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Experienced Gamer Seeks Satisfying Role Play

KK, its a take on what I will whine about most. I might try and throw in a funny story about my MMO playing, and stupid crap that may not matter at all.

Author: BackwardsDag

Blog numbah 7 - How I eat crow, and other ideas.

Posted by BackwardsDag Thursday December 18 2008 at 11:38AM
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 Yep yep yep, a lil crow goes a long way. What do you do when a pretty girl asks you to play a MMO you officially gave up? Well I say no, firmly. What do you say when they ask you to play with them, if they pay? I say yes, and grumble when they are not in Vent. Back to WoW, and I come before ye electronic masses in humilty. But I didn't pay for it...

 Otherwise, still waiting for the breakthru game, wondering when it will happen. I had high hopes for WAR, but seems its just a bit to PvPish for my tastes. I never cared much for the whole warhammer bit, the crowd seemed to hmmm.... to excited over things we had worked out in other games years before, and my one trial with tabletop left a bitter flavor in my mouth. Overtly complex, and so many rules, well, it was like being by the guy in DnD who would whip out his plethora of books to show you just how, as a DM, you were wrong. I was hoping though, it would translate well into a new RP enviroment I could enjoy, but, as they say, RP is dead. I still find a lil in SecondLife, and a lil in WoW, but its a little mind you, a very tiny bit.

 Looks like I will go back to Gemstone in the long run, with its stilted play, no graphics, and rediculous prices, but at least there, I get my RP in, and get it in good. Jokes and laughter, using the odd circumstance to have fun, and a grind that would even make a korean happy, Gemstone is NOT what I wanted to play this coming year, but it seems, thats where I start off every year.

 Eve is gonna get a trial, but I was bored with it when I left, so I dunno if a 5 day trial is going to change my mind. Anarchy Online is supposed to be updated soon, but like most games that have gotten some age on them, most of the decent folks are gone.

 AoC is just... well enough has been said about that.

 LoTRO is beautiful, but delivering pies irks me to no end.

 All I got left to see if I like it is EQ2, and well, I did enough EQ1 that I am bored already, tho the fan base seems to be stabile, the worlds are empty.

 I'm finding it harder and harder to socialize thru the MMO like I used to, mostly because I love to RP. I love RP because I can be something other than another wage slave shmuck in the americas, and as it dies, I find my lack of faith in society becoming more a bitter realization that most of what was good on this earth is gone these days. I keep playing them some, because I guess knowing folks can read and use a computer makes for better conversation than most bars have to offer.

 Pardon this whine, but why does RP have to be such a bad thing in the mmoRPg genre? Its like the idiots have taken over the asylum, and left us poor insane ones out in the rain. Is imagination and creativity really that bad? Has the world really been taken over by the mindless masses? Is that sheep bleating I hear?

 And for me for the most part it is that bad to most people, most people are idiots, and yes, the baa baa is not of the black sheep anymore. Maybe I am just waiting for something that is lost to us, and can not ever be returned, lost when the game left the table and was sold as a program. Maybe thats why I keep going back to Gemstone, even after all these years, it has some of the heartbeat of the old ways left, some ghost of creation and intelligence that used to set us RP'ers apart.

 Not to leave on a horrible down note, I do want to say I think in the future we will be able to customize more than we do now, we will have RP back in the sling to sit down and get lost with for a little while, and I think the trend of humans is to become smarter, with extended dumb periods. Game Devs take note! Gemstone still generates money for Simu, and I keep going back to enjoy some decent (if not great) RP. There is a group of us out there, some 200-300k of us, who, if given a great place to RP, would fatten your bankroll for years to come.

Blog 6 - How Blizzard lost my respect

Posted by BackwardsDag Friday July 4 2008 at 4:47AM
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Ever been accused by a gaming company of something you couldn't possibly do?

Blizzard has accused me of using an external source for gold, and suspended my account.

Problem is, I suspended my WoW account back at the first of the year. I have never shared this account with anyone, and its been suspended for half a year.

Blizzard insists I jump through all these hoops, to regain use of my account. I tried once, and that was not good enough, apparently they have a fax machine that prints poorly, so its my fault and I have to redo everything.

Screw them. I do not have the burden of proof. I told them to find out why my account, and how my account had been used, when I had it voluntarily suspended half a year ago. No response, so no return customer.

I am tired of being the accused, the one who is wrong in the eyes of the company. Not just Blizzard, any company from now on. I play fairly, use no add ons, no manipulations, no external payment sources not affiliated directly with the game manufacturers. I do not cheat, hax, or even ever buy game manuals for walk through.

They have lost this customer forever, and so do all who come after. I will no longer review anything, or test of  their design, nor do I recommend it to anyone. I personally helped 10 people to learn how to play, and join in on WoW. Thats eleven future customers who will not be going to anything new they do.

