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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

I Can Be Your Heero Baby!

Posted by BadSpock Friday February 15 2008 at 11:11AM
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So I posted this on the forums and was so impressed by myself, I decided to right another blog lol.

Sorry, self-butt-kissing moment:

I'm not at all against FFA PvP.

I just believe that FFA PvP doesn't have to be about ganking/griefing others.

Think about it this way...

Say you and your guild role play as a band of marauding Orcs. It's perfectly acceptable (and within the game rules) for you to go around slaughtering everyone that you come across.

But what's different in a MMO is that the helpless people you are slaughtering are other players.

It's like watching a movie, you don't care if the Orcs slaughter some nameless villagers, but you sure do care if they kill off one of the Heroes.

In a MMO, we all want to be Heroes, we want to be Heroes in all the games we play. 

It's not fun to be the nameless villager, but that is what we start out as in a MMO. It takes a while to become a Hero. That's really want the RPG part of MMORPG is about, becoming a Hero. 

And it's really hard to become a Hero if every time you go outside your village, some *sshole Orc kills you for no reason other then the fact that you were there. 

That, is why total unrestricted FFA PvP does not work in MMOs. 

FFA Guild vs. Guild and FFA Faction vs. Faction are and should be enough FFA for anyone.

That way your band of Orcs can slaughter all the people you want, as long as they are part of the faction/guild in opposition to you. They are just some random villager anymore, they are the enemy. The real enemy. There is HONOR in killing them.

Anyone who wants to go out and kill random noobs for fun is a pathetic coward, and nothing anyone will ever say will change my mind on that.

Take away the ability to randomly kill some lowbie, some poor shmuck crafting or killing monsters, and you can still very easily have your immersion, your epic, bloody, perpetual conflict, but you don't have to ruin the game for someone else at the same time.