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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

First up, it's a plea, not a whine.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday December 4 2007 at 7:25AM
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 It's late, and I am tired, and my head hurts cause I still use a CRT instead of an LCD

I miss the most, role playing, and all its glory when its happening. I replied to a flame today, which I almost never do. I will find myself typing out a reply to the flame, when I say, yah know, this just isn't that important to me, and erase everything I wanted to flame about. I don't do any other forums, except my alliance forum in EVE, and even there I don't say much, mostly just get intel from it.

The plea I want to make is hey- I love to role-play, and I can't find it. But EVE is making me change my mind about what role playing is, and what I want from it. I used to be pretty strict about the game I wanted to play, it needed a big RP factor, and needed some sort of ummmm, fluxy, groove, something not really I can define, but rather just feel. I haven't really felt it since I left Gemstone, a text (yes'm, that says text) based sorta uber MUD, which was the beginnings of MMO's. I was completely into my charector, totally tied into that universe, in a way I hadn't ever really felt from an online game. The problem is, text is limiting in way that graphics are not.

Oh wait, I hear the flame... You don't know what your talking about Dag, text is unlimited in and of itself, you can describe anything with text, graphics limit your imagination.

Well, that may be true for a lot of you, but I find my imagination is spurred by the graphics, and I have read more books than most folks out there, and well, I prefer graphics in my game. Even back in DnD days, before Cyberpunk, before GURPS, we wanted as many miniatures as we could get.  This love of the graphics has lead me to try many different games, and always, I am left wanting for more role play.

And here, right now, I am realizing something, this has happened before. Before I found Gemstone, I was feeling the same way. MUD after MUD, table top after table top, I just wanted to immerse myself into a role, and let my inner sanctum out in a game, let me delve into myself and see what I was like and not like. In a game, I can be evil, or side with evil, and be good in evilness, or be bad at it, or be good in goodness, or bad at it. It's an experiment of the psyche, a learning experiment that can not be played out in any other way. I can apply myself and give it my all, or walk away from it and be done.  Especially since its game, its only bearing on me is whether or not I indulge myself on a personal level to the other players, which I tend not to do, prefering anonminity anominity? bah, to late to look it up, to stay aloof of the mixing of RL and nonRL.

Guess I gotta keep pushing for that RP only server in Hero's Journey, or wait untill some magical faery comes along and blesses me with the ultimate game.

Eve has done wonders for me though, it is rather immersive, and although I do not really play a role, I do play a toon, who has tons of stuff to do. With Vent, chat, fleet, orders, PvP, skills, I am rather into EVE right now, living in 0.0 space and building a corp with my RL friends.

It ain't the groove I want tho, just as WoW, AO, UO, EQ, and a good few others have not been. I see myself playing for another year, maybe two, then burning out on it. Cause hey, its a facinating challenging game, the best I have seen in graphics yet, but umm, challenges are always bested, and I ain't playing a role I choose, I am playing a toon, who is lucky enough to be in the right place with the right corp at the right time.

Strayfe writes:

As a former player of Gemstone myself (it was my first online game ever), you aren't going to find the graphical equivalent, and unfortunately, Hero's Journey isn't going to be the savior because it's going to draw all the other connoisseurs who sample every MMO out there, and generally speaking, don't know a thing about true RP.

Even the die hard, ultra RPers would have a difficult time adjusting to a game such as Gemstone, simply because it's hard for people who aren't used to that sort of game to envision or fathom what's required to play it.

I still go back from time to time.  Over the years, my cleric has inched his way up from a nobody, but you won't find a graphical GS.  Trust me, I've been looking for awhile.

Tue Dec 04 2007 11:57AM Report
schmoja writes:

"iIt's an experiment of the psyche,"

Tha in and of itself says it all.  We are induvidual, and we seek to test ourselves and our limits every moment conciously or subconciously. MMO's and even some early stand alone games gave a a fictional areana to do this.

im not here to discuss or flame, because I know that whats right for you won't be the same for me and visa versa.

Oh ya, when that magical faery comes along, send her my way.  };^)'

Wed Dec 05 2007 7:04AM Report
Deathsbedbug writes:

For RP purposes, have you considered a game like Myst Online: Uru Live?  It doesn't have the RPG aspects that the other MMOs have, but it has a serious RP side that I absolutely adore.  It's based on the old Myst series, explore, solve fiendish puzzles, but now there are multiplayer puzzles, and always some type of RP going on inside the game.  The RP side of Uru is one of it's biggest draws for me, the second being the live storyline, acted out in monthly episodes by Cyan employees, actions of players in the game can definitely affect the direction the storyline moves in directly and indirectly.  Uru is offered as part of the Game Tap subscription, $10/month US...with over 1000 other games to stay busy with...downside to that for me...I still have the cd roms from the ones of theirs I'd recommend the most lol

I also adore RTS, and have been playing RPGs for years, only having begun MMOs in the last 3 years, mostly on Runescape, I'm in the market for a new mmorpg as well, but nothing seems to fit yet.   It's very much the way of the 'n00b' versus the '1337' over there...but like someone else said, after spending 3 years in it, there are friends I've made I wouldn't trade for any amount of levels.  It also can get you down...if you let it.  I've been in clans that fell apart, left some for being just too evil to bother with...sometimes it seems there are no normal nice people to hang out with on there besides the few I've known for years.  That's what makes it tough to even begin a new mmo...being a noob on rs was no fun at all...why would I want to do it again? 

Upside to Uru...there are no noobs.  There's not much in the way of competition...sure there are some jerks, as there will always be in life, but for the most part, it's a phenomenal place to RP, with an indepth storyline and a huge extremely dedicated fanbase for that storyline.  Good luck finding what you're lookin for.

Tue Jan 01 2008 8:51PM Report
grimfall writes:

Try RPing on Neverwinter Nights public servers.  Still a lot of great roleplay goes on there if you like D&D and the FR setting.

Sun Apr 27 2008 4:18PM Report writes:
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