMORPGs, I'm just abandoning the whole "My Perfect MMORPG" thing.

Mon Oct 15 2007 2:04PM Report
Flungmuk writes:

Well AoC does say they have a new combat system to replace the age old button mashing 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,5 that many titles turn into.

And to be fair, TR is in beta, granted less than a month from release, look how sparce EQ was for content when it was 1st released. But then, also look at what Richard Garriott did with Ultima IX. Personaly, I'm not holding my breath for TR, not since I tried the beta.

If AoC can keep to this new combat system and stay away from being gear centric, then IMO, it holds a lot of promise. Hopfully with a good crafting system. Not as finger cramping as early EQ or as boring as WoWs fire and forget.

Mon Oct 15 2007 3:39PM Report
ZeppelinJ0 writes:

Sadly its more about the money and less about the gameplay, due mostly in part to WoW's resounding success.

Chripes, I even saw a Toyota-WoW commercial during NFL Sunday, 3 times in a row.  Ruined my Sunday.

Mon Oct 15 2007 4:43PM Report
Runefruit10 writes:

DF is not entirely copying UO, except the backpack. It has alot of similarities but it has a lot of new things as well. Other than that I agree with you totally, some of my friends who started playing WoW as their first MMO think that if a game isn't exactly like WoW with better graphics then its crap.

Mon Oct 15 2007 6:50PM Report
vajuras writes:

DF is copying UO but its evolving the model the way WoW evolved the EQ model. I wish they could deliver something good at the very least to show we dont have to have Classes, Levels, and no death penalty to succeed. virtual worlds are in grave danger if you ask me. I mean 'virtual sandbox worlds' are in danger.

There is also W.E.L.L. Online you did not mention that title here check it out heerboya I think you'd love it to death if they delivered. stress "if".

It's going to be amazing if they can pull it off. I think it might possibly be a lot more closer to your perfect MMO.

I did like the 'perfect MMO' series. It just takes time to go through all that text you know. perhaps if you coulda shortened it. Ive been trying to do that too (shorten my ideas, articles, and rants) for the busy people.

cheers til the next blog lol


Mon Oct 15 2007 7:26PM Report
vajuras writes:

btw integrating twitch doesnt make an MMORPG less of one checkout Asheron's Call 1 for instance and the offline success like Elder Scrolls Oblivion. I think twitch is a great way to go to make combat more immersive. sure, would be nice to see more focus on non-combat activites as well! But if they; gonna have combat- then lets get more twitch involved

Mon Oct 15 2007 7:29PM Report
Tron420 writes:


I have enjoyed your writings and hope that you take back "giving up." I am sure you already know this, but you need to consider how slow the MMO industry moves compared to all other game genres. What's the _average_ dev time, 4 years? With all the time and money required to put out each title, I don't expect things to happen in a timely manner. Look how long WoW took to develop by Bliz, with their endless resources... When I first heard about the game, I got a huge hardon for it, but had to do nothing but wait. So it goes...

Mon Oct 15 2007 11:55PM Report
Cathalaode writes:

I enjoyed your posts, but now I have a monopoly going. Mixed feelings...

Tue Oct 16 2007 12:36AM Report
iamloser writes:

One reason that WOW is so popular that we don't normally think about is advertising. New commercials, a live-action movie made by the people of 300. How many more subscribers do you think that's gonna get. ALOT. People just aren't daring to be different. Darkfall you are our only hope. Ya, I love Darkfall.

Sun Dec 30 2007 9:01PM Report writes:
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