Blizzard- To big to see us anymore

Blog Five- A few games you may not know, and one you do.

Posted by BackwardsDag Sunday April 27 2008 at 8:51AM
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 I do not give credit where credit is due sometimes, mostly because hey, I am human, I have my non-knowledge and I am fallible. Now thats a given to anyone who is a human, so it does no good to make excuses. I wanna give some credit that I do not think anyone gives.

Kingdom of Loathing- A java based game that I just absolutely fell in love with, to a point of celebrating three new years by inviting people over to drink in the new year with me while we listened to the fan boi radio they have that runs with the game. This little turn by turn MMO PvP game came out of left field and hit me with a right hook that dazed me. Stupid, brilliant, and undeniably fun, it cost the player nothing or very little, I spent 20 bucks on it in two years, and it was some of the best money I ever spent on a dumb game. Its dumb, its time consuming, and it can be downright frustratingly difficult, but it is a gem of a game, real diamond in the rough. I would spend 20 bux a month on it if it was in 3d persistent world, and not even blink, but 20 bux will get your toon to the repeating part of the game, the ... generations I think they call it, where your toon is resurrected into a new class, with only one spell from his past life as a booster.

My favorite free game ever, at least till now.

World of Warcraft - Blizzards beautiful child of an MMORPG, that almost removed instances and that feeling of going from one ROOM to another. I played the hell out of both Everquest, and its quirky sci-fi child Anarchy Online, and one thing I absolutely hated was that switching of regions, jumping from one region to another through some magic wall or shield surrounding each region, not to mention the HOURS of travelling. I know why it was done, I understand, but the thing I loved in WoW the most was that persistent world, that seemless run from one city to another, with the ability (if yah was a good monsterbaiter, as my guild called it) to bring giant high level monsters across that world to bash the hell out of a little newbie town or some such sort of hilarity, because the world was made to be truly seamless.

This world has been my favorite world for a long time, until I discovered SecondLife.

SecondLife- Loved by a very few rabidly, hated by most. SL as it is nicknamed, SL is a complex and rich world of discovery for those who wish to look. To start, if you just put a little money in it, not a lot, but  a little, you can have a top notch avatar, wearing the latest skin designed to advantage of the latest technical developments of the game, the most damnable weapons and shields, and usually, the ability to join one or more MMORPG ideas that are being actively developed by different folks through out the game. I have played, at different times, at least five different genres of games, Real life (AKA like Grand Theft Auto style) gangsters MMO, Vampire/Gothic RPG's, mix of vampire/fantasy/real life, Star Wars RPG, Star Trek RPG, not to mention the whole damn game is really a great way to explore any idea of roleplaying you wish to have... And i knew all kinds of folks also, The Goreans, the furries, the cyberpunks, griefers. I found a racing game culture, with a rather vast amount of cars to choose from, a flying culture, post mod industrialist goth culture with enough rusted garbage can fire ambiance to choke a goat with. I have never in my life seen such variety under one roof, and in as many cases as not, the work was real, heart felt, and imaginative. I understand the lag, I understand the horrible electronic mall problem, I understand the absolutely awful art and building that happens, but aside from all that, there are real gems, both in folks and in design that has happened there. If the land they sold was cheap enough to afford for the average player, the lag was gone... this game would be uber awesome for us.

To date, still my favorite world.

Last but not least

Gemstone IV- Text based, and still the best damn RP in the electronic world. This game actually began as a book based table top game, put out by a little known company called Iron Crown Enterprises. I used to play the d20 book of fantasy RPG it was before it became the base for the code of the MUD (multi-user dungeon) called Gemstone. Two companies later, and still having a somewhat consistent player base of about 2000 folks, its awesome beyond compare for a RP setting. I adore and sometimes loath the game, I mean, even if outdated today by just a little, my AMD 64 bit 3000 1g RAM, 256 NVidia 6600 desktop is sorely overpowered for such a game, and to wit, the game is expensive as hell for text. But even to this  day, I am astonished at the amount of depth I can get from it, even as everyone leaves it for cost reasons, even as the last few of us hold on and continue to play the hell out of the game, watching old friends just disappear, never seen or heard again, it is a game of surprising quality and complexity.

My favorite RP setting, hands down.

To finish off this little least known bits of why I respect this or that game blog, I retire saying right now... I only play Gemstone. I have given up EVE Online, AO online, WoW, SecondLife, EverQuest (one and two), Final Fantasy, DnD Online, (never played Guild Wars), LoTRo (delivering pies! r u kidding m3?)ect. ect ad nauseum. I am waiting for a new game to get involved with.




Fourth Entry- Long time coming, short time to waste

Posted by BackwardsDag Saturday April 5 2008 at 6:12AM
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 Whelp... Its been a very long time since I have blogged here. But none the less, I am still thy dedicated fan, in search of RP... Ok ok, I just wanna game, and game my way, but up on the platter...




