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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Three is a magic number.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday January 1 2008 at 6:37AM
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Ok, after the hustle and bustle of my RL situation, here is my reviews.



Still the best game out there for learning about the electronic side of life. The building community is the best, DJ and shoutcast provide a crazy fun multiperson outlet, and the creativity in SL is just hard to beat. Top this off with a completely free account, tons of information, and a insider look at how MMO's can progress. If you have not delved into this MMO, you have not seen computing at its most earnest and joyful. All MMO's have drawback, SL's black hole sun is in its very adaptive ability, it is so open, most people are lost in its ability.


Everquest 2-

 I am already bored. No matter what I do, the lack of interest in new players makes me not even sign on, not even when it is free for two weeks.


Anarchy Online-


Free does matter however, and any secondary game I can play that challenges me is welcome. AO is a full featured free game, and tons of fun for any player. Two thumbs up for an old game that has new life, and beats any other free MMO out there.

If free is the operative word, you can do far worse than Anarchy Online. Full featured, and even a play scale that on the froob level, encompasses 4-5 months of playing for just one charecter, AO rocks the MMO world. Get past your indulgence of make my day games like WoW, and you will find AO to be quite involving.



 A difficult game at its best, EVE provides those with a brain a real challenge. Sandbox, fiscally and enviromentally, EVE is about understanding human motivation as well as a imagened enviroment. And just like real life, your rewards are pretty much substanciated by your actions and your involvements. Get into a guild with an 0.0 alliance, and the game opens up to you. By proxy, get into a carebear imperial area role, and you have the same open ended and fiscally based kind of game to fart around with. Play it safe or play it hard, EVE is the best game around at this point, for the hard core gamer.


Finally WoW-

Hard to beat as the end of my day beat the crap out of something kind of game, WoW is a game I have given up. I prefer the subtlety of a racing game or mindless chatter with my co-workers in a bar or my house after a days work, over the encompassing time that WoW demands. I do not want to spend the time, gaining levels or going on raids pr doing arena to make my toon more powerful only to have a new expansion released, or a new arena arrangement bear over my play. I find the changeful ability of EVE to grant my toon powers over the grind, and for a grind, the simpleness of AO gives me delight. No creativity I find a release in SL, or just trying new games like Second Moon or Kung Fu gives a me inspirattion. \


Finally Finally, like, here it ends-

Thanks all who responded or encouraged me after the fire, I loved the comments, and will continue my path in MMO's regardless of lifes paths. writes:
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