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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Is it cool to say you hate WoW?

Posted by BadSpock Friday May 23 2008 at 11:19AM
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Everyday on these forums, and many others across the interwebs...

I see the exact same posts, nearly the exact same texts.


People tout their hatred of WoW as if it is some great badge of honor. That they are too "good" to be playing WoW, or that their 15 dollars a month is more important and precious to waste playing WoW.

It's like some kind of damn elitest club.

"Well, my opinion should be taken more seriously because *I* don't play WoW."

"I am well above and beyond the maturity and cranial capacity required to play this mindless children's game."


Get the f*ck over yourselves people.

Not liking WoW does not a badass make. You are not unique or special for proudly stating that you don't play the most popular and successful MMO on the market today. 

Are you expecting a cookie? Maybe a virtual pat on the back?

People like to say that they are more "hardcore" or "l337" because they play more "complex" or "adult" games like AoC, EVE, or the biggest "OMG I'M SO COOL" game ever, Darkfall.

No one gives a sh!t.

I swear from now on everytime I see this kind of crap I'm going to call you out on it, and I'm going to petition to add an option to their "Report a Post" feature to include a "Stupidity" button.


Need beer...

I was right!

Posted by BadSpock Friday May 9 2008 at 9:51AM
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From a preview of Wrath of the Lich King, the new WoW expansion, from the folks over at TenTonHammer... All credit for the following article is of course theirs.

"At this point, Kaplan stopped and really focused his attention on the press attendees. “We’re making a fairly major change to our raiding game that I’m really excited to talk about,” Kaplan began. “We’re going to have a lot of raid instances in Wrath of the Lich King, but rather than have some of them 10 person and some 25 person, all of the raid instances will use our heroic dungeon technology to be 10 AND 25 person instances.”

”In the Burning Crusade,” Kaplan continued, “Karazhan was our most popular instance. It was the one players run the most each week, but we also had all this great 25 person content. We found that players wanted a full progression through 10 person and a full progression through 25 person content. It wasn’t a matter of one being hardcore and one being casual; it was more a matter of what sort of social constructs are players comfortable playing with, who they played with, and what size their guild was.”

“So what we’d rather have is a scenario where the player decides how many people they’re comfortable with – 10 or 25,” he added. “We want to provide content for these groups on all tiers, both accessible tiers to the super-skilled, hardcore end-game. The 10 and 25 man raids progress completely independently of each other.”

Taking a breath, Kaplan continued his explanation of their system. “One complaint we did receive in the Burning Crusade was that our 25 person raid community didn’t want to go through the 10 person content to get attuned to the 25 person content,” he said. “They felt that they were a 25 person raiding guild, why should they have to go through Karazhan? They just wanted to move on to the next content. With them in mind, the 10 and 25 tracks will be completely independent. We won’t ever force the 25 person raiding guilds to do the 10 person content or vice versa.”

“That said, we do feel that getting the 25 person raid together takes a lot more coordination and effort, and we want to preserve the eliteness of the 25 person raiding,” Kaplan explained. “In terms of rewards, the 25 person versions of our raid dungeons will drop not only better loot by almost an entire tier, but also more of it. If you’re willing to take on the effort of coordinating the extra people, it’s much more rewarding.”"

I just want to say.... I called it!

I wrote a blog post (or two) here at about how they should split up the raiding into Normal and Heroic... to make the group size adjustable....

And now Blizzard is doing it. Are they spying on me? Are they reading my blog here at

Maybe I'm just that amazingly awesome where I can predict the future...  Or maybe I'm so smart that I figure out what Blizzard should do before they do! 

But most likely I just had a lucky guess. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has talked about this or mentioned it as a great idea for them. 

What do ya'll think? Blizzard is adding tons of new 5-person dungeons and all of them have normal and heroic modes, and now all the new raids have 10-person normal modes and 25-person Heroic modes. Will you be more into raiding because of this? Less? 

Or do AoC and WAR have you so hyped that you don't really care what WoW does anymore?

What has changed?

