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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Blog Five- A few games you may not know, and one you do.

Posted by BackwardsDag Sunday April 27 2008 at 7:51AM
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 I do not give credit where credit is due sometimes, mostly because hey, I am human, I have my non-knowledge and I am fallible. Now thats a given to anyone who is a human, so it does no good to make excuses. I wanna give some credit that I do not think anyone gives.

Kingdom of Loathing- A java based game that I just absolutely fell in love with, to a point of celebrating three new years by inviting people over to drink in the new year with me while we listened to the fan boi radio they have that runs with the game. This little turn by turn MMO PvP game came out of left field and hit me with a right hook that dazed me. Stupid, brilliant, and undeniably fun, it cost the player nothing or very little, I spent 20 bucks on it in two years, and it was some of the best money I ever spent on a dumb game. Its dumb, its time consuming, and it can be downright frustratingly difficult, but it is a gem of a game, real diamond in the rough. I would spend 20 bux a month on it if it was in 3d persistent world, and not even blink, but 20 bux will get your toon to the repeating part of the game, the ... generations I think they call it, where your toon is resurrected into a new class, with only one spell from his past life as a booster.

My favorite free game ever, at least till now.

World of Warcraft - Blizzards beautiful child of an MMORPG, that almost removed instances and that feeling of going from one ROOM to another. I played the hell out of both Everquest, and its quirky sci-fi child Anarchy Online, and one thing I absolutely hated was that switching of regions, jumping from one region to another through some magic wall or shield surrounding each region, not to mention the HOURS of travelling. I know why it was done, I understand, but the thing I loved in WoW the most was that persistent world, that seemless run from one city to another, with the ability (if yah was a good monsterbaiter, as my guild called it) to bring giant high level monsters across that world to bash the hell out of a little newbie town or some such sort of hilarity, because the world was made to be truly seamless.

This world has been my favorite world for a long time, until I discovered SecondLife.

SecondLife- Loved by a very few rabidly, hated by most. SL as it is nicknamed, SL is a complex and rich world of discovery for those who wish to look. To start, if you just put a little money in it, not a lot, but  a little, you can have a top notch avatar, wearing the latest skin designed to advantage of the latest technical developments of the game, the most damnable weapons and shields, and usually, the ability to join one or more MMORPG ideas that are being actively developed by different folks through out the game. I have played, at different times, at least five different genres of games, Real life (AKA like Grand Theft Auto style) gangsters MMO, Vampire/Gothic RPG's, mix of vampire/fantasy/real life, Star Wars RPG, Star Trek RPG, not to mention the whole damn game is really a great way to explore any idea of roleplaying you wish to have... And i knew all kinds of folks also, The Goreans, the furries, the cyberpunks, griefers. I found a racing game culture, with a rather vast amount of cars to choose from, a flying culture, post mod industrialist goth culture with enough rusted garbage can fire ambiance to choke a goat with. I have never in my life seen such variety under one roof, and in as many cases as not, the work was real, heart felt, and imaginative. I understand the lag, I understand the horrible electronic mall problem, I understand the absolutely awful art and building that happens, but aside from all that, there are real gems, both in folks and in design that has happened there. If the land they sold was cheap enough to afford for the average player, the lag was gone... this game would be uber awesome for us.

To date, still my favorite world.

Last but not least

Gemstone IV- Text based, and still the best damn RP in the electronic world. This game actually began as a book based table top game, put out by a little known company called Iron Crown Enterprises. I used to play the d20 book of fantasy RPG it was before it became the base for the code of the MUD (multi-user dungeon) called Gemstone. Two companies later, and still having a somewhat consistent player base of about 2000 folks, its awesome beyond compare for a RP setting. I adore and sometimes loath the game, I mean, even if outdated today by just a little, my AMD 64 bit 3000 1g RAM, 256 NVidia 6600 desktop is sorely overpowered for such a game, and to wit, the game is expensive as hell for text. But even to this  day, I am astonished at the amount of depth I can get from it, even as everyone leaves it for cost reasons, even as the last few of us hold on and continue to play the hell out of the game, watching old friends just disappear, never seen or heard again, it is a game of surprising quality and complexity.

My favorite RP setting, hands down.

To finish off this little least known bits of why I respect this or that game blog, I retire saying right now... I only play Gemstone. I have given up EVE Online, AO online, WoW, SecondLife, EverQuest (one and two), Final Fantasy, DnD Online, (never played Guild Wars), LoTRo (delivering pies! r u kidding m3?)ect. ect ad nauseum. I am waiting for a new game to get involved with.




Litchfield writes:

good read, and good luck

Sun Apr 27 2008 9:14AM Report
skuba writes:

WOW, SL, Text-based.... omg -_-"

Sun Apr 27 2008 12:10PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

Your statements regarding World of Warcraft and being the game to eliminate zoning etc via a seamless world are incorrect.

Seamless world was handled by Asherons Call back in 1999, back before WoW was even in development


Sun Apr 27 2008 12:53PM Report
Billr00 writes: why does everyone try and nit pick what people put in their blogs?? who cares which was the first seamless world.. i mean does it really add to the conversation that you added that? anyway intriguing ... its like you evolutionized your mmorpg life backwards .. wow, sl, text .. ive heard gemstone was really nice .. but like many others i can't see spending money on a text based game .. specially one that is so mature .. maybe if it was fresh and new and i could potentially be one of the people to discover something new there like when an mmorpg first comes out sort of thing .. then possibly but not for something so crusty lol anyway good read Sun Apr 27 2008 2:51PM Report
mrprogguy writes:

Billr00 -- facts matter.  That's why it's important to note which was the first seamless world.

Sun Apr 27 2008 4:25PM Report
xnellakx writes:

No need to bash...this guy's only giving his opinion about various games that he has played throughout his life and reasons to support that...So what if WoW wasn't the first seamless world?  You yourself know it wasn't...okay move on. 

I actually really enjyoed this post Backward, its nice to see people's take on  certain games and see what people like and dislike.  However, I can't see myself playing a text >.<  Guess it's just a different world now.

Sun Apr 27 2008 5:11PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

He can state his opinions all he wants but the way it was stated made it sound as if it were fact. I clarified. I did not flame, I did not belittle I only provided a correction.

What the hell is wrong with people when they cant even handle someone making a simple correction.

Sun Apr 27 2008 6:39PM Report
Spectara writes:

I learned how to TYPE playing Gemstone for back when it was offered free-to-play on AOL.  I got really good at 'ask so-and-so for a job'.  Been a text junkie of one MUD or another ever since then.

Sun Apr 27 2008 10:17PM Report
BackwardsDag writes:

Haha, well yes, to wit, it was the first seamless world for me, and nope I aint doin research for this here blog, no flame was intended, and since I never played Asheron's Call, it was interesting fact to learn. And to those of yah scared to try Gemstone, its free for a 30 day trial. Nope I aint paid to say that either, lol.

Mon Apr 28 2008 8:35AM Report writes:
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