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BadSpock's Logical Conclusions.

My random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity. Enjoy.

Author: BadSpock

Still on the bandwagon! Part1 - Looting

Posted by BadSpock Friday February 15 2008 at 11:15AM
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So this FFA PvP debating seems to be picking up... Hurray!

I've read many blogs and forum threads, thought I'd share some thoughts of mine with ya'll.



Looting -

A lot of people talk about full and/or partial player looting when they talk about Free For All Player Versus Player combat. 

They feel that if you defeat someone, you should be able to take all/some of their equipment and what they were carrying. Classic Ultima Online and modern EVE Online allow players to loot each other.

In EVE, you have insurance and clones. In other games you have timers, protected items, blessings, etc. Pretty much, ways to keep some or all of your stuff.

The basic problem with player looting is that the vast majority of people are selfish. It's a game, people like to win at games. With player looting, people don't mind looting others, it's like Christmas morning opening that bag / cargo hold and finding goodies to plunder... I know, I've looted plenty of people back in the day....

But when someone kills you, especially when they are cowards and gank you, or especially when you are new to the game..... it proves without a doubt why so few games do player looting anymore. It sucks. Bad.

So somewhere along the way, people thought:

"Hey! People like stuff, people hate when their stuff is stolen, let's make all the cool stuff come from Monsters and let's make it so once you get it you can't lose it!"

And this was how modern PvE was born. Raiding, dungeons, quest loot, item drops... all of it.

And some say, this was also the death of PvP.

What's the "point" of PvP if not to take stuff from other people? Well, they thought:

"Hey, people love FPS games and in there, you don't get to steal other stuff, the sweet taste of victory is enough!"

And thus modern PvP was born. Hell, they even use CTF and King of the Hill in MMOs now.

For me, victory is enough reward. I've played a sh*t ton of FPS games, been a Halo freak for years, so I'm very used to the concept of "reward = victory" and that's it. I get enough of a rush from simply defeating my opponents, I don't NEED to spit on their corpse, drag it behind me chariot, strip it naked and hang it on my wall.

So I just totally do not understand the mentality of the player looter.

I know some people will say that player looting good for the economy, it's good for crafters.

Why? Because if people keep having their stuff stolen when they die, they'll have to keep buying more stuff. I mean look at the EVE Online economy. They had to hire their own economist for Christ's sake.

So I can definetly see that as a bonus to player looting, it creates a much more important sense of economy. But it works both ways.

You don't NEED as much of a robust player-driven economy if you don't NEED to replace your gear every day/hour etc.

Economy is one of those things that no one can get right. In real life, or in a virtual one. It's much easier in a virtual one because you can put certain restrictions and controls on the economy that you just can't do in real life (at least not in the United States.)