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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Blog numbah 7 - How I eat crow, and other ideas.

Posted by BackwardsDag Thursday December 18 2008 at 10:38AM
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 Yep yep yep, a lil crow goes a long way. What do you do when a pretty girl asks you to play a MMO you officially gave up? Well I say no, firmly. What do you say when they ask you to play with them, if they pay? I say yes, and grumble when they are not in Vent. Back to WoW, and I come before ye electronic masses in humilty. But I didn't pay for it...

 Otherwise, still waiting for the breakthru game, wondering when it will happen. I had high hopes for WAR, but seems its just a bit to PvPish for my tastes. I never cared much for the whole warhammer bit, the crowd seemed to hmmm.... to excited over things we had worked out in other games years before, and my one trial with tabletop left a bitter flavor in my mouth. Overtly complex, and so many rules, well, it was like being by the guy in DnD who would whip out his plethora of books to show you just how, as a DM, you were wrong. I was hoping though, it would translate well into a new RP enviroment I could enjoy, but, as they say, RP is dead. I still find a lil in SecondLife, and a lil in WoW, but its a little mind you, a very tiny bit.

 Looks like I will go back to Gemstone in the long run, with its stilted play, no graphics, and rediculous prices, but at least there, I get my RP in, and get it in good. Jokes and laughter, using the odd circumstance to have fun, and a grind that would even make a korean happy, Gemstone is NOT what I wanted to play this coming year, but it seems, thats where I start off every year.

 Eve is gonna get a trial, but I was bored with it when I left, so I dunno if a 5 day trial is going to change my mind. Anarchy Online is supposed to be updated soon, but like most games that have gotten some age on them, most of the decent folks are gone.

 AoC is just... well enough has been said about that.

 LoTRO is beautiful, but delivering pies irks me to no end.

 All I got left to see if I like it is EQ2, and well, I did enough EQ1 that I am bored already, tho the fan base seems to be stabile, the worlds are empty.

 I'm finding it harder and harder to socialize thru the MMO like I used to, mostly because I love to RP. I love RP because I can be something other than another wage slave shmuck in the americas, and as it dies, I find my lack of faith in society becoming more a bitter realization that most of what was good on this earth is gone these days. I keep playing them some, because I guess knowing folks can read and use a computer makes for better conversation than most bars have to offer.

 Pardon this whine, but why does RP have to be such a bad thing in the mmoRPg genre? Its like the idiots have taken over the asylum, and left us poor insane ones out in the rain. Is imagination and creativity really that bad? Has the world really been taken over by the mindless masses? Is that sheep bleating I hear?

 And for me for the most part it is that bad to most people, most people are idiots, and yes, the baa baa is not of the black sheep anymore. Maybe I am just waiting for something that is lost to us, and can not ever be returned, lost when the game left the table and was sold as a program. Maybe thats why I keep going back to Gemstone, even after all these years, it has some of the heartbeat of the old ways left, some ghost of creation and intelligence that used to set us RP'ers apart.

 Not to leave on a horrible down note, I do want to say I think in the future we will be able to customize more than we do now, we will have RP back in the sling to sit down and get lost with for a little while, and I think the trend of humans is to become smarter, with extended dumb periods. Game Devs take note! Gemstone still generates money for Simu, and I keep going back to enjoy some decent (if not great) RP. There is a group of us out there, some 200-300k of us, who, if given a great place to RP, would fatten your bankroll for years to come.