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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Fourth Entry- Long time coming, short time to waste

Posted by BackwardsDag Saturday April 5 2008 at 5:12AM
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 Whelp... Its been a very long time since I have blogged here. But none the less, I am still thy dedicated fan, in search of RP... Ok ok, I just wanna game, and game my way, but up on the platter...




Ouch. Look, a free month, I will almost always buy another month, even if I hate a game. Vendetta online offers an 8 hour time limit... not a month, not a coupla weeks... 8 hours.


Bamn! I am off! I can hear the stop watch ticking... 8 hours? If I give a game 20 hours a month, I figure I am bored with it and may lose interest with it over time. 8 Hours!.... Focus! Focus, gotta learn the interface, the movement, the abilities. Food water health duh duh duh...


Pretty much thats all I remember.


Vendetta has a sweet flying and combat interface, you get hooked rather quickly, and you want to get to bigger ships and better circumstances right away.


But that is where this short and rather unpredictable blog review stops. I would love to go on on and on, but my time has run out. Well not quite, but its running short 'nough I won't log on again. What happened? Well in my push to learn and get and go and run and.... I got stuck in the manual online. Read for two hours searching for some simple interface instructions, and I did do all the first five or six tutorials. But now I am out of time. Two weeks and any gamer worth they salt is able to tell you most everything about beginning in a new game. It enough to know whether you like it, whether you would reco it or not, even if you didn't like it, and well, a general knowledge of the game itself.


That the problem though, with clock limited games. Back to the old days of AOL and pay per hour, sometimes, you make a mistake and leave the game on, then can't play it anymore. This is a frustration I had quite honestly, forgotten totally about. I haven't had a time limit on a free game in so long, I forgot what to do, how to act. I know, just turn the damned game off, but hey, I ain't perfect.

End result of my time in Vendetta?

As a fan of sci fi mmorpg's (played and playing EVE and AO), tho' the flight interface was fun, I dunno if I really like it. In retrospect, EVE's seems more realistic to how space flight might be, then the old world psht psht psht style of vendetta. Don't get me wrong, it was WAY fun for the 30 minutes I did get to fly.

I won't be going back or reco'ing it untill they offer me, and everyone, 14 days to get into it,

It's not a bad waste of four to eight hours of you do, we all love to see a different game.