Ouch. Look, a free month, I will almost always buy another month, even if I hate a game. Vendetta online offers an 8 hour time limit... not a month, not a coupla weeks... 8 hours.


Bamn! I am off! I can hear the stop watch ticking... 8 hours? If I give a game 20 hours a month, I figure I am bored with it and may lose interest with it over time. 8 Hours!.... Focus! Focus, gotta learn the interface, the movement, the abilities. Food water health duh duh duh...


Pretty much thats all I remember.


Vendetta has a sweet flying and combat interface, you get hooked rather quickly, and you want to get to bigger ships and better circumstances right away.


But that is where this short and rather unpredictable blog review stops. I would love to go on on and on, but my time has run out. Well not quite, but its running short 'nough I won't log on again. What happened? Well in my push to learn and get and go and run and.... I got stuck in the manual online. Read for two hours searching for some simple interface instructions, and I did do all the first five or six tutorials. But now I am out of time. Two weeks and any gamer worth they salt is able to tell you most everything about beginning in a new game. It enough to know whether you like it, whether you would reco it or not, even if you didn't like it, and well, a general knowledge of the game itself.


That the problem though, with clock limited games. Back to the old days of AOL and pay per hour, sometimes, you make a mistake and leave the game on, then can't play it anymore. This is a frustration I had quite honestly, forgotten totally about. I haven't had a time limit on a free game in so long, I forgot what to do, how to act. I know, just turn the damned game off, but hey, I ain't perfect.

End result of my time in Vendetta?

As a fan of sci fi mmorpg's (played and playing EVE and AO), tho' the flight interface was fun, I dunno if I really like it. In retrospect, EVE's seems more realistic to how space flight might be, then the old world psht psht psht style of vendetta. Don't get me wrong, it was WAY fun for the 30 minutes I did get to fly.

I won't be going back or reco'ing it untill they offer me, and everyone, 14 days to get into it,

It's not a bad waste of four to eight hours of you do, we all love to see a different game.


Three is a magic number.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday January 1 2008 at 7:37AM
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Ok, after the hustle and bustle of my RL situation, here is my reviews.



Still the best game out there for learning about the electronic side of life. The building community is the best, DJ and shoutcast provide a crazy fun multiperson outlet, and the creativity in SL is just hard to beat. Top this off with a completely free account, tons of information, and a insider look at how MMO's can progress. If you have not delved into this MMO, you have not seen computing at its most earnest and joyful. All MMO's have drawback, SL's black hole sun is in its very adaptive ability, it is so open, most people are lost in its ability.


Everquest 2-

 I am already bored. No matter what I do, the lack of interest in new players makes me not even sign on, not even when it is free for two weeks.


Anarchy Online-


Free does matter however, and any secondary game I can play that challenges me is welcome. AO is a full featured free game, and tons of fun for any player. Two thumbs up for an old game that has new life, and beats any other free MMO out there.

If free is the operative word, you can do far worse than Anarchy Online. Full featured, and even a play scale that on the froob level, encompasses 4-5 months of playing for just one charecter, AO rocks the MMO world. Get past your indulgence of make my day games like WoW, and you will find AO to be quite involving.



 A difficult game at its best, EVE provides those with a brain a real challenge. Sandbox, fiscally and enviromentally, EVE is about understanding human motivation as well as a imagened enviroment. And just like real life, your rewards are pretty much substanciated by your actions and your involvements. Get into a guild with an 0.0 alliance, and the game opens up to you. By proxy, get into a carebear imperial area role, and you have the same open ended and fiscally based kind of game to fart around with. Play it safe or play it hard, EVE is the best game around at this point, for the hard core gamer.


Finally WoW-

Hard to beat as the end of my day beat the crap out of something kind of game, WoW is a game I have given up. I prefer the subtlety of a racing game or mindless chatter with my co-workers in a bar or my house after a days work, over the encompassing time that WoW demands. I do not want to spend the time, gaining levels or going on raids pr doing arena to make my toon more powerful only to have a new expansion released, or a new arena arrangement bear over my play. I find the changeful ability of EVE to grant my toon powers over the grind, and for a grind, the simpleness of AO gives me delight. No creativity I find a release in SL, or just trying new games like Second Moon or Kung Fu gives a me inspirattion. \


Finally Finally, like, here it ends-

Thanks all who responded or encouraged me after the fire, I loved the comments, and will continue my path in MMO's regardless of lifes paths.


Second up - After RL tragedy, RPG's sit a lil' differently.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday December 25 2007 at 3:18AM
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 I am always on about how badly i want to RP, so this second bit is more about how I like to play, why I like to play, and why I keep playing.

