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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Second up - After RL tragedy, RPG's sit a lil' differently.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday December 25 2007 at 2:18AM
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 I am always on about how badly i want to RP, so this second bit is more about how I like to play, why I like to play, and why I keep playing.

 MMORPG's offer an opportunity in a society that has shut itself off to all but the smallest of cliques and friends, a chance to begin again. A new world awaits you, in the off-world colonies...(sorry, just watched Blade Runner - FInal Cut.) A lot of us americans will watch other countries come into a game, and BLAM, they have a community, and a purpose of movement, and they ALWAYS group up for the big returns on MMO's that reward such communities.

 Sadly it has become hard to join groups, and a certainly, it is the american way that is influencing itself on our games. This can be seen in  the technical separation nowadays of  "n00b" guilds versus "l33t" guilds. We devise more ways to not accept people than we do to accept them.

This however does not faze me, and I do keep trying, in different worlds and games, to find ways to bring us together, and we do eventually find a way to work with each other. One way of this is how guilds will fall apart, and the good guys who are left collect the leftover folks and start again. This is one of the reasons I keep playing. Keep playing long enough, and you will eventually find a group of folks to settle in with, and make new friends.

My style of playing has evolved from both hardcore RPG and the constant playing of RTS games. Both genres of games have kept my interest, although honestly, I do not care to play RTS anymore. Mostly, just one or two decent MMO's hold me down, for now.

This however, has recently changed for me.

At 3 in the morning two weeks ago, I looked over from gaming on Anarchy Online, to see my apartment building on fire. I t pretty much devastated the building, I had to relocate, buy all new crap, and start over. The event was a life threatening one only if you realize had I slept, I would not be alive. Everyone escaped the fire with no or minor injuries, so it was all good in the end, but, it put into perspective how I think about games, because honestly, thats why I am alive.

In farting around with my friends online, and being interested in something other than my morose little life, I was able to act when needed. I should stop worrying about how I spend my time, and enjoy instead the time I have to spend it.


no spell check, and its late, excuse my mistakes.

Romanjisan writes: Wow, BacwardsDag, my condolences to you. That had to be a devastating life experience for you. To lose everything one owned in a fire would just about kill anyone. Merry Christmas to ya all the same. Btw, I, too, have played Anarchy Online, but didn't have the grit to stick it out to 200+ levels, lol. Tue Dec 25 2007 2:34AM Report
maryxiao writes:

any way , marry christmas


Tue Dec 25 2007 2:57AM Report
Vyeth writes:

Life is too short to let it be influenced by anything other than what YOU would like to influence it.. Do what you want, any time you want..

Some people see themselves doing more than the ol "making money and die" process...

Tue Dec 25 2007 12:41PM Report
kevindubay00 writes:

My condolences to you I know what that is like :-(

April 22, 2002 at 1:30 A.M.  my apartment exploded, well the apartment above me to be more precise. Had I not been Playing Dark Age of Camelot I may not be here today.

Good Luck with the rebuilding just remember it's just stuff it can all be replaced, being alive is the most important thing and a few years down the road you'll hopefully be able to say "WOW did that really happen" as I often ask myself.

Tue Dec 25 2007 6:40PM Report
Krogg writes:

Some lovers spat caused someone to light my last building on fire in the stairwell, I got to jump 2 stories down from my bedroom window, it was fun!


Tue Dec 25 2007 7:45PM Report
Auspice writes:

Ya sorry from me too.  One of my best friends from WoW had that same thing happen.  All i have to say to you is that when he started playing again after that he was really stressed out, and after a few weeks back on the game you could tell the difference with him. 

Unless you are forced to man, keep doing what you love doing.  Just dont let it be your whole life.

Tue Dec 25 2007 8:10PM Report
soulwynd writes:

It's only tragedy when the hero dies.


Good luck with your stuff tho. Specially with dealing with people more.

Thu Dec 27 2007 10:43AM Report
BackwardsDag writes:


zomgbbqpwn you all rock. I am doing great, and I will be writing a new blog tonight! Your comments and shared stories inspire me to continue with my love and search of mmorpg's, its fan base (obviously us), and the great experiment we are all part of, the understanding and continuation of the worlds greatest species.

Sun Dec 30 2007 2:53AM Report writes:
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