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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Thoughts on how to revitalize and save WAR RvR

Posted by BadSpock Thursday June 25 2009 at 1:54PM
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Cut from some postings I made, to those who have played/do play WAR let me know what you think.

I believe this game has too much potential to fail.

1. Make the best PvP gear come from gaining influence in Tier 4 open RvR areas, and in city siege/capture.

2. Make it so you can only get certain pieces of the gear sets from attacking and taking objectives/keeps/cities, and certain pieces only from defending and holding objectives/keeps/cities.

3. Make the Renown so the best Renown gear you can get caps out at Renown level 40.

All the rest comes from open world RvR.

4. As for scenariors? Well, you still have 80 renown levels and each level gives you points for improving your characters stats. Scenarios should be a way to help you level and enjoy PvP in small bursts but it should be all about open world RvR.

This will funnel people into open RvR in Tier 4 across the realm and make them focus on attack AND defense equaly, and still give scenarios a reason to be played if you want a quick game to increase your renown rank a bit.

5. Make the highest level Guild Ranks and rewards only available to guilds who take control of keeps. The longer you hold the keep, and the longer you defend it, the more points you build up. Have the keeps only attackable during prime-time hours for that server to prevent ninja ganking of keeps.

It's just like the battlegrounds versus arena in WoW. You want some good, entry level gear you can run scenarios until Renown rank 40 but if you want the REALLY good stuff you have to participate in open world RvR on both offensive and defensive fronts.

You want your guild to get to the max rank you have to organize and batlte over keep control, which btw helps your realm and city and yourself cause open RvR gives best rewards.. etc.

6. I don't think there should be any keeps in Tier 2-3.

Would make the competition over keeps in Tier 4 a little better.

Also.. make Tier control of 1-3 a lot more important to Tier 4 control and city siege, and rely mostly on the battlefield objectives on those tiers.

7. And do so by making character who are high level de-rank to an appropriate level, the opposite of the bolster buff for low level characters, instead of the chicken mechanic. Only use the chicken / chaos chicken if they wander into opposing PvE areas of lower Tiers.

The battling in these lower Tiers for high level players would add to their influence with the Tier 4 area of that racial pairing, the only way to get the best gear as discussed above.

8. Edit - Remove the Healer NPC's! When you die you get a stacking debuff that lowers your stats, it's never an issue because of the silly Healer NPC's you can pay to have it removed. I'd say get rid of it for both PvE and PvP, but if anything just PvP please. Helps prevent the zerg methods of PvP and gives dying some consequence, turns big battles into wars of attrition rather then number zerging.

Guess you can keep the Healer NPC's but they can only heal PvE death related rez sickness.