 MMORPG's offer an opportunity in a society that has shut itself off to all but the smallest of cliques and friends, a chance to begin again. A new world awaits you, in the off-world colonies...(sorry, just watched Blade Runner - FInal Cut.) A lot of us americans will watch other countries come into a game, and BLAM, they have a community, and a purpose of movement, and they ALWAYS group up for the big returns on MMO's that reward such communities.

 Sadly it has become hard to join groups, and a certainly, it is the american way that is influencing itself on our games. This can be seen in  the technical separation nowadays of  "n00b" guilds versus "l33t" guilds. We devise more ways to not accept people than we do to accept them.

This however does not faze me, and I do keep trying, in different worlds and games, to find ways to bring us together, and we do eventually find a way to work with each other. One way of this is how guilds will fall apart, and the good guys who are left collect the leftover folks and start again. This is one of the reasons I keep playing. Keep playing long enough, and you will eventually find a group of folks to settle in with, and make new friends.

My style of playing has evolved from both hardcore RPG and the constant playing of RTS games. Both genres of games have kept my interest, although honestly, I do not care to play RTS anymore. Mostly, just one or two decent MMO's hold me down, for now.

This however, has recently changed for me.

At 3 in the morning two weeks ago, I looked over from gaming on Anarchy Online, to see my apartment building on fire. I t pretty much devastated the building, I had to relocate, buy all new crap, and start over. The event was a life threatening one only if you realize had I slept, I would not be alive. Everyone escaped the fire with no or minor injuries, so it was all good in the end, but, it put into perspective how I think about games, because honestly, thats why I am alive.

In farting around with my friends online, and being interested in something other than my morose little life, I was able to act when needed. I should stop worrying about how I spend my time, and enjoy instead the time I have to spend it.


no spell check, and its late, excuse my mistakes.

First up, it's a plea, not a whine.

Posted by BackwardsDag Tuesday December 4 2007 at 8:25AM
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 It's late, and I am tired, and my head hurts cause I still use a CRT instead of an LCD

I miss the most, role playing, and all its glory when its happening. I replied to a flame today, which I almost never do. I will find myself typing out a reply to the flame, when I say, yah know, this just isn't that important to me, and erase everything I wanted to flame about. I don't do any other forums, except my alliance forum in EVE, and even there I don't say much, mostly just get intel from it.

The plea I want to make is hey- I love to role-play, and I can't find it. But EVE is making me change my mind about what role playing is, and what I want from it. I used to be pretty strict about the game I wanted to play, it needed a big RP factor, and needed some sort of ummmm, fluxy, groove, something not really I can define, but rather just feel. I haven't really felt it since I left Gemstone, a text (yes'm, that says text) based sorta uber MUD, which was the beginnings of MMO's. I was completely into my charector, totally tied into that universe, in a way I hadn't ever really felt from an online game. The problem is, text is limiting in way that graphics are not.

Oh wait, I hear the flame... You don't know what your talking about Dag, text is unlimited in and of itself, you can describe anything with text, graphics limit your imagination.

Well, that may be true for a lot of you, but I find my imagination is spurred by the graphics, and I have read more books than most folks out there, and well, I prefer graphics in my game. Even back in DnD days, before Cyberpunk, before GURPS, we wanted as many miniatures as we could get.  This love of the graphics has lead me to try many different games, and always, I am left wanting for more role play.

And here, right now, I am realizing something, this has happened before. Before I found Gemstone, I was feeling the same way. MUD after MUD, table top after table top, I just wanted to immerse myself into a role, and let my inner sanctum out in a game, let me delve into myself and see what I was like and not like. In a game, I can be evil, or side with evil, and be good in evilness, or be bad at it, or be good in goodness, or bad at it. It's an experiment of the psyche, a learning experiment that can not be played out in any other way. I can apply myself and give it my all, or walk away from it and be done.  Especially since its game, its only bearing on me is whether or not I indulge myself on a personal level to the other players, which I tend not to do, prefering anonminity anominity? bah, to late to look it up, to stay aloof of the mixing of RL and nonRL.

Guess I gotta keep pushing for that RP only server in Hero's Journey, or wait untill some magical faery comes along and blesses me with the ultimate game.

Eve has done wonders for me though, it is rather immersive, and although I do not really play a role, I do play a toon, who has tons of stuff to do. With Vent, chat, fleet, orders, PvP, skills, I am rather into EVE right now, living in 0.0 space and building a corp with my RL friends.

It ain't the groove I want tho, just as WoW, AO, UO, EQ, and a good few others have not been. I see myself playing for another year, maybe two, then burning out on it. Cause hey, its a facinating challenging game, the best I have seen in graphics yet, but umm, challenges are always bested, and I ain't playing a role I choose, I am playing a toon, who is lucky enough to be in the right place with the right corp at the right time.