Posted by BadSpock Monday May 5 2008 at 10:15AM
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I wrote this as a response to a thread over at Ten Ton Hammer:

From an article written by Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller, it's a great read, check it out! I thought I'd bring it over to and try and stimulate a discussion.


The biggest change I have seen is the shift from single player to multi-player, and MMOs have been on the forefront of that change.

Games of all genres are now released with multiplayer, co-op modes, online content, etc. We now have the new Xbox live, the Playstation Online network, and so forth.

This trend has affected a lot more then gaming with social networks like Myspace, YouTube, Wikkis... the list goes on and on.

What does this have to do with MMORPGS? Well I think players are expecting a lot more interaction. WoW was designed to give you a lot of solo playability, and to slowly wean you towards group play and eventually massive group play. It was the perfect learning curve.

Now that multiplayer and cooperation/competition have become the norm across all gaming genres, MMO players expect a lot more group content, more interaction with others (be it in PvE cooperatively or competitively in PvP).

This is why I think we see a lot of the new concepts that games like Warhammer are bringing to the table. Living guilds, public quests, a focus on teamwork and "belonging" to something that we see in the RvR campaign. Sure, they are making a lot of content solo-friendly for the late adapters, but more and more they are focusing on the multiplayer elements of the massively-Multiplayer-online name sake.

As we all become more social online across many different mediums, we expect our games to give us more options to be social, be it cooperatively or competitively. The renewed interest and focus on PvP in MMOs is due to this multiplayer movement that really started with online FPS games. We expect buddy lists and belonging in organizations and social groups in everything we do online now, so we see an increased focus on group content and teamwork in our MMOs.

I think this trend will continue until solo-play while online is really only a memory. Developers will continue to invent new ways of bringing us together, to either help each other or kill one another until it becomes so integrated in our minds that the very thought of single-player becomes boring and obsolete.

My AoC thus far

Posted by BadSpock Friday May 2 2008 at 12:19PM
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I'm jumping on the AoC beta thoughts bandwagon!

This is just my thoughts on my experiences in the Fileplanet open beta thus far. There is no NDA for it, so I am free to dicuss. 

Keep in mind that this is NOT a review, this is just an update to any who are interesting in reading it on my personal experience with the AoC open beta thus far.

This is only from a few hours last night playing (trying to play).

I have not yet decided my view on AoC.

So far the Open Beta has been not nearly as stable and performed as well as the PvP Weekend. This is a concern.

Lots of time loading. The loading screens aren't too bad once they become cached, but the fact that they are used so frequently is disapointing. If this was a single player console game I could forgive it, but after experiencing the free roaming fun and scale of Grand Theft Auto IV the loading screens in AoC really do bug me.

The combat is good, it was fun in the PvP weekend, but so far I have found no use for the active dodging or blocking. Spamming attacks and special moves seems to be more effective then trying to play with tactics, using the evasion buff from double tapping S or the knockdown bonus for double tapping W etc. So far, I have had no reason for those, and the active blocking is too slow to "catch" any incoming attacks. It's either attack mode or block mode, the few seconds it takes to switch between makes it unuable to me thus far.

The story is good though standard fantasy so far, the dialogue and voice acting is exceptional.

I'm just not sure there is enough "draw" to really keep me entertained yet. It's all pretty standard post-WoW era MMO stuff, the combat is a new twist but not implemented in a way that makes it truely "action packed" and dynamic to me. 

When I think action packed and dynamic combat I think of stuff like the Zelda games or Ninja Gaiden etc. Even Mass Effect was more engaging and "active" then I feel the AoC combat is. I think it's going to work great for a console game, but I'm not too sure about for PC.

The "end-game" stuff does look interesting, mounted combat and sieges and dungeons / raids etc. But I honestly think that other games are going to do all of the above better. RvR ala WAR is > PvP no matter who does the PvP. WoW does raids / dungeons better then anyone.

I dunno. We'll see.

I'm going to play the SHIZBAM out of AoC in the next few weeks and make my decision when the release comes.